Two Best Friends - High School

Two best friends , Elisa and Sage experience drama in high school. From arguments to hot guys , who knew their life is going to be this interesting?


1. Introduction

Elisa: She's a very kind person and very shy,she has short ( up to her shoulders) brown curly hair.She is very nice but if someone is rude to her or rude to her friends, she becomes the most scariest person ever.People find her scary because she has this bitch face, so no one dares to be rude to her , she just seems a person not to mess with.Elisa is an adventurous type, she would do something crazy without thinking about the consequences, she is also sometimes emotional.She has an older sister.

Sage:She's a very kind person too, she has long straight black hair and small height.She looks innocent but sometimes shes feisty.She's a person that thinks about her actions and consequences all the time.People adore her a lot , they usually like to annoy her and make fun of her height.She has a younger brother and a younger sister.

I wanted to say that i hope you enjoy reading my story and i hope u find it interesting :)




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