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"You won't change me." Nate said, his gaze locked on hers, the mumbles of the passing people in the park disappearing along with their surroundings as their focus was only on each other.

"No, I won't." Sara paused, sliding an inch closer to him, "You won't ruin me." His eyes turned hard, he couldn't promise her anything. His head turned to the side, his lips brushing her ear.

"No. But I like a challenge." He whispered. Her eyes widened, her eyebrows furrowing. He couldn't ruin her when she was already ruined.

Sara Mikaela Dean was a smart girl, in her first year of sixth form, and known for being quiet. She excelled in certain subjects but not all of them, and was a little of a geek when it came to reading.
Then there was Nathan 'Nate' Murphy, the popular nice guy, well known for bringing a smile to the table, but no one is ever all perfect. Even he had many faults.
credits to @NightshadeCreepypasa for the cover


3. Chapter 2: The Day She Saw

Song: Breathe - RHODES


Eight Years Before

Chapter Two: The Day She Saw

The sky was a striking cobalt blue. Littered with faint stars and reflecting lights from shop signs, in her hot pink Hello Kitty sunglasses. Her father was on the phone, talking in loud mandarin Chinese, using words he hadn't taught her. He turned away from her, in the front seat of their small Honda Civic. She had chosen shotgun, listening to the sounds of birds chirping in the early morning, the window half winded down, people's voices chiming into the radio stations. Her father turned down the volume as they pulled up to a stop light. She heard an ice cream van in the distance, its melody more familiar than her fading memories of China. She was five years old when they moved from Hong Kong to England, as her father's business grew and grew. Her deep brown eyes took in the sites as the floral sweet breezes fluttered beneath her nose.

Her father indicated left as the light turned bright green. He followed the road round, and she moved her gaze to the front window, spotting the strange car in front with the fire pattern down the side. She saw a boy staring at her through the back window, pale skinned and green eyed. Their eyes lost contact as her father over took the car, hanging up with a quick 'bai bai', an informal greeting which she thought nothing much of. She glanced at her fathers pale blue blazer over a grey and white striped dress shirt. He wore worn jeans, a complete one eighty contrast to his upper half.

He smiled at her, as she locked eyes with him: a slow smile appeared on her face, creasing at her eyes, as the feeling reflected back at him. These were the things she loved. He allowed her to wind down her window more, with a soft inclination of the head. She performed that action and stuck her head out of the window as they drove on the right side of the road. Her fringe fell out of the flower clips that held it back, falling into her eyes and blowing in the breeze. Her father pulled into the car park of the coffee shop, his face was blank, although he smiled for her. Smiled for only a few seconds. His eyes spoke that he was worried or anxious. The sunlight fell in through the windows, heating up the air around them, as the clouds moved out of the way. Beams cascaded down, catching dust in their fluorescent streams.

"Ni Hao, princess Sara." Her fathers voice woke her from a heady clouded view that had taken her to dream world. She nodded her head, giggling. Unbeknown, to her, her father wasn't there to take her to get hot chocolate and cookies. He wasn't there to make her feel like the best daughter in the world. He wasn't there to be a dad. He was there to secure her future in a meeting with a council representative which was why he was dressed smart-casual. Which is why he chose Nero's over Mitchell's.

Nero's was Richmond Green's prestigious cafe. The one where only the rich met up. Any other coffee house; Carolina White, Blue Sky Coffee or Angels was for the poorer sides of town - west and south. The north side of Richmond Green was for the upper class, the snobby people who resided in gigantic mansions and large modern flats in gated communities in the centre of town, whereas the east quarter was for the more middle class people who worked really hard to earn their positions in the world. The south was for the druggies and the criminals. The slums were there. The east residents were more likely to help them out than the north, and the south weren't particularly grateful. But the west were. The west were the ones who had potential to become part of the east but also had more reason to become part of the gangs from the south. The cities and villages outside of Richmond Green were very very different in comparison, they still had their hierarchies but they were less prominent than the divided sectors of Richmond Green.    

Her father undid his seat belt and turned his keys, withdrawing them from the ignition. He climbed out of the car and then shut his door behind him. She saw him mutter something to himself, his lips moving as he walked to her door and opened it for her. She climbed out of her seat belt, hastily throwing her sunglasses to the seat behind her. She put on a wide smile and threw her arms around him as he shut the car door, narrowly missing her legs. He hoisted her onto his side, her legs twisted around his waist. He walked them to Nero's, telling her to find them a table upstairs - preferably a booth by the window. Sara glanced around at her surroundings, taking the stairs two at a time. Leaping like a leap frog, humming the music to the catchy song that fell from the cafe's speakers. Dashing to a red leather booth by the window, she brushed crumbs from the table and rested her head, tapping to the beat. 

Downstairs, her father waited in the queue, a woman with long blonde hair in a side plait and a sunflower dress stood behind him. She whispered something in mandarin in his ear and he held his hand under the counter, she handed him a package she took from out of her yellow handbag. The woman then went back to seeming like a stranger. Mr. Dean put the package in his over the shoulder brown tweed bag, and ordered an espresso, and a white hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and tons of sweets. He regretted using his daughter as an excuse in the eyes of his wife, but it was the only way to get away without her suspecting anything. Little did he know, the whole exchange had been watched. A man on a hp laptop, watched, recording the exchange on technology's finest inventions, a couple of micro cameras that were stuck to a few pins on his jacket lapel. The live feed went straight to his boss. They would know everything and Mr Dean wouldn't be able to leave without sticking to his role in their plan. It wasn't right for him to leave now, with everything they had given him before. Mr Dean didn't know the extent of their abilities. They would destroy him for his betrayal.

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