Message Sent || L.R.H


1. First Text

Luke was was his living room. Michael, Luke's friend,and Luke was playing video games with their new Xbox. Luke was about to beat Michael when suddenly his phone vibrated which caused him to jump in surprise and game Michael a chance to beat his friend by shooting him in the head. Luke groaned from annoyance and yelled at Michael about how the phone rang and distracted him and to have a rematch. Sadly Michael disagreed and smirked at Luke.Just as Luke was about to stomp away from his friend, his phone suddenly rang which made him fall back. As he was trying to stand up,Michael kept on laughing. Luke sighted as he finally stood up,walking towards his room and read his message.

Unknown: hi bae


Unknown: OI

Unknown: stop ignoring mehhhhh

Unknown:sorry for the sins I've caused you even if I don't know what it is.

Unknown: what do you expect me to Sing sorry by sleeping with sirens?

Unknown: oh hell naw

Unknown: fine be a bitch!

Unknown: be that way.

Unknown: whatever.....


Luke: who are you?

Unknown: I'm human

Luke: I'm not asking if you're human or not..... What do you want?

Unknown: You

Luke: how would you want me if you don't even know me? Plus what if we're the same gender huh?

Unknown: Nah obviously you're a boy Becouse your name is Luke and that's a name for boys.

Luke:how do you know my name?! Creepy stalker!

Unknown:whoa there horsey. I Luked at your profile, duh! I'm not stupid like you.

Unknown: I meant looked....

Luke: haha very funny

Unknown: I can imagine you rolling your eyes Lukas

Luke: how would you know that I rolled my eyes and how would you know how I look like and I AM NOT LUKAS

Unknown: first don't give me sass young man second you have eyes sweetheart read closely I said imagine and lastly I can call you whatever I want because last time I checked this is a free world right. Plus, there is no rule that I can't call you whatever you want.

Luke: whatever 🙄

Unknown: oh ships! Gotta go my mom's home bye

Luke: whatever

As Luke shut his phone down, he grinned. He doesn't know the reason why he is. All he knows is that his happy. He landed his phone on his night stand and fell asleep

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