A form of retell of Cinderella.


5. 05.

Whilst Lily was admiring herself in her dress, the two men, as discussed in the forest before returning to the castle, they knocked on the door. Clarice answered the door, knowing who it had been after seeing the carriage through the window they arrived in.

"Your highness. We were just about to leave for your ball. What may I help you with on this fine evening?" Clarice looked the two over, a little confusion filled her blood stream, but had not allowed it to be evident.

"We, Mrs Williams?" The prince looked inside through the door, but could not see an ounce of blonde.

"Why, yes. Me and my three daughters." Clarice watched the prince, before an idea struck her. "Would you like to meet them?" She pushed the door open and moved back, allowing both bodies to enter the mansion, yet Connor remained outside, feeling the mansion was not something he needed to enter.

The prince allowed his gaze to inspect every part of the mansion they could before they landed on three young girls, who were definitely not his blonde runaway thief. "This is Margaret, Shelby and Betty." They all curtsied for the prince whose face homed a frown and stood confused. The two of them had searched the area for anymore households that side of the forest, and there had only been that one.

"Is there anyone else in this home, maybe?" The prince watched the three girls gaze at each other, bewildered as to why he would ask such questions.

"No, your highness." Clarice quickly made her way to in front of the princes' face.

"Are you sure? Because those materials look familiar to me." He walked around Clarice and to the three daughters of hers. "Now it has came back to me where I have seen them from. They were the ones my mother had packed away in her trunk. The one she had stolen yesterday." Clarice saw this as an opportunity to get rid of Lily; the girl she believed was ungrateful. Little had she realised, by missing the stress the prince had placed on the pronoun "she", that he was no longer talking of his mother, but the thief. He knew she had been in the mansion he stood in with them, he just did not know where.

"They are stolen?" Clarice gasped, as if appalled. "Girls. Go and remove them at once." She pointed towards the stairs.

"But mother, you told her to use them." Betty, nor Shelby and Margaret had been happy with what their mother was doing to them. They did not wish to remove the dresses Lily had made to their liking.

"Her?" The prince enquired to the youngest of the three. Clarice laughed, silently cursing her youngest for not understanding what she was doing.

"The dressmaker. She's upstairs. She came in saying she had new materials whilst carrying a trunk I had never seen before. I thought nothing of it and asked her to make the dresses my three daughters desired." She waved her hand in front of her three daughters figures. "And, as you can see, they chose the stolen materials."

"Show me the dressmaker." He demanded, although he knew she was anything but just a dressmaker. Clarice lead the prince to the studio with a smirk on her face, where Lily had stood in her own little bubble, admiring the dress still. The prince had allowed himself to spend a minute admiring her doing so, the way the material fell around her body, before walking closer to her, Clarice standing with her arms folded in the doorway, expecting a good show.

"It is very nice to see you without the hunters outfit on." Lily's body stiffened at the sound of his voice. It was a pin to her bubble. "And very nice to meet you without being in a forest." She took a breath before catching a glance of him in the mirror in front of her.

"Wilbert." She turned slowly, biting her lip as she caught the look Clarice wore. "What are you doing here, Prince Wilbert?" She focused on his face, ignoring the fact Clarice was watching closely, and slowly made her way further into the room, and the additional three shadows that appeared on the floor from the doorway.

"I came for you." The air stayed silent for a second before Lily stood forward a step slowly. Their eyes still remained on one another, whilst her palms became sweaty once more.

"If you were to arrest me, you would have done so earlier today in the forest." Lily wiped her hands on the skirt of the dress discretely. The prince laughed lightly.

"Why would I ever arrest you? Mother can replace the materials. Although she will be needing the pearls back." Clarice's' face turned to one of panic.

"Pearls? I do not have any pearls in my possession." She could not remember seeing any perls in the chest.

"Mother had the perls earlier today! I saw her with them as she left the house." Betty called out, catching both of their attention.

"That is right. She had mentioned pearls to me earlier, saying the perls I had supplied her with had allowed her to order a larger coach to take us to the ball..." The prince stared at Clarice, not an ounce of mercy on display.

"You sold my mother's pearls? They were a gift from my grandmother on her sixteenth." He stalked towards Clarice, getting extremely up close and personal with her. She started to cower away from him.

"Wilbert, she is not worth it. And you have not answered as to why you are here." Lily's voice called him away from the woman who stood, thankful for Lily's distraction as she slipped out the door of the room, causing her daughters to complain for being pushed out the way.

"I came here, in search of you." He stood close to her, taking in all her features. "And your blonde hair." He stroked it slowly whilst she leaned her head into his hand. "To ask you personally to the ball." Lily paused, taking him in momentarily before giggling at him and held her arms out, wrists close together.

"Yeah right. More like you want to personally escort me to the prison." She stilled her laughing at him the second he placed his fingers on her face and stroked it with a soft smile on his face.

"Do not ever stop laughing. It is all I have had echoing in my head all day." He mumbled at her, leaning closely to her face. "Will you go to the ball with me?" She pulled back, putting space between the two of them, and looked into his eyes.

"Is it not meant to be held for you to find a bride?"

"And?" The prince found no problem with finding a bride with her on his arm.

"How are you supposed to do so with me on your arm?" He looked at her, and saw she was serious. Without even realising, a laugh spilt out passed his lips, making her blush.

"Lily!" Margaret cried out through the door.

"Lily." The prince whispered, causing Lily to cease breathing at how it sounded from his lips. "Beautiful name. It makes up for the lack of mask, I must say." Lily gasped and smacked his arm with the back of her hand.

"Wilbert! That was not very nice." She cried with a smile on her face whilst he laughed and rubbed his arm playfully.

"Lily, seriously, will you come to the ball with me." Lily simply nodded before trying to walk out of the room but got clamped on by a hand. "Lily, what is your answer."

"Yes. Now let me go retrieve my mask and gloves." As she tugged on her arm to be released, he smiled towards her, before granting her the freedom, but followed her. The three sisters parted for the two to exit and swooned over what they had just witnessed, all possessing newly made bite marks by the green eyed monster as they watched the prince follow Lily.

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