Two Best Friends - High School

Two best friends , Elisa and Sage experience drama in high school. From arguments to hot guys , who knew their life is going to be this interesting?


2. The Beginning

Elisa and Sage walk to school together-they finally arrive and they both sit on the benches in the cafeteria.

"Ughh i hate "peach and plum" they starting to piss me off, especially how they chat shit about us behind our backs.Like if u have a problem come and say it to our faces" Elisa says in anger

-(peach- A girl called Joyce - pretty but she lies alot,acts innocent just to get what she wants.has a boyfriend (Stefan) , he used to like Sage until Joyce made him go to her side during the argument which made him love her more than Sage) (Peach is a codename for Joyce)

-(Plum-A girl called Alexis-smart-her best friend is Joyce-doesn't like Sage or Elisa, doesn't care much but chats shit about them) ( Plum is a codename for Alexis)

(They were once a group of best friends until Stefan ruined it all.)(now they hate each other)

"I know right! you know we should just move on . Forget them! they just a waste of my time.Lets focus on our education and stay with someone else." Sage says

"You're right, we should forget them and mo-" Elisa gets distracted and looks behind Sage

"Oh wow that's the squad that we see everywhere! , i wonder if they noticed that we are everywhere too . Actually i dont think they care , they too busy thinking about basketball." says Elisa

"You know what's funny? we know them but they have no idea who we are--But that Lemonnnnnn is so buffffff" says Sage

-(Squad-a big group of popular guys, they are 1 year older than Elisa and Sage.(the main guys have codenames)

Eyebrows- they call him eyebrows because he has big eyebrows.he's not very attractive , he looks at Elisa and Sage strangely everytime he sees them.He's not really relevant but he's part of the squad. He plays basketball too.

Pineapple- A tall guy, he gets all the girls.He's attractive to others but not to Elisa and Sage, not at all.He plays basketball too and he sees Elisa and Sage, especially Elisa very often around the school.

Lemon- Sage's crush, he's very attractive, tall , black hair.He is a pro at basketball and he doesnt go out with any girls, he's not like pineapple, he doesnt go out with random girls.He doesnt really care about relationships, he cares about basketball more than anything else.

Apple- Elisa's crush,his height is medium , not too tall not too small,has curly hair, hes very attractive and he doesn't play basketball as much as others, he cares about his education and not really about relationships.Spoke to Elisa and Sage before but not a proper conversation , he just got introduced to them.He sees them a lot of times. he's close friends with Peaches boyfriend (Stefan).

"But look at appleeee , he's so peng.Too bad we have no chance to get to know them... ugh " says Elisa

Bell rings - Elisa and Sage goes to class



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