Five Seconds of Tattoos

Jade goes and gets a tattoo, one that has a lot of meaning to her. Lyrics from a song. A band that lyrically means a lot to her. She connects with them both on a strong level, but she never thought she'd meet the guys in real life. Not in a tattoo parlor of all places. I wrote this, because I'm going through tattoo withdraws. I do not have the tattoo design described, but it is one that I have envisioned. I have others, but not these ones. I will someday!


1. Warning

Trigger warning

for the descriptive talk of tattooing 

includes use of needles 

I know that some people hate needles, as do I

but only the doctor's kind :) 


Not that I'm telling you what to do...

I do what I want! I'm punk rock! ;D 

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