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1. Miss Peregrine

Name: Alma LeFay Peregrine
Nick-names: - Miss P
                      - The Bird
                     - Miss Peregrine
Age: Late 30s - Early 40s        Loop years: (Unknown)
Loop: Miss Peregrine's on the island of Cairnholm
Peculiarity: Miss Peregrine is a particular type of Syndrigast known as an Ymbryne. As such she is able to:
 -  Transform into a peregrine
-  Manipulate time to create time loops and thus being responsible for resetting them for the protection and seclusion of their homestead from ageing and dangers.

Best quotes from Book:
Best quote from Film:
- Promise me one thing, Jake. That you will look after them all.
- Miss P: Okay children! Emergency plan #42, in case I'm shot, what do you do
  Children: aVENGE YOU!
  Miss P: ............ *is internally pound*


- Is EXTREMELY protective or her charges.

Early Life

Alma is one of three siblings, her brothers being Jack (or Caul) and Bentham, all three of them being were Syndrigast (Jack was able to transform into a Peregrine falcon but Myron's peculiarity is unknown). When Alma was young Jack would abuse her out of jealousy; he would continuously pinch her until she cried and when Alma was in bird form he would pluck her feathers.
At the age of three Alma had been discovered to be a promising Ymbryne and was sent to live in a loop created and sustained by the famous Ymbryne Miss Avocet. Alma was the youngest student that Miss Avocet had ever taught. She lived in the loop with her brothers, who came to the academy with Alma in order to avoid separation, despite the fact that as males and were not Ymbrynes-in-training.
As appears to be customary, upon finishing her education as an Ymbryne, Alma changed her surname to match her bird form, becoming Alma LeFay ‘Peregrine’. For a time she and some of her charges travelled Europe as a travelling circus act, more specifically a freak show; allowing them to hide their peculiarities in plain sight. At some point during the 1930s, she established a home for peculiar children on the small Welsh Island of Cairnholm, taking in peculiar children from as far afield as eastern European countries such as Poland. For a time the isolation of the island provided her and her charges with a safe haven from the Hollowgasts and Wights. On September 3rd 1940 she established her first loop in order to protect her charges from a bomb.


Novel: Miss Peregrine is described as a relatively short, yet distinguished woman with green eyes and dark hair that is always pinned atop her head in tidy bun. Her age, physical or actual, is never stated however it is mentioned that she grew up in Miss Avocet and Miss Bunting's loop on July 15th 1867, suggesting that she is in her mid-thirties to early forties at the oldest. She always wears black formal Victorian full-mourning clothes in remembrance of Victor Bruntley, including high collared blouses that are buttoned tightly at the throat. Miss Peregrine also walks with a limp that appears to make stairs and uneven terrain more challenging for her to navigate. The exact cause of her limp is unknown but may be from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her brother.
Film: In the film, Miss Peregrine is shown as a young woman with pale skin and black hair streaked with dark blue (a nod of her bird form – A Peregrine). She has long fingernails reminiscent of talons and her eye makeup is similarly reflective of her avian nature. She also displays far more bird-like mannerisms than her book counterpart - she often grasps objects, and food, in much the same way as she would in bird form (Miss Avocet acts in similar ways, once again suggesting that this is also an aspect of being an Ymbryne). She wears a whimsical dark blue 1940s suit, with a fluted skirt and a jacket with a large feather embroidered on the shoulder of each sleeve and, on occasion, wears a black leather overcoat and a tobacco pipe with the same silhouette. She is never seen without her French Railway watch, which she uses to ensure that her charges are always on time, right down to the second.


Abraham Portman: When Abraham was a boy, he was sent to the UK from Poland by his parents in the hope that he would be safe there. Once he was in the UK he was found by Miss Peregrine and brought to Cairnholm. During his time on Cairnholm Abe became an integral part of the group of Peculiars living there. However, despite his respect for Miss Peregrine he began to resent the way in which she protects him and her other wards. Eventually Abe chose to leave Cairnholm, finding Miss Peregrine's protection suffocating, however, this did not sour any of his relationships with those on the island. He and Miss Peregrine were still communicating with each other via letter.
Emma Bloom: Emma is one of Miss Peregrine's charges. According to Emma, Miss Peregrine rescued her from a circus when two other Peculiars were attempting to kidnap her in order to sell her. Emma and Miss Peregrine are very close with Emma seeming to act as Miss Peregrine's right hand during their time on Cairnholm. They are also very protective of each other; Emma regularly putting Miss Peregrine's welfare first. They also appear to consider each other family, often acting like mother and daughter. Emma chooses to celebrate her birthday on the anniversary of the day that Miss Peregrine rescued her.
Jacob Portman: When Jacob first arrives on Cairnholm Miss Peregrine immediately considers him to be one of her charges and therefore under her protection, whether he likes it or not. As time goes on Jacob's opinion of Miss Peregrine begins to fall more in line with that of the other peculiar children she has taken in and protected, he soon considers himself to be one of her charges, despite his initial misgivings. By the time that he and Emma find Miss Peregrine and the other Ymbrynes in Devil's Acre he considers her to be a second mother, a feeling that is reciprocated.
Caul & Bentham: Caul (or Jack) and Bentham are Miss Peregrines brothers. As a child, Jack would regularly abused his sister; pinching her to make her cry when she was an infant and when they were a little older catching her and plucking out some of her feathers when she was in bird form. Miss Peregrine is said to have distanced herself from Jack at a young age, already aware of the path he was heading down. Their relationship is strained at best, dangerously antagonistic at worst. Bentham and his sister are not on very good terms with each other; he blames her for his exile in Devil's Acre and she blames him for his part in the Claywing movement, the creation of the Hollowgasts and his theft of Abe's second soul (all of which he is guilty of). Though Bentham does not resent his sister in the way that Caul does he is more than willing to betray her to serve his own purposes. However, despite Myron's regularly changing allegiances when it matters he does choose to side with his sister over his brother, an act that saves peculiardom but ultimately appears to have led to his own demise. He has shown to care for himself more than his sister.
Miss Avocet: Miss Peregrine has an enormous amount of respect for Miss Avocet. Miss Avocet was Miss Peregrine's mentor and, presumably given the way Miss Peregrine interacts with her own charges, a maternal figure. There is a great deal of affection between the pair; when Miss Avocet and Miss Bunting's loop is raided Miss Avocet's first port of call is Miss Peregrine's loop to ensure her protégé's safety and Miss Peregrine is often seen caring for Miss Avocet as a child would care for their elderly parent.
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