Love Has No Bound

Jacklyn knight and her best friend got tickets to see red fire. that are at the mall looking for outfits for the concert but when she bumps into a mysterious boy what will happen.


1. Jacklyn's POV

~~“I love you, baby”, was playing on the radio. My best friend and I sang along with brushes as microphones. “I love you, baby!” we sang loudly as the song ended. “I love Chase McCormick.” I say as I plumped on my bed. “Well then you are going to love your late birthday present.” My best friend said. “Susie, you know that you don’t have to get me anything. The best present I have is you.” I say. “I know but I promise you. This will change your life.” Susie said as she handed me a little box. I open it and was about to scream. “Back-stage passes?” I asked. “They are coming to town tomorrow night.” She said. “What about mom?” I asked. “I already talked to your mom. I’m stealing you for the night but today we are going shopping. I grab my wallet and we head to the mall. When we get there we park and go inside. The first store we went to was JCPennies. I grab holie skinny jeans, white tank-top, black leather jacket, and a pair of red and black Jordan's. When we got done we went to the front desk and bought everything.

~~We walk out and Susie spots the hair-solon. “Yes.” I look in her direction. “NO!” I shout. She grabs my hand and pulls me inside. “Hey girls, what can I do for you today?” The nice lady asked. “We are going to a concert tomorrow night.” Susie began. “So you can do whatever you think would look hot on her.” “What concert?” the lady asked. “Red Fire.” We said at the same time. “Oh, the one with the two boys named Chase McCormick and Will slider?” She asked. “Yeah, that’s the one.” Susie said. “Well I will not dye your beautiful blonde hair. How about a perm?” she asked me. “That’s fine.” I said. An hour later she was done. Susie paid her; I got up and thanked her as we left. “You know I could have helped pay for that.” I said. “It’s all part of my gift to you.” She said.
“Hey girly, I have to go use the little girls room.” She says. I nod as she walks off.  I start to walk around out of boredom until I bumped into someone. “Oh, sorry love.” A British voice said. 

        I open my eyes to apologize and could see the most hottest guy in the world, it was Chase McCormick.

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