The Siren

A sort of retell of The Little Mermaid.

(Cover made by Listless on Wattpad)


4. 04.

Talula gasped, realising what was going on. Desdemona was blackmailing her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"No. I will not be responsible for killing any more." She tried pulling her arm out of Desdemona's grip, but she was not strong enough.

"Listen here, and listen good. Do you want Titus and your father, as well as the kingdom to know just what sort of monster you are? If not, then get singing!" Desdemona was getting the princess to do her dirty work, no matter what the cost. It would not be her head on the spike, just the beloved princess'. Desdemona watched as the ship had started turning away. "Now!" She shuck Talula's arm. "And do not stop until they are all under!"

Talula started to silently cry as she opened her mouth and did exactly as Desdemona wanted: she sung. They both watched as the ship turned back around into their direction. The pit of Talula's insides tightened even more as she watched the ship come even further and hit the first rock that they could of the rock bed. The rock caused a split in the ship. Talula could see it, but continued her singing, feeling Desdemona's nails dig into her arm. The tears blurred Talula's vision, but she still knew exactly what was happening. The passengers above it had started descending just as they had yesterday as the ship started sinking, replaying the scene from the day before. The land folk walked off and splashed into the water, not even attempting to save their lives as she continued singing, just as Desdemona commanded her to.

Desdemona watched in awe as they all, one by one, willingly went under the water to their deaths.

Talula knew this nightmare would never end as she had a feeling this was not the last time Desdemona would use her singing. She was only allowed to stop when every single one of the land folk and the ship had disappeared deep into the ocean.

"I hope you are happy, Desdemona." Talula cried at her as Desdemona let go of the princess' arm and threw herself into the ocean, not waiting to hear the sadistic maids answer.

"Oh, I am ecstatic. Thank you, princess." She laughed and swam to the bottom of the ocean floor to see the ship still slowly making its way down to its new home as and inspected the bodies that floated down to their new resting ground also. Desdemona laughed for joy as she counted them all whilst Talula had swam home, tears painting her face yellow.

Nobody was there to greet her in the castle, which she had been glad of and rushed to her chambers. The princess grabbed the cloth she had used from that morning and placed it on her pillow before lying down and crying about the events that had just taken place. She had never asked to be this way, so why would she turn that way when she had been happy not being so? When she couldn't handle the guilt?

When she had been all out of tears, she sat up and blew her nose of the scrap piece of material, before chucking it into the basket for the bin and slapping herself in the face lightly.

She thought of ways to see if this could end. She did not want to tell anybody as to what she did, but she knew she could not allow it to continue, especially when Desdemona knew of the skill she had. She tried to think of ways she could stop it. Refusing would just end in tragedy for her and her people if she were to be sentenced to death. She needed to lose her ability to sing. She needed to lose her voice. She quickly came up with an idea to go to the good witch for a spell, or a solution, at least. If she had remembered right, she had been located in a cave south of the castle.

The princess looked up to the surface and noticed the ball of heat had been located just over the middle line of the sky. Meaning it was after noon. The princess dropped all thoughts of losing her voice and raced her way out the castle and into the arms of Titus, who had been waiting in the reef since mid day.

"Titus, I am so happy to see you." Talula buried her head into the merman's bare chest, enjoying the feeling of everything rush away from her system. Titus laughed and smiled at her reaction before wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Talula, I am just as happy as you that you have returned to me. I have something for you." Titus pulled out a yellow flower. A yellow floating heart. Talula blushed as he brushed the princess' hair and placed it behind her ear. "I had spotted a patch of them as I made my way here from my parents' on the surface and thought of you." The princess was extremely touched that the merman thought of her when seeing such a rare flower in their parts of the water.

"Oh Titus." She placed her lips against his, missing the feeling of them the second she pulled away. "Thank you. So much." She went back to hugging him. How Talula wished this was how they could stay forever. She never worrying about the damage her voice did, or that she would never see him again once he found out what he had done.

"Are you participating in the concert?" He stroked her hair as he held her close. The two of them being the only beings of any species in the reef.

"Yes, father had asked me to." She sighed as she realised she had not known the effect her voice could now have on other mer folk. She pulled back quickly, ripping herself out of his arms. "I am terribly sorry, but I must go. The concert is soon. Will you be there?" She asked, making it less believable that she was not going to go to the witch and not the castle to help set up the concert, nor get ready. Titus was taken back by her movement but nodded anyway, ignoring the hurt that spread through him. He thought he was going to get the job finished out here, but it seemed he would have to be a little more patient with the knife in his hand as he watched her swim away. He swam up, needing air. The seaweed he had ate only allowed him to breathe underwater for so long.

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