Heaven's Daughter

Louise an Angel with black blood, she was tainted, and attracts the worst kind of creatures to her.

She contains power that no one else has and she is the key to ultimate rule.

One night Louise woke up finding that she is on Earth, someone had literally dropped her through the heavenly gate, and she'll be paying them a visit when she gets back.

She needs to get back to Heaven, but once any Angel leaves Heaven without consent, no matter their situation, they are classed as a Fallen.

She meets an Alpha and his Beta that can't seem to leave her alone, she's hunted and lusts after one of Hell's Princes.

She finds her first friend, Fate, and she finds her first betrayal bitter.

War is brewing and her the Kingdom of Gaisma will need her to fight, but once she knew the purpose of her existence and what she will have to sacrifice, will she go back. And will her kingdom welcome their princess back with open arms?


1. Black Blood

She is a deadly monster, and the whole room filled with people like her, knew it to.

Louise Ashbound stared down at the bloodied, inside out body laying at her feet, no shred of pity or sympathy or even regret showed. The smell of blood, sweat and tears filled her senses, she gagged inwardly.

The little boy laid, whimpering as he tried to crawl away using his jagged, bloodied yellow fingernails and the small ounce of energy he had left. His ruffled, broken white wings fluttered lightly before crumbling against his back, ah poor little thing.

The gold pulse that used to beat was whipped from his face. He didn't even have enough energy to feel angry towards her.

She stomped at the back of his leg, and heard it snapped. She watch as gold blood seeped like rivers from underneath him, tainting the pristine white marble floor.

She sighed in content, she likes the colour red, it was a shame that Angels bled gold, well apart from her.

The boy screamed, he seems to scream a lot, his murky brown hair damp from sweat and his thin body bent in the wrong places, tears streaked down his pale but bloodied round face.

He had discarded his dagger awhile ago, well she had discarded his dagger awhile ago, and it was embedded in the stone walls, and it will be staying there till she willed it not to.

He was sixteen the same age as she and cocky, too cocky, his cockiness had got him in that position. On the floor, laid beside her feet as she watched, disinterested as he pleas for help and mercy.

She looked an easy target, that thought had one of the best student in the room make a bee-line towards her.

Of course, it was her first time at training since she had turned sixteen.

It was the nations requirement to train any Angel from the age of sixteen for the maximum and minimum of two Luna cycles, and then they'll get put onto the battlefield.

Just to kill their classmates.

Those who are strong and survived will continue their family bloodline and could also be promoted to either Lord or Lady, an officials title or even gets to serve for the royal family, every merit earned and gained counted.

However those who don't...well to say the least, each family has the minimum of seven children, just in case their bloodline dies out.

It was a requirement that Louise hated to indulge in. One of the many things she hated about her home was the stupid rules and the selfish pricks who called themselves the councilmen.

Despite the fact that she wasn't exactly required to fight in the Nation's Exam, well known for over hundreds of Angels death, she hated the fact that her people had to go through it.

She hated the suffering of her people, she had a duty to protect, a duty which she had to make sure to honour.

There were two kingdoms in Heaven. Kingdom of Gaisma and Kingdom of Tumsā, she is the crown princess of Gaisma, the kingdom of light. The two kingdom are constantly at each other's throat, however Father had kept all of them all at bay.

It had been suggested once, that the crown prince of Tumsā and the crown princess of Gaisma should wed, this way it could prevent future war, however any suggestion made by the councilmen was always thrown back at the councilmen.

Louise hated being told how to run her perfectly fine and happy life.

She had a suspicion that the two kingdoms held their own Nation's Exams just to raise an army full of bloody killers, who were trained in medical skills, magical arts, sword practice, mechanics, everything you can name.

Each family in Heaven had special abilities, they were of course trained according to who they were and where they would be placed on the battle field.

The healers themselves are put out of enemy eyesight, while the combat teams, along with the assassins are put in the front.

There were dirty tricks played on the battlefield, however any sort of bribery will instantly end in an public execution and the family banished.

Cruel, Louise knew, and the first thing she need to make sure to do, when she was crowned was to put an end to the useless killing.

However there were some Angels who enjoyed bloodlust, like this boy here.

Louise had a slight suspicion that the boy had wanted to humiliate her and show who was in charge, unfortunately for him he had charged at the enemy blinded, he hadn't known her weaknesses, he only attacked with sheer force and muscle brain.

No calculation. No precision. No plan. A total and utter disappointment.

She hadn't even done anything that consisted of any effort, yet. She found combat classes extremely boring because they were always like this, lack of fun, lack of activity.

She felt a firm grip on her arm before he spoke, "Louise that's enough, you've done enough," of course he wouldn't use her title.

Not only did the people in the room not know who she was, except from him, but the fact that she kept all her powers locked up made her feel like an average Angel.

She was a student in these walls, well a student according to everyone except her and him anyway.

Of course one would have thought the country would know what their crown princess would look like, but it was difficult for anyone to know what she looked like if she was confined in a castle all day long with only the servants to know who she was.

In a way Louise felt lonely. She felt like a prisoner, and she knew the cause of all this was the sweaty councilmen who thought of her as an abomination because of her tainted blood.

An Angel's blood was gold, it was general knowledge, one that she wished on one knew about. Louise was an Angel. Well she and everyone thinks she is. She had the wings and the abilities.

So why wouldn't she be an Angel?

Her blood might be black and the pulse that appears whenever an Angel seems to have a strong emotion show up, might be marked permanently on her face, which she had learnt how to hide, however that morning was an exception, she was too annoyed so she couldn't focus her magic on covering the marks up.

So imagine the reactions she received when she showed up with black swirls on her face, swirls which she didn't hide because of her pissed off attitude.

They felt that she was angry, and they felt right.

Her wings aren't constantly on her back and might have a unique structure and design and her powers might be a tad to powerful, but needless to say she was an Angel.

Father had told her she was, He was never wrong. He had said that He had made her specially so that she could settle peace between His two kingdoms.

She was His greatest creation.

Louise rolled her eyes she wasn't doing anything, just staring blankly at the boy on the floor. "Louise," Andre growled lowly at her, Louise tut, annoyed.

She turned her head slowly to look at him, giving him a grin that she knew would rile anyone up.

She watched as a faint of gold pulse appeared, beating at an irregular beat across his face.

He had a handsome pulse.

"Yes?" He clicked his tongue, annoyed for the lack of respect that she had towards him, the Captain who trains these useless lackeys.

"I said enough," she cocked her head to the side, confusion marring her beautiful face.

"I'm not doing anything apart from staring at something so remotely...disgusting," the boy on the floor flinched as she referred to that 'disgusting' thing as him, "so I don't see what you're talking about," she smiled sweetly at him before turning her attention back to the boy. She poked him with the tip of her combat black boots, he cringed away from her.

She grinned down at him.

"Louise I said enough and that means enough!" Andre grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him, now his golden pulse was clearly visible and beating rapidly. Her grin widened, "leave," she stared wide eyes at him.

"Why?" Was he seriously kicking her out? One word from her and he'll be the one kicked out.


"You've done enough damage I'm reporting this to the council tonight," ah yes of course anyone without a backbone would turn to the council, Louise forced a small laugh, was he threatening her with the council, those were the only sweaty bald men whom she found pleasure in making their little life less useless and more fun.

Did he seriously forget who he was talking to?

Louise hated the council, they always seemed to find ways to enforce new rules and laws till it was hard to breath, not that she really needed to breath, she was immortal, she could survive without having to contract and expand her lungs every few minutes, one of the many advantages she gets from being royal blood.

Of course she wasn't a vampire, despite her dark appearance.

Louise wasn't tall, but she wasn't short either, she had enticing curves which she loved to show off until Michael told her to stop revealing to much skin.

Her skin had been kissed by the sun and she was blessed without any traces of blemishes or scars. Her waist length wavy, shiny raven hair which she loved, flowed in perfect waves and if course her stunning eyes.

Up close and even far away one cannot mistaken her eyes. They were truly stunning. Her ocean blue eyes, outlined with a darker shade of blue was offset by the ring of white that bloomed from her black pupil, swirls of light purple and orange can be seen swimming in her eyes.

However her eyes become more stunning when she enters pure battle mode, they seem to light up n each colour was well defined.

However Louise had a flaw, she was tainted like her inking all over her body and face suggested. Her soul was dark, and there was nothing she could do to hide that.

She smiled, showing her pearly white teeth, "yes, yes please do, it would save everyone else from so much pleasure," she sense the discomfort in the room and harnessed onto it, before projecting the fear that everyone was feeling back to them, only a hundred times stronger.

She watched in amusement as the golden pulses illuminate the room.

People like her quickly fled from the room but was soon blocked off at the large double doors by the guards, some even jumped out of the windows.

"Louise!" Andre shouted and her horrified as his students fled, she smiled at him, ah he managed to sense and block her attack. No fun. She pouted.

"Yes Andre?" She had come to realised that she loved riling the man up, he might be another source of entertainment.

He snarled at her his gold pulse beating in a fast rhythm, and his white wings battered furiously behind him.

Spit sprayed her face, she wiped it off with the back of her hand, and she frowned, "can you please finish your sentence. I might be gifted with so many abilities but telepathy is not my strong point," a lie but he didn't know, Andre continued to glare furiously at her.

"Get out, leave, you're banned from the combat classes till the next moon," Louise gave him a sweet smile, that would be three hundred and sixth five darkness and light.

That's a very long time.

She calmly pulled her numbing forearm free from his strong hold.

"Gladly," she walked towards the window and looked down, it was at least six hundred metres from the ground, if she fell and hit the ground at that speed she'd die, well she would if she wasn't immortal and had crazy healing abilities, "Okeydokey I think I better be off then," she blew the whole room a kiss which sent everyone flying onto the walls and doors even the guards and Andre couldn't block her attack.

Andre stood up angrily and formed a fire ball in his hands, she laughed at his feeble attempt to attack her, she quickly, with ease wrapped his magic around her forefinger, the fire left him and made its way towards her, dancing and playing, she giggled as it nuzzled against her neck before disappearing.

Louise looked towards Andre who stood terrified that she took his magic from him so easily. What did he except, she was of royal blood

She giggled again at the mixture of emotions that flooded the room, it was intoxicating. "Looks like your fire power will be out of play for sometime big guy," she winked at him, he'll soon come to realise that his magic won't be working for a least a few days, after all she did just copy his magic, now fire magic was one of her abilities.

Louise was gifted with many original powers that other Angels weren't blessed with, however one of her favourite 'Steal' was when she could copy ones power and use it at two hundred percent power not just one hundred.

Louise had wondered if Father had favoured her a tad to much.

Louise sensed a dagger flying her way before she flicked the object back with her mind, at the person who had thrown it.

She followed the direction of the dagger to behold such an astoundingly handsome man standing with the tip of the blade held between his thumb and forefinger.

He stood one arm crossed across his torso leaning casually against the white stone wall, flicking the knife in the air before catching it again in his fingers.

She watched at the bulging muscles that stretched against his tight shirt. He was attractive, beautifully built, he was packed with muscle all the way and tall, she had realised how truly tall he was when he stood he in front of her, she felt like an infant.

There was no gold swirls framing his beautiful face, he must've blocked her attacks. She frowned, but how? There was something that felt different about him. She felt as if they were connected by a string, and she didn't like it.

He raised his dark eyebrows and smirked at her, he had tucked the knife in the pouch along with other throwing daggers that rested on his hips. He folded his arms again, feet spread apart in a resting stance, she didn't like him already and she hadn't even got to his name.

"Who are you," the guy smiled at her question, she noticed how his pearly white teeth gleamed and glittered and how his smile seemed to dazzle her.


He had the power to evoke feelings onto other people, just like one of her abilities.

"I'm Jack," such a simple name, he didn't tell her his full name but she let it slide.

He flashed her another smile, however she wasn't affected the second time.

Louise learnt how to block magical abilities that was used on her, once she knows what the magic is she can create and program her brain and body in blocking the magic, comes in handy when she's in a fight.

"Hi, well Jack look here, you seem like an arsey guy who has an attitude problem along with the small dick, I would really, really appreciate it if next time you don't throw daggers at me, especially if you don't want them embedded in that scrawny neck of yours," he raised a groomed eyebrows.

He could be surprised if n Angel such as she could use such language or he was confused hi he got the intonation.

"Small dick, well babe where did you get that from?" Louise cringe at what he had called her, they weren't humans, however she bobbed her small head as she pointed towards his manhood, her black hair bouncing up and down, framing some of her face.

She tapped the comer of her right eye, "x-Ray vision," Jake gaped at her, shocked, she mentally snickered at how stupid he was.

"Why would you have a shit ability like that?" Had he not just whiteness what she had done in the training hall so far? Now thinking about it she hadn't seen him before.

"And why would someone has a shit ability such as invisibility?" She had caught him, he looked shocked before quickly composing his features, she rolled her eyes if she wanted she could read his mind.

"Clever little fox I see, you're interesting, care to be my sparring partner?" Louise raised her eyebrows delicately.

"And why would I waste my time with a retarded small dick and his too much self absorbed ego?" He flashed her a challenging grin.

"Wait hold up Missy and Jack," oh yes, Louise had forgotten that there were still other people around her.

She glanced at her audience who watched the exchange between her and Jack with interest, well at least the golden pulses are gone.

She had realised they had removed the poor boy off the floor, they were in the process of cleaning the golden blood off the floor.

"What?" Andre glared at her.

"You're banned from using the hall, you're banned from combats and any physical activities, you're isolated till the next full moon, go and do some studying," Louise raised her eyebrows in disbelief, what was there to know about? She knew who she was, she knew what they all were, she knew the rules and she didn't care shit about the rest.

"So if I come back and am painfully lacking in combat skills what will happen then?"

The Captain who was in his early thirties raised his eyebrows and put his hands on his hips before flicking his hips to the side, he dramatically clicked his tongue and snapped his fingers and said in sass, "get your arse out of my training hall," Louise gave him a judgemental look and shook her head, she then extended her hands to Jack.

"Lovely meeting you, and sure I'll beat your puny arse up sometime just send a pigeon that will throw up on my beautiful desk and I'll come and have a nice relaxing tug of war with you," Jack grinned.

"I'd love to roll around on the ground with a stunning la-" as soon as their hands made contact Louise welled up electricity to pass between the contact, enough electricity to leave him unconscious on the floor, not dead.

Jack made a hard impact with the marble and she winched as she watch his head hit the floor.

"Louise!" Andre angry pulse throbbed against his tense and angry face, had charged at her but she was already spreading her wings of elements and jumped out of the window, leaving the howling furious combat instructor behind.


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