His Gem [Rivetra Oneshot!]

When Petra risks her life for something seemingly stupid on one of the Scout Regiment's Expeditions, Levi isn't very happy. After the Regiment returns to their HQ, he calls her to his office to find that the reason behind her reckless decision isn't so dimwitted... THE COVER IMAGE ISN'T MINE AND I DON'T OWN ATTACK ON TITAN!


1. His Gem

A/N: Again, neither of the images used in this fanfic are mine! Btw, this is my first time writing a fanfic. It feels weird, but I like it! Read, like, fav, comment, share, etc! Enjoy!


  "PETRA!" he yelled to her at the top of his lungs over the screams of dying soldiers and screeching titans. "PETRA!" he yelled once more as he sped towards her on horseback. It was like she was in a trance! She just kept digging deeper and deeper into the dirt! A 50m titan was headed right towards her, eagerly drooling and eyeing her down like a baby would a new toy!

    She finally stopped digging and grabbed a shiny, blue object from the soil with a huge, almost psychotic grin on her lips! Then, she looked up and suddenly noticed the titan running towards her.

  "HELP ME!" she wailed, hopping up to her feet and taking off into a panicked sprint. Her 3DMG gear was out of gas, which only made her even more panicked as she ran. Levi gripped the lever on his 3DMG gear, sending him into the air with a jolt in the maze of fallen trees and soldiers. He swooped down to intercept the fleeing girl and snatched her up into his warm, toned arms. As she hyperventilated, they returned to his horse and retreated to a safe spot away from the monsters where he quickly dropped her off and returned to battle.

    The girl took a moment to calm herself, her breathing and heart rate both slowing. She observed the trees around her as she thought about the short man, who'd just saved her. She then dug her hands into her right pocket, pulling out a beautiful, authentic, imperfect, blue sapphire. A warm smile, a mixture of nostalgia and victory, warmed her tulip-pink lips as she marveled at the heavenly jewel.

  I'm sorry for being so stupid, Levi, she thought, carelessly, feeling the gem's smooth, uneven edges. Her cheeks became a light pink and her eyes began to wonder. I really hate to embarrass myself in front of you, especially... I guess my mother was calling me, and I got distracted, she innocently giggled, tears of joy welling up in her twinkling, amber eyes.

  Hours later back at the Scout Regiment Headquarters...


    She tensed up, chills running down her spine at the sound of her name being so aggressively called by...Captain Levi...

    The intimidated young woman gulped, stuffed the rock in her pocket, and rushed through the halls and upstairs to the Captain's office. She entered the room that wired with angry tension between them. She stood up straight and saluted him like she'd been trained.

  "Yes, sir!"

    He stared daggers at her, almost making her squirm in place. He sighed with aggravation, rubbed his temples, and abruptly stood back up, making her flinch.

  "What the h*ll is wrong with you?" he snarled, beginning to circle her like a hungry shark. "What was so d*mn important that you'd rather get eaten by a titan than save your life?" The other Survey Corps members discreetly gathered around his office door, eager to see if Petra would be allowed to keep her life that day.

  "I-I'm sorry, Captain!" she submissively stuttered. "It won't happen again!"

    He stopped right before her, his face just inches from hers. He took a step towards her, making her take one back out of fear. Hearing her shaky breath made him smirk as he basked in his dominate nature, he got carried away with it sometimes.

  "So," he said. He started to reach his hand down to her pocket curiously. "What did you find?"

    She felt his hand grazing her hip slightly, but her protective instincts overwhelmed her romantic ones. "Nothing!" she yelped, impulsively slapping his hand away. She gasped at her idiotically consequential actions as his eyes widened with surprise. "I'm sorry!" she exclaimed. He sternly pressed her up against the wall.

  "'Feeling confident enough to hit your superiors now, huh?" There were multiple gasps coming from the other side of his office door. He rushed to the door, giving the poor girl time to recollect herself, and he yelled threats at the nosy soldiers, whom were already speeding away the office down the hall with fright. She started towards the window, escape in mind, while his back was turned, but he closed the door again and firmly grabbed her arm, stopping her in her tracks.

  "No more games, Ral!" he hissed, turning her around. "Show me what you're hiding!"

    She whimpered as she retrieved the sapphire from her pocket. "It's for my mother," she mumbled, weakly smiling at the gem. "S-She used to love sapphires and had always wanted one. It's her birthstone. My father and I could never get one for her because of financial issues..." Her eyes met the floor with shame. "I apologize again. There's no excuse for my foolish behavior, sir."

    She looked up slightly after a nerve-wracking moment of silence to see his expression had shockingly softened. She couldn't clearly see it, but suspected even sympathy in his eyes! He quickly cleared his throat and tried to keep his professional, angry persona.

  "And she's not with us anymore?" he asked, raising an eyebrow inquisitively.

  "No." She shook her head, fighting off hot, salty tears and a big lump in her throat. "She was eaten by a titan." She looked away sorrowfully. "I was planning to leave this at her grave, and make her happy," her voice cracked from the overwhelming urge to cry, "but...I understand if that's out of the question now."

    She was frozen with shock as he caressed her now tomato red cheeks and pressed his lips onto her plushy pinks ones with sincere affection. Her palms became sweaty as her heart began to beat rapidly. She softly released a moan as he kissed her and relaxed, enjoying the sweet expression of love, his expression of love at that.

    A moment later, he parted the kiss, breathing heavily as he gently ran her fingers over her smooth hand and the gem. He tried to ignore his flushed cheeks as she shyly grinned and giggled.

  "D*mn it, Petra," he whispered to her, taking her into his arms. His strong, well-built body made her feel secure. "We can't do this in the workplace." He bashfully avoided her eyes and released her. She already missed his touch...and his lips. "Go to her grave and give her the jewel. You have my permission." She reached down to dependently grab his hand and smiled once more, her woes long gone. "It would make her a lot happier..." she glanced up at him, "if she saw that I finally have...a significant other."

    He slowly grinned with a soft breath and walked with her out of the office, the other members watching intently around the corner with great disbelief.  


Thx for reading! I feel like trash for writing this lol! But I love this pairing so leave me alone! Like, fav, share, comment, etc! <3 Cheers!

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