A form of retell of Cinderella.


3. 03.

Lily awoke the next morning to the sound of the bell of the castle a few miles away from her home, just like she had every previous morning before.

Yes, yes. It is the time again to get back to my daily chores. Lily was like everybody else in the kingdom when it came to that bell. She hated it, with a passion.

"Why must you awake me at a time when I was dreaming the most beautiful of dreams?" Lily whispered angrily, knowing she would not be able to image Wilbert any more as Clarice requested they all had their breakfast trays at eight thirty sharp every morning.

Quickly, she dressed into an old dress that she had fixed many times before with different patches of scrap material, a pair of day slippers and went to work, making the breakfast and cleaning the floors.

"Lily!" A voice screamed from up the stairs as Lily had been scrubbing at the stairs clean. She chucked the brush back into the bucket before rushing to the kitchen and picking up the breakfast trays that had been sitting ready for five minutes, and a kettle that had been whistling on top of the fire. All but running up the stairs is what Lily had done as she made her way to Clarice's room first. The room had pitch black, until the door allowed light to pour into the room, reaching to the foot of the bed Clarice had been homing: Lily's fathers bed.

"Good morning, Clarice." Lily lay the tray of food down on her bed side table before placing two others down on the table to allow her to open Clarice's curtains, allowing light to flood in, before picking the trays up and retreating until she reached Margaret's room, then Shelby's, and lastly Betty's. Each lying in bed still, in the pitch black, until Lily allowed the light of the morning to fill their rooms.

"You are the devils spawn, Lily." Margaret had mumbled into her pillow as she tried to block the sunlight from her eyes.

"Good morning to you too, Margaret." Lily smiled weakly before she passed onto the others bedrooms, arms still balancing trays. They had finished their breakfasts in half an hour, and all requested help changing before their music session with their mother.

Lily helped Margaret first, as usual, into a green dress and tied her hair up. She had decided to place no effort into the hairs that morning as she would only redo it that evening for the ball. Next was Shelby with a blue cotton dress, and her hair up also. Then came Betty, with a purple dress and refusing to leave her bedroom without her hair being curled.

Roughly an hour later, they were going about their daily activities, just as Lily had her own. The first on her agenda was her dress. She rushed up to the studio the second she was free of the sisters and pulled out the black material she had saved that she had stolen from another wealthy family in the area. The material was the exact same she had used to make her outfit when stealing from the families that were once her fathers friends. She had called them her own until they showed her a cold heart when she needed help the most.

It was done much quicker than the other three had been, even when they gave her a template to work with whilst shaping the dress, whereas she had not. As she was finished, she decided that she would take a walk through the forest, when she could still hear the singing of Margaret, Shelby and Betty. Lily had never met more competitive girls than those she called her step sisters. She placed her dress with the other three before pulling one of her other black outfits, that she had placed together using her fathers old hunting outfit as a template.

"Never get this dress dirty, do you hear me?" The warning Clarice had gave Lily the day it had been given to her rang in her mind. It was why the outfit she had made existed. Black trousers, a black top and her high riders boots, along with her black mask and pouch. Well, the pouch was more or less after the family hit broke since there was no man to provide for them, which left her to be the one to get the job of being a thief. It was something Clarice would never allow her own daughters to do, and it was no secret that Clarice did not want Lily with them, so the risk of being caught was the best solution for Clarice.

Lily sighed as she placed her pouch on her waist, just in case she ran into anything, or anybody. Though, she highly doubted anybody would be in the forest early in the morning. With that, she ran down the stairs, knowing Clarice or her daughters would not be able to hear her as they were singing as loud as their lungs would allow them.

She walked into the forest with a smile on her face, no longer being able to hear the singing of the Betty, Shelby and Margaret. Clarice was a decent piano player, that was for sure, but her girls did not share her talent of music.

The birds chattered along busily to themselves, ignoring the impostures of their forest.

"Will you stop whining, Connor." Two men walked through the forest in the opposite direction, walking towards where Lily was slowly making her way through.

"Of course, your highness." Connor bowed playfully and teased his friend of his title. The prince rolled his eyes and nudged his friend with his elbow.

"I am being serious, Connor. If anybody should be whining, it is me. I am the one who has to chose a bride tonight and marry them tomorrow else I will be stuck with... Princess Alixia, for the rest of my life." The young prince sighed whilst looking at his friend. "What do you think I should do, Connor?"

"Choose the one that does not stand on your feet and can actually dance. Shows she is of good breeding." Connor chose to gift his troubled friend with the advise his father would give himself. The prince nodded, knowing it made sense; that it was logical.

Lily had made it a little distance into the forest when she saw two figures approaching her direction. She quickly pulled herself behind the nearest tree and placed her mask on, but pulled her knife out as she pulled the mask out of the pouch. A yelp escaped her throats as it landed in the leaves that lazed about on the ground.

"Did you hear that?" Connor placed his hand in front of the prince, who had been in his own little world whilst they made their way through the forest.

"No." He looked at Connor. "What did you hear?" But Connor ignored him and made his way into Lily's direction, to the tree she was hiding behind, still bent down trying to find her knife in the bed of leaves.

"Do you hear that?" Connor enquired as he pulled the prince to the direction of the tree. Connor only received the sound of the princes sword being drawn as an answer. Connor stayed back, not having a weapon of his own, leaving the prince to investigate himself.

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