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4. Hugh Apiston

Name: Hugh Apiston
Nick-names: - Bee boy (Claire)
Age: 16              Loop years: 97 
Loop: Miss Peregrine's on the island of Cairnholm
Peculiarity: - Ability to control bees: Bees have been living inside Hugh's stomach that he protects and directs. Often, a few bees will fly out of his mouth each time he opens it. The bees only sting on command or when Hugh is upset. He can instruct any number of bees at a time, even using hundreds of them to attack. While Hugh's peculiarity to control his bees is a useful weapon, the bees themselves are not peculiar. As all honeybees do, his die after stinging.

Best quotes from Book:
 Best quote from Film:


-More bees
-Just bees
-Girlfriend really fell for him
-Literally Fell
-Off a cliff
-loL (Soz)

Early Life

Hugh, from a young age, had loved honey more than any other food, and at five he'd started eating honeycomb along with it—so ravenously that the first time he accidentally swallowed a bee, he didn't notice until he felt it buzzing around in his stomach. "The bee didn't seem to mind a bit," Hugh said, "so I shrugged and went on eating. Pretty soon I had a whole hive down there." When the bees needed to pollinate, he'd gone to find a field of blooming flowers, and that's where he met Fiona, who was sleeping among them.


Hugh plans on opening up a honey farm for all the bees. He plans to not use any chemicals or smokers on the bees and will make sure most of the honey is made from Fiona’s gardens. He will name the company “Fugh” (Hugh and Fiona’s ship name) because without her he would apparently never would have got to where he is today. He visits Fiona’s botanical garden every day to pollinate (The bees that is anyway)


Hugh is drawn wearing a bee keeper's net while eating to stop bees escaping into the open. He wears a hat and a pair of goggles. He has black hair that is slicked back and commonly wears a white shirt and suspenders.


Fiona: Hugh and Fiona are what one would call 'soul mates'. Not only do they get along, but their peculiarities are quite similar. Hugh's bees pollinate Fiona's flowers. Hugh is heart broken when he hears the horrible truth that Fiona fell off of a cliff. Everyone tells him that she is dead but he still has hope.
Claire: Claire and Hugh have a Brother and sister type of relationship, teasing each other and are both driven by adventure. 
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