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"You won't change me." Nate said, his gaze locked on hers, the mumbles of the passing people in the park disappearing along with their surroundings as their focus was only on each other.

"No, I won't." Sara paused, sliding an inch closer to him, "You won't ruin me." His eyes turned hard, he couldn't promise her anything. His head turned to the side, his lips brushing her ear.

"No. But I like a challenge." He whispered. Her eyes widened, her eyebrows furrowing. He couldn't ruin her when she was already ruined.

Sara Mikaela Dean was a smart girl, in her first year of sixth form, and known for being quiet. She excelled in certain subjects but not all of them, and was a little of a geek when it came to reading.
Then there was Nathan 'Nate' Murphy, the popular nice guy, well known for bringing a smile to the table, but no one is ever all perfect. Even he had many faults.
credits to @NightshadeCreepypasa for the cover


5. Chapter 4: Mirror Man

Chapter 4: Mirror Man

Song- Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson

Three Years Before:

"Māma, can I have some chocolate?" Fifteen year old Sara Dean watched her mother work on a computer, from leaning against the door frame opposite the window. She shook her head and waved her hand for Sara to walk over to where she was sat at a glass desk, working on some important files. She quickly minimised all the opened and needed tabs, in order to turn and look at her daughter who stood anxious and biting her nails.

"Look, we need to watch our weight in this house or we'll turn out with a big belly like Uncle Kim-Joon, hear me?" Her mother was always harsh with her words, that wasn't as if to say that she didn't understand a word of what her mother was saying but that she didn't like the lack of control she had on her own life. So like a typical teenager acting out, in this small act of rebellion, she decided to go and fetch her jacket, and get a ride with her father to the nearest one-stop-shop which sold all the necessities one would need for the road. Including chocolate bars in all sizes and flavours. She nodded to agree with her ever apprehensive mother and turned, walking back the way she had come and taking hold of her denim jacket that had been thrown on the back of the couch in the next room over. Their sitting room had pale eggshell blue walls, large wide windows which overlooked the somewhat friendly middle class neighbourhood that they lived in on the west quarter and deep navy couches. The couches were untouched and looked new despite the regular usage. It was probably because her mother had hired a cleaner, Patsy McBurrow, who was distinctively meticulous. Which, if she was correct, was undoubtedly the very reason that her mother hired her in the first place.

"Yeah, I hear you." They never spoke in mandarin around the house anymore. She heard her mother talking on the phone in that language and sometimes her dad did too. Her father always said never to bring work home whenever her mother tried teaching Sara how to speak the language. So she had only picked up a few words here and there. She knew the songs from the festivals and from her grandparents and she remembered the tunes from when she was small and they used to sing it to her.

Whilst putting on the dirtiest pair of shoes she could find, she felt a familiar uncomfortable stirring in her bladder. The feeling of needing a piss flew to her brain and she ran upstairs, sparking the uncaring notion of rebellion as her trainers marked the carpet. She felt the fire in her heart of not being allowed to eat chocolate as she ran to the nearest toilet, on the other side of the house, in her sisters en-suite, and relieved herself behind the locked door. Her sister, Julia had barely looked up from doing homework as she laid on her four poster-bed as Sara ran through.

"Make sure you flush when you come out!" Julia muttered, though she knew that Sara had caught the first words when she heard her flushing. Sara stepped out after using the spray and some antiperspirant. The door bell rang about three times, and Julia just ignored it, putting in her fuzzy pink headphones. She was listening to some album by Avril Lavigne and Sara could tell that much because she could hear the music playing really loud and it was giving her a headache. She thought that the song was probably Complicated, after having an internal or rather mental debate, whilst skipping down the steps two at a time.

The door bell kept ringing. It was high pitched like a kind of bell going ding-dong, ding-dong, ding then again dong.

"Shut up! I'm coming!" Sara yelled at the door, nearly slipping on the last step as her hand slipped from the bannister. She ran to the door, forgetting her mother was working in the dining room and slowed to a walk as she walked on the wooden oak floor, past the open door. Her eyes darted into the room as she passed it, glancing at her mother and then back again. She hoped it was George at the door. She had texted her earlier and she was supposed to arrive soon. Ding-dong, ding-dong. Her mother shut her door, to her work place, in the modern dining room. Stretching her feet out, pointing her toes like a ballet dancer, Sara darted to the front door. She undid the locks with a flick of her thumbs. Then the person outside swung the door open, which forced her backwards.

"Konichiwa." It was some little old Japanese man. He didn't seem to speak the English language much, as he just stood there with an blank expression on his face. Sara froze because he wasn't George. She turned, leaving the old man stood there confused, muttering foreign words that she couldn't translate because she did not know that language.

"Mum! Māma! There's a strange old man at the door that I don't recognise. He might be for you but I can't ask, he speaks in Japanese! I recognise the sounds from the anime that we used to watch, but i can definitely tell its not-" Sara was cut off by her mother who looked at her after taking long deep sigh. Her mother waited a few minutes before even beginning to speak. But her shoulders had already hunched over. She knew she shouldn't have interrupted her mothers work.

"Close the door on your way out, Sara. I have work to do and your fantasy imaginings shall not distract me." That was all her mother said before murmuring something in Chinese, turning back to her computer with a coy smile that which her daughter didn't notice for she had already walked from out the door and shut it behind her. Her head hung heavy on her shoulders, as she remembered the door she had left open. The front door. The heavy white wooden front door, with the iron and glass grated window front door. She sighed, if her heart could have gotten any heavier then it would have. Slowly, she walked, with heavy feet, shutting the door. But she noticed something. The little old Japanese man was gone. In his place was a letter. Crouching down to ground level, curiosity took over. Precariously, she glanced over her shoulder, past the wall and at each of her house's windows before regarding it safe to pocket the letter. And from there she ran up to her room.


Almost exactly twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang once. No more than once. The door was unlocked by her father, doorbell unnoticed by Sara, and George was let in. George ran up the stairs, wearing muddy denim jeans which left marks on the otherwise cleanish carpet without regarding the spots where Sara had ran over with her dirty shoes. Her trousers left marks because as George was running up the stairs, she slipped and twisted her ankle. The denim trousers left two large pieces of flaky-only-just-dry-mud on the ground.   

George hollered for her friend, Sara, who came out of her bedroom and they hugged. Sara broke it off first, patting George's bright pink hair. They stood together for a bit and then Sara told her to wait there a second, and came out of her bedroom with the letter, she held it in her hand and then tugged George's Jackson Freed (a boy band who mostly sang about needing freedom from politics) t-shirt lightly.

"Oi, where are we going? Thought we'd just go for a walk y'know." George breathed out having to catch up to Sara as she let go of her shirt. The two girls ran out of the big farm style house and ran out into the street, they narrowly avoided cars, and dog walkers. Sara just laughed and wouldn't tell George a thing. She did a cartwheel, before they arrived at the neighbourhoods park. The biggest one in the west quarter. That it was. George rolled her eyes as they stopped walking, tugging Sara towards the Skate Park area that had the least amount of teens and put her flirty face on.

There were a total of eleven teenagers in the park. It was a sunny day out so she was surprised to see that there were not more. They wore hoodies of various colours and sizes, rock band shirts that matched George's, for the branding of Diddy Five, Charlotte's Butterfly, and the world famous C4ndy (pronounced /Candy/). The teenage skaters had skateboards, roller skates and small bmx bikes in silver and black. They rode around, to the beat of someone's boom box playing tapes from the 1980s. They had C4ndy playing out loud. The songs were from their 'Cool Blue Lips' album which featured a naked boy smoking, with his bottom half covered by candy jar. It was another explicit album of rock style songs, with a little pop and rap feel to some of the main featured songs. C4ndy was the biggest band amongst their generation. They all loved the music, including George who usually preferred indie bands. Still, she sauntered forward, leaving Sara pausing in awe of the teens that were actually capable of performing all of the badass stunts that they did. George held her chin up, sparking the feeling of confidence that made some of the skaters stop skating to look at her, but most of them recognised her so they just put back down their skates and kept going. Some of the roller skaters danced on the raised ledges using the tip of their wheeled boots to stop them from falling off of the edge. She waltzed up to a group of boys who had bmxs and skateboards.

"Hey, boys, guess who?" George flicked her short hair in their faces as she elbowed her way to stand next to a boy wearing a red leather jacket and a deep blue snap-back that was decorated with the words 'Fuck off, I'm a monster' on it. George held her chin up, sparking the feeling of confidence that made some of the skaters stop skating to look at her, but most of them recognised her so they just put back down their skates and kept going. Some of the roller skaters danced on the raised ledges using the tip of their wheeled boots to stop them from falling off of the edge. She waltzed up to a group of boys who had bmxs and skateboards.

"Hey, boys, guess who?" George flicked her short hair in their faces as she elbowed her way to stand next to a boy wearing a red leather jacket and a deep blue snap-back that was decorated with the words 'Fuck off, I'm a monster' on it. She was followed by wolf whistles, hollers and cat calls. The boys shouted things like:


"Nice hair!"

"Hot stuff!"

"Call me!"

"Nice ass!"

Then they laughed and slapped each other around the head, like a pack of unruly wild dogs. All she did in response was stick both her middle fingers up at them and roll her eyes. She didn't care much for them, except for the sixteen year old boy who stood impatiently next to her. His gaze was on her chest before he drew his eyes to hers and a slow smile appeared on his face despite the slap she wanted to give him.

"Hey Georgie. What's popping?" He smiled almost stupidly, even when she did slap him. Even when the slap was resounding and seemed to waken Sara from her short nap. Sara, who then started running over, ignored what the others were muttering, her mind only on showing George, her closest friend, the letter.

"Nothing much, Mart. Can I ask that you stay away from the big vert ramp? I want to use the ledge for a little girly conversation." George pursed her lips at Martin's growing smile. He always did that when he heard her use the nickname 'Mart' instead of the one that everyone used for him which was 'Marty'. He nodded, and kissed her cheek to which she blushed, shoving him away. Sara grinned at the exchange, she hoped that Martin would ask George out before someone else did, she knew everyone thought they were so adorable.

"Sure, anything for my pixie." Marty blew her a kiss, speaking the reply out loud when he had nodded, already. He watched her run up the vert ramp, pulling herself up and swinging herself to sit on the edge. Sara watched in awe, she didn't think she could do it and look that awesome, especially after seeing the way the sunlight sparked off the red-pink hues of George's hair. She then went running, letting go of thoughts, trying to think positive ones because supposedly that's what made you fly. That and a small touch of pixie dust.

She hoisted herself up onto the side and laid back on the dirty ledge. Her hair dirtied up by the dirt and pieces of stone that laid on the ground but she did not care. She turned to her friend who sat next to her on the ledge, who laid back so that she wasn't the only one laid back on the high up ledge.  From out of her small rhinestone outlined pocket came the letter, the one with the curly handwriting. Strangely, it wasn't in Japanese, or Chinese or any other mildly Asian language. It was in English. And difficult to read.

She read the first sentence:

If you are reading this now then it means I am no longer.

She attempted to read the rest of it but froze, realising she had stumbled across a big secret. She held the letter in a hand, eyebrows furrowing and sat up straight. George glanced at her realising something was up.

"What's wrong, Sara?" She asked, voice unsteady. No reply left her good friend's lips, so George inwardly proposed to read it out loud, herself. " 'If you are reading this now, then it means that I am no longer. That our forces on the eastern side have been captured. That soon enough they will be after you, good luck my friend. Perhaps we will meet soon. P.S check that you keep hidden, if she knows, she will come for everyone you love.' signed with no name or address." George stuffed the letter in her pocket. "Someone in your family is in danger. What are you going to do about it?"


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