Echos Of The Soul

Jinseinoshi Majutsu was raised in a violent home, wondering if he and his brother would ever be safe, but little did he know, he had powers beyond his imagination. |THIS STORY DOES HAVE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ABUSE| This is a more detailed backstory to Jinseinoshi from the 'Fortunes' series, but can be read by itself.| If you want to read another character background one-shot, 'Just Like Fire' is Alkhimiya(aka Miya)'s backstory. |


1. Echos Of The Soul

“Where did you get those bruises?” Mrs. Peter's, Jinseinoshi’s eighth grade teacher asked after class. “You’ve been getting a lot of them lately.”

“I fell down the stairs again,” he lied, wishing this would be over soon so he could get home. “Clumsy me.”

“Are you sure?” She asked, worry etched into her face. “You can tell me, I promise you’ll be safe.”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” He replied, shuffling towards the door. “I should get home now, my mom will worry.”

“Alright,” the woman sighed, guilt clear on her face as the door shut behind the boy.

As soon as he was was out of sight of the school, Jinseinoshi took off running, racing home. He had to protect his brother, who knows what could be happening to him at this moment? He knew the teachers that held him after class were just trying to help, but they were doing more harm than good. They were leaving his brother vulnerable without his protection. They were making his mother angry, and no one should ever make his mother angry.

Upon reaching his front door, he could hear the muffled shouts of his mother, the sound of skin hitting skin. Filling with fear, and rage, he burst through the door, ready to protect Riku. On the kitchen floor, his brother was curled into a ball, hands over his head, whimpering and shaking with sobs. His mother stood over him, anger painted across her face and her hands curled into fists as she hit and kicked the boy beneath her.

“Mom, stop, please!” Riku begged, flinching away from the woman. “You’re hurting me!”

“If you behaved, I wouldn’t have to hurt you,” she snarled, pulling back her arm for another blow.

“Stop,” Jinseinoshi said firmly, stepping between his mother and his brother. “Don’t make me hurt you.”

“What did you just say to me?” the woman shrieked. “I am your mother! You will not talk to me like that!”

She threw up a hand, landing a slap across his face. He stumbled back at the force, nearly tripping over his brother. As she brought her hand back up for another attack, he grabbed her wrist, stopping her for being able to hurt either of them. 

Suddenly an itchy, burning sensation began to creep it’s way from his chest, up his arm and to his hand. Soon the burning sensation turned into a black glow, surrounding his hand and his mother’s wrist. His mother looked into his eyes, anger melting away into fear, then into pain, as their arms began to shake uncontrollably. Her face contorted in a mask of agony, and a cold feeling began to flow through Jinseinoshi. Then, the glowing and cold sensation stopped. His mother collapsed to the ground, not breathing. 

After a moment of registering the shock, he remembered his brother. The boy was trembling, looking from his mother to his brother and back again, terror clear on his face. 

“How bad did she hurt you?” Jinseinoshi asked, crouching down to Riku’s level.

He reached out a hand to comfort him, but the boy flinched away. “D-don’t touch me!”

“Riku, I’m not going to hurt you,” Jinseinoshi replied. “Let me help you.”

“Don’t touch me,” Riku whimpered, looking at his mother’s lifeless body.

“You need first aid,” he told him. “Please, just let me help you.”

“Please don’t touch me,” he whispered, curling closer to himself, as if it would hide him.

Jinseinoshi got up and went to the porch, where they stored their winter clothes and grabbed a pair of gloves. Walking back to his brother, he approached slowly, showing his gloved hands.

“Is this okay?” Jinseinoshi asked. “I just want to help.”

Riku looked from side to side before nodding hesitantly. Jinseinoshi carefully helped him up and guided him to his bed, where he helped the boy get comfortable before cleaning his cuts and checking his bruises. Afterwards, he took off his gloves and left the room to let Riku sleep before heading back to the kitchen to figure out what to do. 

When he entered the kitchen he found his father had gotten home and was on the floor with his wife, shock and rage clear on his face.

“Did you do this?” he asked.

Jinseinoshi froze. “D-dad, I swear it just -”

“You did this?” He shouted, standing up. “You killed your own mother?”

“I didn’t mean -”

“What kind of monster are you?” He was an inch from the boy now, looking down into his eyes.

“She was hurting Riku,” Jinseinoshi replied quietly. “I didn’t mean to kill her.”

“Don’t lie,” the man snarled. “Does you evil know no limits?”

“Dad I’m not -” he tried to defend himself, but was once again cut off.

“Go to your room,” his father growled. “I’m going to have a talk with your brother.”

“No!” Jinseinoshi stepped into the man’s path. “He needs rest!”

“Get out of my way,” he stared into the boy’s soul. “Don’t make me call the police to take you away.”

“I’m not letting you hurt Riku,” Jinseinoshi argued. “I don’t care what you do to me.”

“So be it,” his father snarled, balling his hand into a fist, ready to strike. 

Jinseinoshi caught the fist before it hit his face, and once again he felt the itchy, burning sensation climb it’s way up his arm. He tried to pull it back, to control it, but it kept growing and soon the black glow began to wrap it’s way around their hands. His father’s face contorted into horror, then agony, and he collapsed to the ground, never to get back up.

Jinseinoshi backed away from the body in horror, staring at his hands in shock. He backed himself up until his back hit the wall, then slid to the ground before curling up and beginning to cry.

Mrs. Peters had called the police shortly after Jinseinoshi had left the school, begging them to check on the boy, fearing he was being hurt at home. When they arrived at the home, they were horrified to discover a body in the kitchen, and another in the hallway. Near the end of the hallway, close to a bedroom door, a boy sat against the wall, sobbing into his knees. They soon found the other boy lying in the bedroom, covered in cuts and bruises. 

The boys were driven to a nearby foster home, where they would be staying until further notice. Jinseinoshi, the older of the two at fourteen, refused to tell anyone anything about what happened that day. In fact, he barely spoke at all, saying the barest minimum to everyone except his brother. Riku, the younger of the two, being only nine, got his voice back soon enough, but also refused to tell anyone what had happened. He would speak to anyone but his brother, and often requested that he be kept as far away from him as possible.

Weeks went by, and their situation had not improved. Jinseinoshi was afraid to be near other people, for fear of hurting them as well. He assumed this would be the rest of his life, and he had very little hope for the future. Until one day, and one woman, changed it all.

That day, an older woman arrived at their foster home, wishing to speak to Jinseinoshi. She told him he was special, that there were others like him, that he could learn to control his abilities. She was going to take him to a school, where he would learn to control himself, and where would be safe. Hope had returned to his life. However, he would be unable to bring his brother to the school with him. She promised he could visit and send as many letters as he wanted. 

After a few days of thinking, he decided to go to the school with her. The woman’s name was Mary McGuffin, and he found he could tell her everything. When he was with her, he could finally understand what everyone said a mother was supposed to be. At the end of one rough day, he had called her mom. She was thrilled, but he only ever called her such things behind closed doors, where no potential bullies could over hear. 

The second year he attended the school, he took notice of a girl. There was something different about her soul, it was in turmoil, full of hope and pain, both courageous and afraid. Then one night, the turmoil came to a stop. Coming out of his room to check on her, he saw her preparing to sneak away into the night, leaving behind her mission.

She told him if she didn’t leave people would come for her, and they would kill her. He told her she was part of his family, and that he would protect her and she made a joke about him being scrawny and not even knowing her name. He told her his power and that he knew her name. She asked for his name, and he told her. They wished each other goodnight, and he turned to go back to his room, only to be called back. 


“Yeah?” He turned, to look at the girl. 

Her once joking grin had turned into a nostalgic and sad smile. 

“Call me Miya.”

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