A form of retell of Cinderella.


6. 06.

The two of them sat in the royal carriage, staring at each other, breathing each other in, for once over the last two days of having met. Betty, Shelby and Margaret decided to ride in their own carriage that followed closely behind the royal one; Connor sat up by the footman of the royal carriage.

They sat opposite one another, knees brushing at every bump in the road, causing Lily to blush. They did not share a single word for the whole ride there as Lily sat hidden behind her mask, allowing her to be comfortable, even if only slightly.

"Lily," The prince smiled at her as they sat in the carriage, which had started slowing down. "We are here." The pair of them stood as the carriage stopped and the door opened by somebody on the outside. Lily left the carriage first, the prince shortly after her. As they walked through the castle walls, they drew attention with how they approached the ballroom; lily in complete black and the prince standing so close to her as he walked with her.

Once they reached the middle of the ballroom, he extended his hand out to her. May as well look the part. Lily was hesitant at first, but slowly placed her hand in his and blushed as the two danced to the music, other dance couples following shortly in suit of the two of them. The couple in complete black, but her hair. The two danced the night away, not once stopping for rest, unlike the other couples who alternated who danced and rested each dance.

"I feel as though we could stay like this forever." The prince decided to break the comfortable silence that had settled in the air around them, trying not to gag on his own words.

Play the part, he snapped to himself in his head as he smiled down at Lily, who had looked back up and smiled, clueless as to what had been going through the princes' head.

"Mother," The prince pulled Lily by her hand and over to his mother, who stood greeting another woman and her daughter from the kingdom. But he could care less. He wanted it to be over with, as quickly as he could get it done.

"Son, I see you have company." Lily bowed slightly, in respect for the queen.

"This is Lily, the girl I was telling you about." The queen looked confused.

"I do not remember you mentioning a Lily... oh! She is the one you were mentioning?" She looked over her, biting her tongue from allowing a tut to break free to their ears. She may have been the queen, but she could not afford being rude to the kingdomers, no matter how common and low of class they are.

"Is it still ok?" He had asked his mother, referring to the conversation they had once he returned from his walk in the forest.

"Yes son, it is all set up and I have checked the books. No laws are being broken." Lily stood silently, confused as to what they were referring to, but had not wanted to create a scene with the royal family in front of the whole kingdom. The prince pulled her up the stairs, and to the lunch room, that held one man, whilst they were followed by the queen. The man stood in black, holding a book that held 2 rings placed on the pages.

"Lily, I know we have not known each other long, but will you marry me?" Lily held a hand over her mouth, covering the cry of surprise that yawned to be free.

"That is an awfully big step, Wibert..." The queens heels clicked against the marble floor, catching her attention.

"My son had asked you nicely. But since you are not responding, marry him or I shall have you beheaded tomorrow morning for theft." A tear leaked from Lily's eye as she realised she had been made to choose, that she was being blackmailed.

"I'll marry you." Lily could not bring herself to it to ruin the reputation her father had built for himself because she had been made to steal for Clarice. She did not have it in her to do so.

"We are gathered here today..." The priest started the text from the book as soon as she had been dragged into the position of standing in front of the man of the church, and the man who was forcing her into marriage. With each word that had been said of the text, a tear made an appearance on her face.

This is what I get for doing as I am told, for complying to keep a roof over my head. What I get for following the instructions Clarice had given me. Take from the royal carriage that was passing through the forest that day. Lily wanted to scream and retaliate, but knew she could not, not without a weapon, and her knife was sat in the pouch in the mansion. Her feet were also too tired from all the dancing she had endured throughout the evening, and she held no doubt that guards were littered with an image of her attire in mind in case she had tried to escape.

"Do you, Lily Williams, take Wilbert Dunglbeigh to be your lawfully wedded husband? To cherish and to hold, through sickness and health, until death do you apart?" The priest looked at her as the prince held her finger, ready to slip the ring on her finger, branding her as his. Is this what I want? It was her last chance of backing out of the sham, to get away from such awful people. But she knew she had no better choice. At least, once she dies, there is less chance of her fathers reputation being ruined because of her. Everybody who knew of him would be dead a long time before she will be.

"I do." She whispered, her chest hurting as she passed the words out of her mouth. She could not believe the trouble she had become in because of Clarice. That damned woman!

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest declared as he placed the paper in front of the two of them. Her signature was the only one missing from it.

"Sign it, or..." The queen drew her index finger against her neck. Lily sobbed as she placed her signature on the document that made the marriage real.

"See? Now that was not so hard, was it?" The prince laughed as his mother had.

"Thank the heavens! I can rid of this crown! Oh your father shall be pleased once he returns." She boasted as her son gripped Lily's arms tightly.

"I now get the crown. As for you..." He dragged her out of the lunch room and to the dungeons closest to his room. "You get to stay here, until I need you for father, my crowning, and for the kids." He slung Lily into the cage, making her land on her hands and knees on the ground, tears streaming down her face and sobs chocking their way out of her throat as he locked the iron gate.

"Goodbye, dear wife."

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