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8. Claire Densmore

Name: Claire Densmore
Nick-names:  - Claire bear (Hugh)
- Sass mouth (also Hugh)
- Back mouth (Hugh yet again)
 Age: 5            Loop years: 73
 Loop: Miss Peregrine's on the island of Cairnholm
 Peculiarity - Back Mouth: meaning she has a mouth on the back of her head. It is described as being "sharp-toothed", and is masked by her thick golden curls. It is unknown whether or not the additional mouth is able to speak, but it has the ability to eat.

Best quotes from Book:
 - Hugh: ‘Claire don’t eat with the rest of us’ Hugh volunteered, bees escaping from his mouth’
   Hugh: ‘she’s embarrassed’
   Claire: ‘I am not’ she said glaring at him
   Hugh: ‘Yeah? Then eat something’
 Best quote from Film:


- Sass queen

-Loves PPDs

-National PPD day is on the 13th of Febuary

Early Life

We don’t actually know anything about Claire’s life before the home, I would imagine though that there was a lot of accidentally bites here and there with that back mouth. When she first arrived at the house she was there for Bronwyn when her brother, Victor, passed and they have been close ever since.


She claims that she doesn’t need a job and that she will just live with Miss Peregrine all her life. Though that maybe true, Claire’s back mouth has a special talent; it has the best sense of taste in the world. Miss Peregrine has been testing it by putting different spices in her dishes and asking Claire what she can taste. So far she has gotten nothing wrong. Miss Peregrine thinks she should be a food critic for fancy restaurants, that way she can use her special skill and show off her beautiful dresses.


Claire is described as doll-like, with a dainty baby face and fair skin. She has immaculate golden curls that hide the mouth on the back of her head. Like a doll, she is also very small, and is the youngest of Miss Peregrine's wards. She LOVES to wear a pink poofy dress (or PPD- National PPD day is on that 13th of February)


Miss Peregrine: Claire looks up to Miss Peregrine as a parental figure, showing great distraut when she could not get out of her Peregrine form. She also mentions that Miss Peregrine reads her the Tales of the Peculiar.
Bronwyn: Bronwyn is like a sister to Claire, taking care of both her and Olive. Claire was also there for her when Victor died.
Olive: Olive and Claire are close friends, both being around the same age they really don't have anyone else to "play " with and they both enjoy getting up to mischiefs together, especially with Enoch.
 (Please comment if I have forgotten any information about this character or any quotes that you would like me to add)

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