Default Stars - Ongoing

"You won't change me." Nate said, his gaze locked on hers, the mumbles of the passing people in the park disappearing along with their surroundings as their focus was only on each other.

"No, I won't." Sara paused, sliding an inch closer to him, "You won't ruin me." His eyes turned hard, he couldn't promise her anything. His head turned to the side, his lips brushing her ear.

"No. But I like a challenge." He whispered. Her eyes widened, her eyebrows furrowing. He couldn't ruin her when she was already ruined.

Sara Mikaela Dean was a smart girl, in her first year of sixth form, and known for being quiet. She excelled in certain subjects but not all of them, and was a little of a geek when it came to reading.
Then there was Nathan 'Nate' Murphy, the popular nice guy, well known for bringing a smile to the table, but no one is ever all perfect. Even he had many faults.
credits to @NightshadeCreepypasa for the cover


1. {{{{;*Prologue*;}}}}


Third Person P O V 

She lay in bed, waiting for the morning, his cold hand on her stomach. She watched the ceiling through aching eyes, watering in tiredness. She couldn't sleep, not when he was so close so near. So cold. She felt like shivering, half of the bed sheets were on the floor, a crumpled fabric mess. She had none. She shifted her body so that she could turn her head to the side. Her left arm was caught, in his grip, trapped beneath his body. His head on her shoulder. Her breath stirred his hair, as he seemed to but didn't wake. 

Her eyes caught the window, caught the darkness outside, how cold and uninviting, how terrifying was the unknown. Area 51 had about as many theories surrounding it as the night did during the caveman era. Her fringe fell into her eyes, poking prodding. An most uncomfortable situation she was forced to deal with. She blew the hair out of her eyes almost uncaring, forgetting that she had caused a disturbance with him. He who then pulled his hand from her stomach and his head from her shoulder. His head seemed to dive bomb his pillow. He tugged her trapped arm tight to him and she fell into his back, her muscles straining to tear away yet unable. She lazed her head on her own pillow, well the loose gap between each pillow as she appeared to be consumed by sleep and and the bed itself as her face disappeared from view. 

Sleep was ever restless, filled with heartbreaking scenes, dreams of sorrow and losing something or someone, a faceless person, ever changing. She was running down a never ending hallway chasing after a ghost, someone who had a see through transparent exterior. And when the person she was chasing turned, the whole thing shifted and she fell through them but not before she saw their face. It was blurred out. Like censorship on the television. Then her heart beat faster until she felt she couldn't breathe. Struggling, and she heard someone shouting her name. Her eyes flew open. The light was on, casting shadows around the room, against the big oak wardrobe, drawing lines against the dresser and deep blue curtain drapes. He had his hands gripping her shoulders tightly. She was in shock and he sighed. 

"Sweetie, was it a nightmare?" He asked her, his deep brown eyes searching hers, she nodded slowly, a tear escaping her left eye, running like a river down her cheeks and onto her white silk nightgown. She cried a little, closing her eyes and trying to put her hands over her face. He pulled her fingers away, holding her hands and then putting them around his neck. He lifted her up like a baby, as she wrapped her legs around his waist. 

"Shhhhh... Shhhh... It's going to be okay, we can have a pajama day..  I'll ring up work, and set up Netflix.. i think we have some pizza rolls in the freezer.. and some ice cream.. We can binge watch those shows you like: Reign and what was it, yeah Riverdale.. we can.. shh..." He comforted her, carrying her like the classic chivalrous gentleman to their couch in their small sitting room courtesy of her pay grade and his, technically hers though since she actually earned more than him being a general practitioner and him being just a secondary school teacher. He was such a sweet caring person, she could never understand quite how she managed to date someone that amazing. Currently their relationship status was partners because they had decided not to marry especially since they had their own place and they both wanted to travel to Africa and volunteer with several different charity organisations. She had chosen several that were on posters up on their wall. They even had a whole billboard dedicated to it. And that was what they intended to do when she turned forty-five, because then he would be fifty one and he thought that if he got any older it could get dangerous for travel etc. 

As she was carefully placed on the couch, she curled up, folding her legs. He crouched on the floor, leaning almost over her to wipe away her tears with his thumbs. He held her face cupped in his hands and kissed her forehead, lingering to whisper to her that he loved her. Then he got up to his feet to set up Netflix on the TV, he gave her the controller, and she settled amongst the cushions, giving him a grateful smile. She rubbed her chest, hearing him on the phone in the kitchen, hearing the kettle boil and her grateful smile stayed on her face, permanent. Walking back through after hanging up the phone, he placed a caramel latte on the table for her and then he stood in front of the TV his hands behind his back and he held something. Two somethings. She raised an eyebrow, lifting the controller to pause her programme. Then he took his hands out from behind his back; in his left, he held a black box and in his right he held a pale pink stripy box decorated with a bow. 

"Have the black one first, here." He handed her the black box. She flipped up the lid and what beheld her gaze blew her away. What sat in the box was a beautiful rose gold letter N that sat on a silver chain. Her eyes watered more this time but not out of sadness or fear but out of happiness. 

"This is amazing." She was captivated in its beauty, she didn't notice him kneel down, facing her, only the black painted mahogany coffee table between them. She lifted the necklace from the box and put it on, clasping it around her neck, her eyes fixated on the beautiful little charm. She heard him cough a little. She looked up and her jaw dropped. There he was knelt on the wood floor, wearing a red and white striped dressing gown, a white shirt and long black socks. It was a fashion failure, but somehow he managed to make it work. In his right hand, he held a little cupcake, the pink box discarded on the floor beneath the coffee table. She smiled, giggling. 

"Did you make it?" She swung her feet to the ground, elbows on her thighs and her chin resting on the palms of her hands. "Because, baby, its so adorable!" She smiled at him, at the decoration, she held out a hand as he passed it to her and she unwrapped it out of the cupcake wrapper. She held it to her mouth smelling fresh vanilla and her belly rumbled, mouth watering, eyes watering as she bit into it. Her teeth hit something hard. Something hard and metal. She pulled away, swallowing the cake in her mouth and her vision quickly landed on a small diamond ring poking out from the half of the unconsumed sponge. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. 

"Yeah I did. So what do you say?" He asked, slowly and slightly shyly. He thought that now was a good time. She needed cheering up. 

"I say... Hell yes!" She took the ring out from the cake sponge and darted to her feet clambering onto the table and launching herself at him. She was so giddily happy she forgot that he couldn't support spontaneous things hitting him and they fell to the floor a mass of limbs, laughing so much that it hurt more than the fall. 


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