Two Best Friends - High School

Two best friends , Elisa and Sage experience drama in high school. From arguments to hot guys , who knew their life is going to be this interesting?


3. What a weird day

English class-

"Elisa and Sage could u please bring the books back to Mr.Smith" says the teacher

"sure" Elisa and Sage says

*They walk through the corridors holding the books until they see Mr.Smith's class*

they knock and Elisa says

"excus-" she gets interrupted my Mr.Smith 

"wait a second" Mr.Smith says "im going to explain the work very quickly"

*as they look at the students in the class they see the group of guys*

*they both look at each other , panicking inside while the teacher is explaining the work*

*Elisa catches pineapple staring at her so she looks at him thinking he's going to look away, they both staring at eachother for about a minute but it felt like forever. she looks away and the teacher picks the books out of their hands, they both leave*

"OH MY GOSH, thats was SOOO AWKWARD!, i cantttt" says Elisa

"I cant believe they were there! they were looking at us strangely too! wait what happened?" says Sage

"U know pineapple , he was staring at me FOR LIKE FOREVER ! so i looked at him and we had that eye to eye contact which was soo weird" says Elisa

*Sage laughs* " ha really ? im so doneee, i was just looking at lemon, and the rest , its was weird, they were the only ones in the class that were staring at us" says Sage

"lets go back" Elisa says while smiling

*they walk back through the corridor,they see  someone opening the door in a different classroom, they both look*

"oh gosh" Elisa says in a serious way

*they see eyebrows, as he turns around he sees Elisa and Sage,he had a surprised expression.they walk past him with a serious face, trying not to laugh, they walk back to the class*

"i can't , why do we see him so often?" Sage says

"but did you see his face?? it was soo funny! " Elisa says

 *they both laugh*

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