Love Has No Bound

Jacklyn knight and her best friend got tickets to see red fire. that are at the mall looking for outfits for the concert but when she bumps into a mysterious boy what will happen.


2. Chase's POV

~~“Ello, Lad.” I said. “Ello, Chase. Are you ready to play tomorrow night in Florida?” Will asked. “You know I’m always ready.” I tell him. “Well we will be arriving there in less than an hour. We can get a disguise and go to the mall and get you a new look for it.” Will said. “Whatever Willie.” I say as I punch him in the arm.

A half hour later we arrived. He grabs both of our hats and walk out. Before we moved into sight we put them on and walked in. Willie pointed to something and I looked not paying attention to what was right in front of me. A beautiful Blonde long curly haired girl came into view not able to stop and caught her so she wouldn’t fall.

“Oh, sorry love.” I apologized. “No, it’s my fault; I should be the one to apologize.” She said as she froze when she saw who I was. “OMG, Your Chase McCormick and Will Slider.” She said. “Oh great. A fan. That is so what we need right now.” Willie said sarcastically. I elbowed him hard in the stomach. “Sorry For Willie, He didn’t get that much sleep last night.” I said. “No, its fine. I understand.” She said. “Can you do us a huge favor, and be quiet. It’s just we want a little free time before tomorrow night. You know what I mean?” I tell her.

“Oh yeah, my apologizes again.” She said. “Thank you bunches, love.” I said as I bent down and kissed her on the cheek. I saw her cheeks flush red. I smiled at her. “Well it was an honor to meet you both and my best friend is a huge fan of yours, Will.” She said as she walked away. I never caught her name but hope I will see her again. “I hope to see you at the concert.” I yelled to her but she was already gone.

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