Coping with illness


1. Coping with illness

I have been ill on and off. It used to be the general practitioner(GP). Now I have upgraded to the Hospital doctors who are specialists. I have out grown the GP :-0 which is what I tell my self. Over the years I have had health problems on and off. I have seen some wonderfully healthy years and some not so good ones. But I do not lack for courage.  I have never allowed it affect my quality of life. There was a time I had menorrhagia. I still attended parties though it was mighty inconvenient. The other time I had an arm problem. I still shopped with one arm, making several trips to the grocery store and buying little at a time. It’s all a matter of independence and pulling your weight. Also inconveniencing others as little as possible. The other time I sprained my finger and could not use it for 2 months. That was mighty inconvenient as it was my writing hand. And I am proud to say I managed with very few pain killers. Then I had urinary incontinence. It did not stop me from exercising. After all there are rest rooms wherever we go. If you have a headache take a panadol and be done with it.

So why don’t you do the same.  Don’t let it stop you from doing things you enjoy. You may feel a bit sorry for yourself but that’s ok. Improve your quality of life. But do check with your Doctor first.

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