Heaven's Daughter

Louise an Angel with black blood, she was tainted, and attracts the worst kind of creatures to her.

She contains power that no one else has and she is the key to ultimate rule.

One night Louise woke up finding that she is on Earth, someone had literally dropped her through the heavenly gate, and she'll be paying them a visit when she gets back.

She needs to get back to Heaven, but once any Angel leaves Heaven without consent, no matter their situation, they are classed as a Fallen.

She meets an Alpha and his Beta that can't seem to leave her alone, she's hunted and lusts after one of Hell's Princes.

She finds her first friend, Fate, and she finds her first betrayal bitter.

War is brewing and her the Kingdom of Gaisma will need her to fight, but once she knew the purpose of her existence and what she will have to sacrifice, will she go back. And will her kingdom welcome their princess back with open arms?


3. Roomful of Succubus without STDs

Fate hated anything to do with any of Hell's personal lapdogs beside Asmondeus.

He grimaced as he slouched opposite Amon and Lucifer.

Lucky day for him, they both wanted to see him simultaneously.

Fate sighed. It was so not his day today.

His morning started off as some sort of stupid shit sent from Hell's personal handmaiden.

The idiot Beelzebub went missing, at the same time as half of Asmondeus' souls in his personal dungeon.

Of course his friend suspected it had something to do with the disappearance of Beelzebub, Fate thought the same.

Then Lucifer and Amon begged that he went and hunt down Beelzebub, of course by that time Asmondeus had also requested the same thing, well actually demanded that he went out to hunt down Beelzebub.

Then while travelling through Hell he had been attacked by herds of Doppelganger and several packs of Dire wolves, who were usually tamed... Well as tame as Hell would allow them.

Then when he came to Patvērums, Cerebus had tried to stop him from entering, it was as if Hell had decided to get rid of him.

Fate fumed as he stared at the red petals of the skeleton flower, refusing to make any eye contact with the two kings.

He was not in the mood to deal with these two idiots as well.

"Well Fate," Lucifer trailed off when he realised Fate had refuse to acknowledge either of them.

Amon cough awkwardly, trying to gain Fate's attention.

"What?" He snapped, they flinched before grimacing.

"We kinda heard you were attack by a pack of Dire wolves and a Doppelganger," Fate's hard blue eyes flicked to both their lighter blue ones.

A pack of Dire wolves, a Doppelganger?

Fuel was added to Fate's anger and he was pretty sure he could have made Hell's fire look like a baby.

"Sorry your Majesties I think I misheard you, but a?" Both wriggled in their seats uncomfortable.

Fate had met the two rulers at a castle on a neutral ground called Patvērums, it was a safe land, a haven that allowed any citizen or soul to roam free, as long as they had no bad intentions.

The magical barrier made sure that no evil may enter, ironic how they were in Hell.

"Well..." Fate stared at Lucifer, the prince, well now the king of the kingdom of Lepnums and Amon the ruler of Dusmas.

There once upon a haunted Hell were seven princes, who all soon later became kings of the seven sections.

Lucifer Lepnums.

Amon Dusmas.

Beelzebub Rijība.

Mammon Kāre.

Leviathan Skaudība.

Belphegor Slinkums.

And of course his friend Asmondeus the ruler of Iekāre.

Fate sighed, these kings were such a handful.

The very first time he had come in contact with them the other princes had laid beside his feet as he sat and ate bloody grapes, all except Asmondeus.

However when they came to realised how much of a threat he wasn't, they had opted to boss him about instead.

Fate waved his hands before Lucifer could continue, "I don't have news on Beelzebub," their expression slack, a look of disappointment crossed their faces, before they composed themselves.

"Ah well," Amon started, looking lost. Fate sighed, he understood the closeness of the seven brothers, after all they had fallen together.

Lucifer put a hand on Amon's shoulder reassuring him, "it's fine brother, Bee would be back, he knew pulling a prank like that on Asmondeus would end up with him tortured," Lucifer shivered.

Of course, everyone knew not to joke around with Asmondeus. Even Hell knew not to get into his way when he wants to do something stupid.

Asmondeus was ruthless, he was all the kings special abilities combined.

He had a wrath worse than Amon and pride worse than Lucifer.

However Fate was the only one who was able to keep his feet firmly rooted to the ground when he began to float, even if Asmondeus was powerful, Fate would always be stronger.

The two brothers finally gained their composure.

Fate wasn't fond of the other kings.

It wasn't because he was bias or because he was Asmondeus' friend, but because the other princes seemed to have shut Asmondeus out, only to call him back when they had an army filled room or when he was in one of his good mood.

Which required hardcore sex, preferably a threesome or a roomful of succubus without STDs and a large amount of alcohol, a very large amount of alcohol.

Else it would have turned out like last week when the two idiotic brothers decided to summon Asmondeus when he was torturing a werewolf that he had found sniffing around near the porthole to hell, only to be gently lectured about how he shouldn't be using souls for his own sexual pleasures.

Of course Asmondeus flipped,and set an entire castle on fire. Unfortunately for Lucifer he had lost a large amount of devils due to the hell fire and a home.

Fate understood Asmondeus' ways of doing things, he understood his thinking and logic ideas, unlike his brothers, who were more of a peaceful sets of fallen Angel.

Asmondeus had said that his brothers never actually let go of their celestial spirits, hoping that God would forgive them.

He had said they were foolish, and Fate agreed.

"I'll just alter his fate, and will make sure that Asmondeus doesn't kill him," the two brothers frowned.

"Then why didn't you do that in the first place?" Fate shrugged as he stood up and so did the kings, he'd had enough and it hadn't even been an hour.

"Well lets see, one, two, three," he counted on his fingers, 'kings wanted me to go out and search for him, so naturally I couldn't obey any orders my king, however I suggest next time I step out of the Iekāre border that I won't be attack by anymore Doppelgangers and Dire wolves, no?" The two kings nodded gulping.

Fate bowed low, and the kings bowed to.

"Yes Fate we'll get them back under control," Amon muttered. Fate rolled his eyes at the empty promises.

Only one person could get anything under control, and that was Asmondeus.

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