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7. Olive Abroholos Elephanta

Name: Olive Abroholos Elephanta
Nick-names: -     The Levitating Girl (stage name)
- Little magpie (Bronwyn)
Age: 7         Loop years: 75 ½ 
Loop: Miss Peregrine's on the island of Cairnholm
Peculiarity: Levitation

Best quotes from Book:

Best quote from Film:



Early Life

Unlike the other children in Miss Peregrine's home, Olive's peculiarity was with her the second she was born. According to her, she floated right up to the hospital ceiling and would have floated out the window if it had not been for the umbilical cord keeping her attached to her mother.


Even though she isn’t old enough to have a job yet, she dreams about flying a spaceship. Miss Peregrine asked her why she would want to do that since she’s already been so high in the sky. She just responded ‘no one would ever let me go that high with just my rope on my waist’.


Olive is described to be wearing an old white dress with three ruffles hanging over her small body. She is wearing white tights, wrinkling around the knees, and shiny black Mary Janes. Her long wavy hair is squeezed to the top of her head by a crown, too low on her forehead. She looks grumpy, although in the books she is mostly happy, optimistic and cheerful, like all of the peculiar children, Olive looks much younger than her actual age, and appears to be around seven years old.


Bronwyn: Bronwyn feels especially responsible for the safety of Olive and Claire, as they are the youngest. Due to this sense of responsibility, Bronwyn usually objects to anything dangerous Olive suggests. Bronwyn often uses "Little Magpie" as a pet name for Olive. During their journey in the row boats in Hollow City, Bronwyn throws her own safety aside out of concern for Olive who could of floating away through the clouds.
Claire: Olive and Claire are close friends, both being around the same age they really don't have anyone else to "play " with and they both enjoy getting up to mischiefs together, especially with Enoch.
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