Meant To Be

Alianna and Michael secretly in love
Will they become more then friends??


1. Caught

~Alianna POV~

It was 8:00 when my alarm went off. I decided to get up sense I was going shopping for clothes today. *Ding*

“Ugh what now." It was my friend Michael

~Heyyy Ali time to get up shopping day!!😂~

*Im up 😴....getting dressed now*

~K Ali on my way to pick you up~

* Okay*

I honestly liked Michael he is the bestie I've never had. As much I would love to tell him I'm afraid he won't feel the same towards me. *Ding Dong*

~Michael POV~

I rung Alianna door bell as I waited for her I thought about her. Oh Lordy she so beautiful I just wish she was mine, I just can't think of all the wonderful things I would do to her just oh my God.

Hey Mikey" she said interrupting my thoughts

“Hey Ali, ready to go?" I asked trying to act like I wasn't just thinking about her.

“Yep!" She said popping the P

Look at the outfit, she was wearing a white crop top with a lace across the top with her black lace shorts and some black sandals. The thing about Alianna she didn't care if she was showing her stomach or legs and hell I didn't either. As we walked around the mall I kept looking at her. I think she saw me.

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