Peter, an average fifteen-year-old boy, must choose between life and death when he is hit by a runaway car outside his house. When he wakes up in hospital as a ghostly form of himself, he must use what little information he is given by a Raven-haired teen to make his choice. Between sinister plots, a mysterious Werecat and not knowing who he can trust, he soon learns that choosing to live, may end up killing him.

This is the first of my Journals, detailing the last few years and all their events. This particular journal is more a collective of Peter's experiences, his coming of age you could say. Though I'm obviously not Peter, I'll try to convey his thoughts as best as I can. I hope that you will read, enjoy, and understand. Understand that the world is never as it appears.

All the best,

Aegean Brahyeux White-Fang


1. A Note From the Author

A Note from the Author Dear Reader, So, you’ve picked up this book wondering what kind of story lies inside its pages. Will you be taken away to some distant island where the shores are dark and icy, or a palace where everything is gilt in gold? Maybe you were thinking there’s a bit of romance mixed in with a dystopian fantasy of some sort. Or maybe all that is contained in these pages is death and despair. To tell you the truth, it might as well be none, and yet all those things. But now it just seems like I don’t even know what is written even though it was my own hand that writ it. Wrote it. You’ll have to forgive me; I’m babbling on and this is my first time putting my thoughts down onto paper. Well, not so much my thoughts, though there’s a bit of that. This story isn’t exactly about me, though don’t worry I’ll be sure to make an appearance not too late in the book. But of course, you don’t know who I am so you probably weren’t worrying. I’m getting carried away. There’s just so much to say and I honestly don’t know how to put pen to paper. This is a story about a boy, a good place to start I guess, and his ordinary life that suddenly gets turned upside down and inside out. It could have been anyone really, so that doesn’t exactly make this boy special. It does, however, make this boy’s life a little short. A little sad. But again, I’m just waffling. Is that the correct term you humans use? It doesn’t matter. Let’s start somewhere in the beginning, not too far because that’d ruin the most crucial details. Is anyone even reading this? If you are, be prepared to question the world around you. There’s more to it than it initially seems. All the best, Aegean
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