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2. Jacob Portman

Name: Jacob Portman
 Nick-names: - Yakob (grandfather)
                        - Jake (father)
 Age:  16         Loop years:  -
 Loop: Miss Peregrine's on the island of Cairnholm
 Peculiarity: - Hollow manipulation: like his grandfather, Jacob has the ability to see hollows unlike other peculiar children who could only see their shadows. This explains why Ricky Pickering (his closest friend) wasn't able to see the hollow the night his grandfather was killed.
                   - Librarian (in Abaton loop): Jacob also has the ability to see and hold the soul jars because his peculiar ability is originally to be a librarian in the library of souls.

Best quotes from Book:
- Jacob: (to Emma) Sorry I'm late. It took ages for everyone to get to bed! Then on the way out I stumbled over Hugh and Fiona snogging each other’s faces off in the garden. But don't worry, they promised not to tell if I didn't.

Best quote from Film:
- Jacob: So you invisible
Millard: Yeah
Jacob: and . . . . . .  You’re naked
Millard: Yeah

- Franklin Portman: Oh, wow! Jake! Check it out. That’s a peregrine falcon.
Jake: Peregrine, like the Headmistress?
Franklin Portman: Sure. Hey, that’s probably where grandpa came with the tale of turning into a bird thing.
Jake: Maybe. Maybe that’s really her.
Jake: Hey, Ms. Peregrine, Its me Jake I am Abe Portman’s grandson. Please don’t crap on us.
*Dad looks worried*
Jake: Oh. God, Dad I’m kidding.

-Jacob: *messes around with Fiona’s garden*
Fiona: Jacob, please stop messing with my plants
Jacob: oh . . . . . . . please don’t GROW impatient with me.
Hugh: Jacob, stop it

Jacob: oh, come on Hugh. Don’t BEE a Buzz-kill
Millard: Stop it

Jacob: I’m sorry Millard. I don’t think I can SEE what you mean.
Enoch: This is Torture. Your puns are terrible.
Jacob: I guess you could say that I’m PUNishing you.
Millard: I’m telling the Bird!
Jacob: No, Wait . . . . . . . . . .


- Smart ass (Ha instead of "smart aid" loL)

- Has apparently two sides: Old Jacob and New Jacob

Early Life

When Jacob was young he would spend a lot of time with his grandfather, Abraham Portman. Abe would tell Yacob (His nickname) about his childhood, this included Miss Peregrine, the children and the home. Jacob then grows up believing these tales were false and a figure of his grandfather's imagination. Jacob then one day receives a distress call from his grandfather and rushes to find him but only to find him slain at the hands of a mysterious beast. In his grandfather's dying words told him a riddle. The riddle was about passing the old man's grave and going into the time loop and Jacob just believes this is more of his grandfather's ramblings. Jacob then catches a glance of the creature that murdered his grandfather only to find that others could not see it. Dr. Golan, Jacob's psychiatrist, suggests that he takes a visit to Wales. Jacob is accompanied by his father to Wales where he finds an old suitcase filled with more pictures of the peculiar children. During one of his adventures Jacob visits his grandfather's old orphanage where he encounters the Peculiar Children and Miss Peregrine.


Still isn’t too sure what he wants to do. He has declined taking over the family Business “Smart Aid” and was think about making a rival store but couldn’t think of a good name. Right know he just sits around with Millard and ‘helps’ him with his books. Millard has over 100 newspapers, all circled with job offers and he puts them all over Jacob’s room hoping that he’ll leave him alone.


Jacob Portman is and 16 year old boy and the narrator of the books and there isn’t actually any proper photos of him, only a silhouette. His grandpa really encouraged him as a young boy to use his imagination, helping him plot "imaginary expeditions with trails of red pushpins and telling him about the fantastic places he would discover one day". But sadly, Jacob stops believing in his grandfather's stories and starts getting increasingly discouraged and cynical, more so than most teen boys, even. Together, Jacob and his dad write off Grandpa Abe's rants about monsters and magical realms as a sign of old age. Despite outgrowing his gramps, and even though Jacob has it pretty good—his mother's side of the family owns a drugstore empire—he is lost in life. He acts like an entitled rich kid, trying to get fired from his job, and saying, "No matter how many displays I knocked over or customers I short-changed, one day I was going to inherit a sizable chunk of the company, and they were not".
All this changes, though, when Jacob's grandfather dies in his arms. While this is the kind of thing that would change anyone, the way in which Grandpa is killed—by a monster that only Jacob can see—changes things more than Jacob ever could have imagined. Jacob suffers from nightmares after his grandfather dies, and his psychiatrist, Dr. Golan suggests deciphering Grandpa's last words as a way to help Jacob cope. That youthful yearning for adventure crops back up inside Jacob, and he's kind of excited and rejuvenated when he finds out that his "grandfather's last words began to make a strange kind of sense" . It's the beginning of an adventure. And what an adventure it is. Jacob ends up discovering that what his grandfather said was true: Peculiar children with superpowers live in a time loop on an island off the coast of Wales. Plus, Jacob is peculiar, too, in the best possible way, as he can see monsters like his grandfather did.


Abraham Portman: Abe is Jacob's grandfather. Emigrating from Poland to Wales and then, finally, to America. Due to his knowledge of peculiars, he is initially discredited as being senile. It was he who told Jacob stories of the children's home, and was very insistent that Jacob believe him, as he was aware of Jacob's peculiarity, he himself sharing the talent.
Emma Bloom: At first glance, Emma mistook Jacob for Abraham, and grew increasingly angry at the prospect of Abe having grandchildren, since he had once promised such things to her. After Miss Peregrine confirmed his human and genealogical status, she warmed to him, initially regarding him as the bearer of bad news. She befriends him easily, flirting all the while. The two demonstrate easy cooperation when called for and enter into a relationship during Hollow City, and finally have a confirmed lovely ending at the end of Library of Souls.
Maryann and Franklin Portman: Maryann Portman is Jacob's rich, socialite mother and Franklin is Abraham's son. Maryann enjoys showing off her wealth when family and friends come over, she and her son have a rocky relationship unlike Franklin but even his relationship with Jacob is understanding one another to some degree.
Ricky Pickering: He is Jacob's best and only friend before the peculiar children came along. He is a screw up and a rebel but Jacob is friends with him because he needs him as a bodyguard, but Ricky uses Jacob as a person to help him pass. He was with Jacob when he found Abraham Portman dead in the woods.

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