Heaven's Daughter

Louise an Angel with black blood, she was tainted, and attracts the worst kind of creatures to her.

She contains power that no one else has and she is the key to ultimate rule.

One night Louise woke up finding that she is on Earth, someone had literally dropped her through the heavenly gate, and she'll be paying them a visit when she gets back.

She needs to get back to Heaven, but once any Angel leaves Heaven without consent, no matter their situation, they are classed as a Fallen.

She meets an Alpha and his Beta that can't seem to leave her alone, she's hunted and lusts after one of Hell's Princes.

She finds her first friend, Fate, and she finds her first betrayal bitter.

War is brewing and her the Kingdom of Gaisma will need her to fight, but once she knew the purpose of her existence and what she will have to sacrifice, will she go back. And will her kingdom welcome their princess back with open arms?


5. A Mongrels' Comedian

When Louise awoken hours earlier, she had been startled to find out that she was at an unfamiliar place.

Of course every memory of the previous night had flashed before her eyes, reminding her of the things that she had tried hard to forget.

Louise had wandered around her new home and found that she loved the staircase, it looked similar to the one she had in her cloud tower. She had sat on it for hours, as she pondered her next move.

Now she sat in a garden filled with flowers, and other nature. She gazed out at the water which she had thought to be a pool of Holy Water the previous night, was in actual fact a small river that had a small boat occupying it.

College. She'd read about those, it was a sort of school that you get to choose your own topic and to study them, then later you get to test your knowledge the best grades passes.

Similar to Heaven then. Nothing major or difficult, the only problem was to get there.

Spoku had said not to use her magical powers under any circumstances. He had said the only way for an Angel to survive in the human world was to 'live under a rock.'

Of course Louise planned not to do such a thing, she wouldn't want to be squished in anyway, and she didn't have any spells to shrink herself, well even if she didn't she couldn't use it.

Louise played with the small bracelet around her wrist. Spoku had gifted it to her before she left saying she shouldn't take it off, ever. It was to suppress her magic, and Louise didn't mind one bit.

She got up and walked to the side of her home, surely Spoku could've given her a smaller home, this place was fit for at least ten people. For one person there's too much room.

Louise stopped in front of a large shiny white door. Now what is this? She reached her hand out towards it only to jump back into a fighting stance as it began to lift up. She growled low in warning to the enemy on the other side.

However the enemy seemed a bit strange, she furrowed her brows. Now what was this?

Rows of different strange metal shaped objects stood before her. Where they going to attack?

However as Louise waited fist up for any danger, she came to realised that they were not harmful but seem to want peace because they didn't attack.

Louise cautiously walked towards one of them.

It was grey with shiny metal everywhere. There was glass and four round things stuck at the bottom.

Louise bit her lips, what a strange looking creature.

She touched it and felt her heart race. It wasn't magic but there seems to be a thrill as to what would happen if she was to get into it and drive.

Visions clouded her, like an instruction manual guiding her on how to use, what was apparently called a 'car'.

The stages was easy. Open the door on the side. Get into the vehicle. Close the door. Then press down on the foot pedal.

Louise could do that. She could defiantly do that...

Hours later she had arrived on what was called a 'campus'.

The name Raven-Bain College was etched across the entrance of the school. Louse raised her eyebrows as she steered into the the drive.

It looked. Well. It look like another unless, massive house. Louise frowned as she parked outside the front.

Did Spoku give her the right address it didn't seem like the right place, maybe it's a house of a very rich family.

But then the sign outside did say Raven-Bain College so this was be it.

The building was massive from the front, columns like the ones in Heaven surrounds the oak double door. To many lit windows to count and to high for Louse to see the top. She frowned what type of 'college' was this?

She frowned as she stepped out of the car, making sure to lock it before heading towards the door.

Should she knock? Or should she just walk in? She isn't need to decide when the doors swung open.

Louise grimace, she felt like this had happened before somewhere else.

She watched as young people laughing as they piled out of the door, all looking very important by the vibe of confidence that surrounds them.

As each one passes they gave Louise a questioning and curious glances, some male whistled to her irritation.

They're not humans. Are these what Spoku was referring to, 'students?' They were all wearing the same clothing.

Louise cocked her head frowning, this was what students wore?

Louise eyes flicked over each one of the students. What where they? All the male where big and large, with over sized muscles, while the females where fit.

They all smelled like animals. Louise's face scrunch up in disgust.

"Need any help?" A male student stopped and asked; many other stopped with him. He seemed nice enough, however Louise didn't miss a strong smell of animal and a strong aura from him.

The boy had nice shade of mahogany coloured hair, his eyes were liquid gold. Of course he was as muscled as the other male students, if not even more.

"No," the boy pouted at her, then gave her a charming smile.

"You seem like you don't know where you're going," Louise rolled her eyes as she spotted more students piling out.

This time, they seemed to be the opposite to the other students who piled out earlier. They were more elegant, powerful and full of confidence in themselves and serious.

However they had less muscles and much more lean, but Louise hadn't missed how they were unnaturally pale and beautiful.

They studied Louise with interest, and she mentally gagged at the wretched smell of blood that they seemed to carry around with them.

"Austin," one of the pale male student greeted the boy that was bothering Louise.

"George, my bestie," their tones suggested that they were anything by 'bestie'. Many students stopped and watch the commotion, no doubt these two would end up in a fight.

"Ah lovely lady," Louise sighed and fought the urge to roll her eyes as George bought her hand to his lips and lightly kiss it, she tried to pull her hand out, feeling disgusted but he held firm onto it, "may I have the honour of knowing your name?"

Louise studied George closer. He had a dangerous aura surrounding him, not that the others didn't but his was stronger.

His black hair was combed to perfection against his head and his red eyes bore holes into her blue ones.

Louise tried not to cringe, his skin tone looked worse that a Tusmā's.

To pale. To unnatural. To unreal.

Vampire, she realised. That was what George was.

If the disgusting smell of rotting flesh and blood didn't indicate that he was anything other than a leech, she wouldn't know what other category he would fit into.

Then if George was a vampire... Louise turned towards Austin. He smelled like an animal, a wet animal. His eyes were rich gold and his aura powerful. Louise had read once that the werewolves had the best physical body because of their training.

Louise grimace, she never wanted to have any other contact with other supernatural beings, especially if she's not allowed to use her powers.

However, the bracelet Spoku had given her made her appear human, they wouldn't be able to trace who she was by her scent, well unless her bracelet broke or one of these leeches decided to suck her dry.

At least no one was going to attack her, yet.

"No," George looked taken back and dropped her hand.

She heard, or rather felt Austin trembled beside her, trying to hold in his laughter.

Ah, Louise never knew that she had finally gave up the profession of being an Angel and became a mongrels' comedian instead.

Louise looked towards the school door and was surprised that there was a small man standing there.

She glared at him and he smiled back, where was his aura? Why couldn't she sense him?


The man's smile became larger as if he'd read her mind.

He looked exactly the same, she realised. Just his white robes were replaced by a smart jacket and trousers and a nice white shirt.

Curse that old man. Her glare intensified.

So he told her to not show who she was, suppressed her magic with a bloody braclete, making her seem human.

But then dropping her off at a freaking college that housed supernatural beings?

Louise was fuming as she left the two boys and stalked towards Spoku.

"Ah Angelia, I see you've made it," Louise swung her fist back and connected it with Spoku's jaw, gasps shattered around them.

Of course he hadn't used her real name, an Angel's most prized possession was their names.

An Angel cannot use other Angels' name to control them, that would be against the law that Father had created: once they do then their being would end up in golden ash.

However this doesn't mean that the other supernatural couldn't use her name to control her.

If they knew her first name and her powers they would surely know her last name, then her whole being would collapse into the hands of the first person who commands her as her Master.

Despite all that a Master could only occur through a ritual, and that ritual requires intense knowledge of the old language. So Louise was pretty safe...

An Angel had never had a Master before and Louise doesn't want to be the first one.

Murmurs surrounded her and she left two firm grips on her shoulders.

Louise did a full turn, as she swiped both George and Austin off their feet, both grunted as they hit the floor.

"Don't touch me," she glared down at the surprised expression of the two who laid down at her feet, she need to stop speaking to people who lay beside her feet, that's three now.

"Now, now Angelia please stop doing rash actions," Louise turned around and glared at the old man.

"I would-" don't say my name, I go by Jack here.

Louise rolled at the human name, Jack. She sighed.

Of course Spoku wouldn't be an exception, after all he was a powerful being that had ties with the Angels, he was an Angel.

So his name is of a great value, if not a greater value than hers.

"Well you see Jack, as far as I'm concern I can do what I want," she felt dozens of eyes drilling holes into the back of her head.

Geeze had none of these people actually have the guts to talk to Spoku?

No they don't they're scared of the little old me, because I might be quite-a tad to powerful. Louise glared at him as he spoke in her mind.

Oh stop blowing your own trumpet Spoku.

The old man smiled at her, and at this point the students must be confused as to why Louise's and Spoku's expression was changing but no one was talking.

After all according to them she was a human, talking to a small old man that scares them shitless.

"Ah now my dear, how about we go into my office and talk about your transfer?"

This old man.

Yes dear, I'm over a thousand years old.

How the heck have you lived that long?

The Father had assigned me to guide fallen Angels into the human world, although most opted to go into Hell instead.

Ah yes, Louise knew who those fallen Angels were, there were seven of them so far, arrogant pricks.

"Shall we?" Louise rolled her eyes, as she followed Spoku into the mansion leaving the confused and gaping students behind.

She wondered why those seven high heavenly beings found Hell entertaining, maybe she should hunt one of the down and ask exactly that.

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