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3. Emma Bloom

Name: Emma Bloom
 Nick-names: - (None)
 Age: 15             Loop years:  88
 Loop: Miss Peregrine's on the island of Cairnholm
 Peculiarity: - Pyrokinesis

Best quotes from Book:
- Promise me you won’t die

Best quote from Film:
- Would you help me with something? Enoch usually does it but, like I said, he is sulking somewhere.

- Emma: I have an idea!
               Bronwyn: We’re not going to murder anyone
              Emma: I don’t have any ideas
- Emma: Don’t worry, I have everything under control
Millard: Is that why everything is one fire.


- Puts on a 'Tough Girl act'

- loves Jacob but doesn't want to get hurt again

Early Life

Emma first began to manifest her pyrokinetic ability at the age of ten, when she would set her bed on fire while sleeping. Because this would happen so frequently, her parents reduced Emma's bed to a metal cot which they stressed over not having anything flammable. Emma's parents continued to call her a pyromaniac and a liar, reasoning their claims with the fact that Emma was never burned from the fires she caused. A day came along where her hands began to itch, then to swell, and then to grow so hot that she plunged them into a case of ice holding fish at the market. All the ice melted, and the grocer wanted money for the ruined fish. Then, Emma's hands caught fire completely. Emma's parents found out, and her mother ran out of the house, never to return, thinking Emma was a demon from hell. But Emma's father beat her and locked her away. When she tried to escape, he tied her down with asbestos sheets, not even untying her so she could feed herself.
Finally, her younger sister Julia freed her late at night and she ran away. Emma went to the circus where she worked as a fire-eater. Eventually as revealed in Library of Souls, a woman found Emma at the circus and gave her a job opportunity, which is later revealed to be working as a drugged peculiar for sale. Emma refused again and again, and eventually was drugged, gagged, and chained in the back of a truck. That is where Miss Peregrine found her.


Creates A LOT of fires. Still Miss peregrines second in command.


When we first meet her, she's an angry violent girl, like some type of young teen going through some sort of narcotic withdrawals. She drags Jacob into an alleyway, presses a knife to his throat and says, "I'll water the grass with your blood!”.  We learn this is mostly a tough façade she puts on, though, as a way to protect herself. Miss Peregrine says Emma "has a certain flair for the dramatic”. Which begs the question: What's she protecting herself from?
Well, Jacob reminds Emma a lot of her first love, Jacob's grandfather. Yes, you read that right. No, Grandpa wasn't a creeper, but Emma is actually in her eighties. That's another of her looks-can-be-deceiving traits. In Miss Peregrine's time loop, Emma doesn't age, so she looks forever twenty-one. Emma falls for Jacob, but we're not sure if she's in love with him because of who is he, or because of who he reminds her of. Guess we'll have to read the sequel to find out.


Abraham Portman: Before Jacob's grandfather left, Emma and Abraham "Abe" Portman were considered the "Sweethearts" at the loop, before Abe left he promised to come back often, which he did, and write but when He had got married and had a family there relationship grew apart.

Jacob Portman: At the beginning, Emma felt untrusting and uneasy about Jacob's background and accused him of being a Wight multiple times, but as the series goes on, she begins to warm up to him, and falls in love with Jacob.
Miss Peregrine: Emma is quite protective over Miss Peregrine and is her right hand girl and they have a "Mother and Daughter" type of relationship with each other.

(Please comment if I have forgotten any information about this character or any quotes that you would like me to add)

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