Heaven's Daughter

Louise an Angel with black blood, she was tainted, and attracts the worst kind of creatures to her.

She contains power that no one else has and she is the key to ultimate rule.

One night Louise woke up finding that she is on Earth, someone had literally dropped her through the heavenly gate, and she'll be paying them a visit when she gets back.

She needs to get back to Heaven, but once any Angel leaves Heaven without consent, no matter their situation, they are classed as a Fallen.

She meets an Alpha and his Beta that can't seem to leave her alone, she's hunted and lusts after one of Hell's Princes.

She finds her first friend, Fate, and she finds her first betrayal bitter.

War is brewing and her the Kingdom of Gaisma will need her to fight, but once she knew the purpose of her existence and what she will have to sacrifice, will she go back. And will her kingdom welcome their princess back with open arms?


4. The Old Man Spoku Eņģelis

Louise had fallen asleep soon after the lecture from her mother about revealing her black swirls in the training room earlier that day.

However when her father, Michael glided into the room, gave her a hug and fist bumped Louise congratulating her on beating the shit out one of the best students she had gone to bed happy.

Her mother Queen Aofe Ashbound had of course let her daughter slip out of her hands when her husband had kissed her playfully a few times, leaving her mother in a giggling mess.

However Louise was positively sure that she had fallen asleep on a bed, in her cloud chamber.

Hence the reason she was confused as to why she was lying on the ground full of mossy dampness and intimidating looming shadows.

She sprung up and loved around her. Where in Heaven was she?

The place she stood was the opposite to Heaven, it was dirty and smelled strangely. Was it Luna tonight? Why was it so dark?

However Louise liked it. She liked the dampness on her bare feet and the coolness on her cheek. She liked the looming shadows above her and the darkness.

Louise loved the darkness. She believed that the darkness contained more adventure, more danger, more fun.

In Heaven darkness only comes on the Luna night in the kingdom of Gaisma, however it was the opposite to the Tusmā, apparently the people there were extremely pale and would lock themselves in their houses when it was the, what they called the, Sola day.

Louise ran her hand through her black hair and sighed. Where was she?

So to investigate she began to wonder tripping over a few things lying on the ground. Finally she had enough and allowed herself to be consumed by her magic, her black blue and green wings of elements sprouted and she took of into the air.

After travelling for a few heartbeats she saw a light in the distance. It beckoned her closer and so she did, attracted to the light like any Gaisma Angel.

Louise descended to the ground in front of a small cute cottage in front of her.

The walls were covered in vines and a small fence surrounded the house. A gate, similar to the design of the celestial gate, had a small path winding up to the cottage.

Louise made her way towards the gate, she glanced from side to side, trying to make out the lights that shone out of the windows.

She gracefully leaped over the gate, landing directly in front of the door. She looked back to where the gate was, meters away, oops, she really need to stop doing that.

She glanced back at the door, she closed her eyes and allowed her senses to sweep through the house.


Louise frowned confused, but before she could think anymore of it, the door was swung open revealing a ageing man.

Louise yelped in surprised as didn't sense the man grabbing her until he pulled her inside the cottage and slamming the door behind her.

Louise was about to attack but realised only darkness welcomed her. Her head snapped to the side, furiously trying to find the man again.

Where in hell was he?

Then her world was filled with light and Louise had to clench her eyes shut from the sudden change.

She opened her eyes slowly and found herself in a beautiful glass room.

Strange shapes bloomed across the place, and each one of them gave off a strange smell.

"Fallen?" Louise snapped out of her admiration of the room and turned to glare at the white hair man instead.

"Who are you?" She watched as his face crinkled at the forehead and side as he frowned, his pale lilac eyes glazed over for a few seconds.

"Do you not know of this place Fallen?" Louise stared at him confused.

Of course she didn't know and why was he calling her a Fallen?


"Yes Fallen Angel, do you-" at those words Louise had shut down.

Fallen Angel? She? A Fallen Angel?

Louise wanted to laugh, and cry and scream out her anguish.

Of course she wasn't a Fallen Angel, how could she be? She refused to accept that fact, she was a princess of Heaven for crying out loud.

However Louise's logic won in the end. She felt numb as she whispered to the man, "surely not, I have done no wrong deed," then she remembered the incident earlier at the training hall.

However she still was on denial. This old man was pulling a prank on her and she had no doubt the her father, Michael had something to do with it.

Surely her Father had not punished her for...for...Louise couldn't finish her thoughts. Maybe he had.

Louise hadn't done anything that consisted of wrong. She just went overboard and over achieve somethings.

A broken whimper escaped from her pale cracked lips, as the pain slowly began to consume her and she realised how thirsty she was.

The man handed her a glass of water.

She frowned.

"Can you read thoughts of others?" The man shook his head smiling.

"You are an open book child," he said before walking off to one of the strange shapes that was reflecting the moon'a glistening rays that seemed to shine directly above.

Louise followed cautiously behind him. She couldn't make out any of the not non valuable old man. Of course he wasn't weak, to say he was would be a understatement.

The old man bend down, this thin and small frame fitted perfectly with the shapes around him.

"What are those?" Louise asked as she pointed to the strange shapes.

"These are called 'flowers'," he gently stroked the small 'flower' with his wrinkled fingers.

Louise tested the name on her tongue. It was strange, she had heard of that word somewhere from many of her books.




Oh shit.

It had hit her like a tonnes of lashes of Hell fire and each one burned her heart as she tried to breath.

She was on Earth. The human realm that was dangerous to her species.

Louise as a child had been told many stories about Earth and how monsters that could turn into animals, monsters that drank blood and cast evil spells roam the earth for their pleasure.

Louise shook but stopped when the old man put a hand on her shoulder, she visibly relax but she couldn't stop the slight tremor of her heart.

"Why cannot I sense you?" She asked as she looked down at the man who was a few head shorter than she.

He smiled at her, his eyes twinkling.

"That's because I'm Spoku Eņģelis," Louise's eyes went impossibly wide as she began to back up.

Only to be held into place by a unbend able force.


After Louise had gotten to know the man, who turned out to be a guid to those angels who were booted out of Heaven.

He had given her something called money, that were apparently essential in this world. He had given her a key and an address that he had said would be her new home.

When the man had asked her of her age Louise was expected to be shipped off and trained to fight her classmates, so when he had told her she'll be attending 'college' she was confused as to what it was, but he merely told her it was similar to school.

And of course after telling her where she was, London, England, United Kingdom, Earth, he had transported her to her new home.

She had thank the man with his kindness and he had waved her off, saying its part of his job description.

Louise hadn't told the man that she hadn't know why she was kicked out of Heaven. Hell she didn't even know she was.

All she knew was that she was asleep and someone seemed to have played a terrible prank on her by dropping her out of Heaven.

But who could it be?

She shook her head as she stared at her new home.

It was gorgeous and large. It was to large however the old man Spokus had said that everything was designed based on who she was.

Was this was she was?

Louise stared at the pool of water in front of her home. Why was there a large pool there? Was it for Holy Water?

She frowned and was about to fly to her front door when Spokus' words had rung in her ears.

"Show no one who you are, tell no one who you are, do not utter and word, this bracelet will keep the other supernaturals from knowing who you are, keep yourself save, and remember tell no one who you are!"

Louise had rolled at each time he had said, "who you are," the man was funny and she have him hefty credit for it.

She walked briskly to her front door and inserted the key into the heavy looking oak doors. However when she pushed the door open she found it strangely light.

She sighed as she made her way inside her home.

Lights blinded her vision again as her foot made contact with the floor once she entered. She expected there to be some sort of intruder, however she knew that she was the cause of the light being turned on.

Louise didn't really take in the interior, she just made her way towards the closest room and walked through the threshold, once through the room lit up.

She say a strange looking black and white object scattered around the room and she made her way towards it.

She frowned as he pressed her fingers onto a weird textured surface. She sat on it and found it comfy.

However once her body made contact with the object, her body closed off and she gladly welcomed the darkness.


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