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5. Fiona Frauenfeld

Name: Fiona Frauenfeld
Nick-names: - Fi (Hugh)
                     - Jill of the Jungle (stage name)
Age: 15          Loop years: 96
Loop: Miss Peregrine's on the island of Cairnholm
Peculiarity: - Plant manipulation and growth Agrokinesis

Best quotes from Book:
Best quote from Film:



Early Life

Hugh told her story, too. Fiona was a refugee from Ireland, he said, where she'd been growing food for the people in her village during the famine of the 1840s—until she was accused of being a witch and chased out. This is something Hugh had gleaned only after years of subtle, nonverbal communication with Fiona, who didn't speak not because she couldn't, Hugh said, but "because the things she'd witnessed in the famine were so horrific they stole her voice away.


Owns her own botanical garden that people from miles around come to see. Emma came once and almost burned down the whole thing. Emma is no longer invited.


Fiona is described as looking to be in her late teens, with a wild looking appearance and messy black / brown hair that is practically dreadlocks. In the movie, she looks drastically different. She is much younger and has dirty blonde hair tied in braids as opposed to her beggar look in the book.


Hugh: Hugh is Fiona's love interest. They seem to have been in a dedicated relationship for some time, and Hugh coincidentally has a peculiarity connected to Fiona's. Hugh sometimes translates for Fiona because as Hugh explains she prefers not to speak.
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