A land called Aldoria a land with vampires and humans live in piece ruled by a vampier queen for the vampires and a human king for the humans see the thing is the human king was a nerdy king but he knew how to rule his humans and the vampier queen had her eyes on the human king of course whatever the queen wants she gets


1. greetings

Queen Victoria pov

Victoria Elizabeth go and run now before you get killed.father said

No father we want to stay with you.elizabeth cried

Listen after this is over with I will come get you.he smiled he didn't promise he promise everything he did but I knew he was lying and by the look on his face he knew I did to

Now go I love you.he smiled and kissed our heads

We love you to.we cried and got up and ran with our dresses as fast as we could we heard a growl and saw father fighting with a lycan who then roar father to shreads

Father.elizabeth screamed

Come on Elizabeth we have to go. I yelled and off we went


awoke to a cold sweat with my fangs out my eyes blood shot red I looked at the clock and sighed I got up picked out my clothes and headed towards the shower I stripped and turned the warm water on and got in I started washing my body and my hair

I got out and dried my hair and curled it I put on my undergarments and went to out on my clothes I put on black jeggings and a grey shirt with black combat boots and black jacket and left the chamber

Good morning Elizabeth. I smiled

Good morning Victoria.she smiled back then she sniffed the air

You had a nightmare didn't you.she asked suspiciously

I have I clue on what your talking about. I smiled signing papers

Victoria there has to be a reason why you keep having that nightmare.she shrugged

And what the reason.I asked

Either something happen that you don't want to tell me or your hiding from something.she narrowed her eyes at me

I'm not having this conversation anymore Elizabeth. I yelled

Fine then hid your brick wall fathers memorial is in a week I hope you got your priorities straight by then.she snapped walking away I sighed and walked to my office and started working trying to get my mind off the nightmare and the argument me and Elizabeth just had then came a knock on my door

Ma'am the king would like breakfast with you this morning.the guard said and seen my sister walk up behind him"morning queen Elizabeth" she smiled at him but glared at me

Alright fine get my breakfast ready and I'll be on my way and you are going with me as my guard so go. I said

Yes your highness.he bowed and left as I finished my papers people say that I'm just like my dad hard working and always working family came before anything and to protect the family at any cost

Your highness the food is ready.the cook said I nodded and put my Papers away and left

Elizabeth can you do me a favor and finish those papers for me. I asked

Going to have breakfast with your king or husband.she smirked


Aww don't get your panties in a twist.she chuckled

Don't make me get aurora.i laughed

*hiss* she's mine.she growled

Now who's got their panties in a twist. I chuckled evilly and left the office walking to the black car with my black glasses on

Excuse your highness if you don't mind me asking why didn't we just run to the castle.he asked

I'm to tired. I mumbled

Or you just wanted to impress the king.he mumbled

*hiss* shutup Gabriel.I spat and we arrived at the castle I got out the car and walked in giving a quick nod to the guards I went to the dining room seeing the king with a woman he looked uncomfortable but comfortable at the same time and very uninterested

Good morning king. I faked smile

Good morning queen.he smiled I could hear some of the guards muffling a laugh or whispering that he's in trouble

Who is our guest. I asked trying not to sound mad or rip or fucking head off

This is Sofia she's a friend.he smiled

Of that's nice will she be accompanying us at breakfast today. I asked

Uhm no unfortunately she has to go.he said and they said there goodbyes and she left not to self kill bitch

It's lovely morning isn't it.he smiled then eating his pancakes

You could say that.I snorted drinking the blood

Are you okay queen-

Call me Victoria queen makes me sound old. I smiled

Okay..are you okay Victoria.he asked

Just jiffy.i faked smiled

Your lying to me as queen and king and bestfriends we promise we would tell each the truth.he frowned I hated when he frowned it pulled at my undead heart

I don't like her she seems like a good digger. I shrugged

Or your maybe just jealous that she might take your spot as my bestfriend.he chuckled Jesus his chuckle

No I know she could never take my spot. I snorted

Mhm.he smiled drinking his orange juice.

Get off the topic Eric. I said

Have you been drinking blood.he asked

Yes. I answered

From a body.he asked

Eric you know what happened the last time I fed from a human I killed them I don't want to do that plus I don't want you to be around when I feed. I said leaning back in my chair

You can feed from one of my prisoners I won't watch you will be alone no guards nothing just your guards.he said I narrowed my eyes and sat my blood on the table

Why do you want me to feed so badly. I asked he didn't answer he just looked down playing with his fingers

Your afraid I get hungry or we will get hungry and kill you your afraid of me. I chuckled

No I-


Just go find me a prisoner.I mumbled I'm letting my temper get to me just because I seen him with some girl and that I know deep down he's afraid of me

Go get a prisoner.he said and the guard nodded and left

I'm sorry Eric I just let my temper get to me that's all. I said getting up and walking to him I sat on the table in front of him

Your my bestfriend Victoria I admit I am a little afraid of you and my kingdom but we will learn to get over it.he smiled I smiled and hugged him then I smelt his blood and my fangs started coming out and my eyes became red I was about to bite him until I caught myself and pushed him away breathing heavenly.

We have the prisoner for you.the guard said I nodded and looked at Eric

Sorry about that I'll make it up to you I promise. I said and walked away I walked to the dark room and opened the door he had on a blind fold

We're are you you son of a bitch get this from over my head I went behind him and took it off running back to the dark he looked around trying to find me

I know your in here I can feel your presence come out you ugly fuck.he yelled I walked from behind him and walked around to the front of him

Hello. I smiled evilly

Who the hell are you.he asked

Your worst nightmare.I chuckled darkly

Fuck you rot in hell you who're.he spat at me and almost got me if I hadn't move

Tsk tsk not a nice thing to say to someone.I laughed this is what I do with all my food I have fun before I eat them I walked to the back of him and tilted his head to the side and seen the blue vain popping out because of how angry he was

This may hurt just a little bit. I smirked and bit into his neck and he started screaming it's a sick thing to say but I love to hear the screams of my victims as their dying it has this adrenaline that goes through me that I like.

Now if it was Eric I would be soft with him delicate as soft as a feather I would do it when we're making love for the first time of course just thinking about makes me want him as the screams getting lower it make me crave more. I sucked him dry and let his body go slump looking up at the ceiling with my eyes close and mouth open dripping blood I want Eric and I want him now

Alright I'm done.I said trying to sound innocent

No queen your not in your right mind.gabriel said

Gabriel I want and need Eric now.I growled

No queen you love him to much to hurt him.he whispered

I don't care open this god damn door or I will break it down my damn self. I threaten

You can't it's made out of steel it burns you if you touch it.he said

Ugh fuck Gabriel open this damn door now.I spat

Get in your right mind first then you can come out.he said I dropped to my knees and screamed as my fangs went in and my eyes turned back their regular color

Gabriel what a happened where am I.I asked he opened the door and smiled

Welcome back queen how was your meal.he smiled

What meal. I asked he nodded behind me I looked behind me and put my hand over my mouth and gasped

I did that. I asked

No queen Victoria did that Victoria didn't do that.he sighed and helped me to feet I stepped out and went to the living room to see king Eric

Your tired you need to rest.he whispered

But I'm not tired though. I lied

Victoria.he warned

Alright fine. I sigh and fell into a deep slumber

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