The Siren

A sort of retell of The Little Mermaid.

(Cover made by Listless on Wattpad)


3. 03.

When Talula awoke, she screamed and roamed her hands across her body, checking there had been no body parts removed like they had in the dream. She then looked to her pillow and noticed a yellow substance had touched it. Tears. She rubbed her eyes with her hands and pulled them back to have yellow appear on her hands.

She started frantically scrubbing it away with a cloth she found a few feet away before checking in the mirror to see whether or not she missed any. The princess then left her cambers when she noticed it was not quite light yet and headed straight out the sleeping castle, going west, to the reef Titus had told her about the night before. When she reached the reef, Titus had already been resting against the coral, looking around. When his eyes landed on her, he smiled and she could not help but smile back.

"Come." He held out his hand for her to take. When they made contact, their fingers entwined and heat surged through the two of them. "There's something I want to show you. I came last here yesterday and I think it is pretty cool." They both wagged their tails frantically until they were down into the dark part of the ocean. The princess looked around and instantly knew where she was. From where she was, she could see the rock bed. How could she forget the place that haunted her? Did he know? He turned around and faced her and she instantly smiled back, not wanting him to know anything about the previous day.

"It is just a little further down." And they swam for a few minutes in the same direction. Her eyes went wide as they landed on the ship she watched sink the previous day.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. Please be a different one. Yet when she got closer, there was no mistaking at all that it was the one she saw the day before.

"Come on! There's more!" Titus tugged her hand and dragged her whole body through the remaining distance that had been between them and the ship. As she passed a hole, she saw there had been more land folk on it than had gotten off. There, right in front of her, floated three bodies. A small one and two big. She moved into the room through the hole and inspected the bodies, out of curiosity. One looked like the one she saved, yet the other two looked just like her. They had long hair and features just as she had. They were girls. The one was as long as the man, but the smaller one had been just as long as she had been when a guppy. It was a child. Talula gasped and backed away, unable to believe she had been responsible for a family dying, as well as the rest of the land folk aboard. "I am so terribly sorry, little one." She whispered to the corpse.

Titus heard the gasp and stopped his exploration of the other cabins and went to find the princess close to the bodies that were floating, stroking the face of the smallest there.

"Are you ok, princess?" He asked, unsure as to why she had gasped in the first place. Had she even gasped? Talula did not remove her gaze from off the now dead bodies of the land folks off spring, nor did she stop her hand from stroking against their skin. The little girls skin whose life she had ended too early.

"Yes, Titus. I am ok." She sighed silently, low enough for Titus to not hear. "Why did you want to show me this, Titus?" She asked the question she could not for the life in her find the answer for. Titus swam closer to the princess and the small body slowly, as not to startle her.

"I brought you here because I thought you would like it. I mean I find it fascinating and I thought you would too." He placed his hand on her arm and she turned her head slowly to meet his gaze and smiled sadly.

"Thank you." She leant forward and placed her lips on his cheek, just as she had her father the night before. When she pulled away they both gazed at each other and smiled broadly. There was no difference between them. Their eyes both held a certain look and their faces both homed a deep red blush.

"There is one more thing I wish to show you." He held her hand once again and pulled her out the cabin through the door way and towards the surface. Talula's heart started racing with panic of her being found out. When they broke through the surface, the sky had been full of reds and oranges.

"I wanted to show you this. Mother calls it a sunrise." They were just bobbing in the water, their heads only above the surface. "We can not stay up here too long though, we do not breathe too well in what the land folk breathe and live in." Talula wanted to correct him as she had spent a good long amount of time above the surface yesterday, but that may have given the merman who was holding her hand tightly a clue as to what had been responsible for the ship being below the surface and not in its own world, but theirs. They both watched as the ball of heat moved up into the sky in silence.

"That was beautiful, thank you." Talula kissed Titus on the cheek once again, feeling something weird inside her. He smiled at her.

"You are most welcome. I wanted to show you something as beautiful as you are." He stroked her cheek and placed his lips against hers. She could not believe the feelings that had been given through the one simple act of the merman and the simple words he had used. Her eyes closed and stayed that way, even when he had retreated away from her lips, savouring the feel of his lips against her own. When she finally opened her eyes, Titus had the biggest smile she had ever had the pleasure of seeing, and both their hands were now together, fingers entwined.

"I think we should be heading back." The princess blushed whilst trying to ignore the feeling of disappointment that spread throughout her, but she knew she would have to leave him to return to try the rock bed to see whether or not it was her fault the ship went down.

"Yes, I agree, my princess. Maybe we can meet again later today? This afternoon, perhaps, when you have no duties to attend to? Before the concert." She smiled at him and pulled him closer, connecting their lips briefly once one before she pulled away and blushed.

"I shall be there." The two had not discussed a location but both knew where to meet: the west reef.

They swam back to the reef together, hand in hand, before parting with a single kiss on the lips. The princess watched as Titus swam away, glancing back every few seconds, before disappearing completely out of sight. She then swam to the rock bed, trying to ignore the feeling of fear and guilt that built themselves up inside her.

Desdemona had been requested to wake the princess up a little after dawn, as usual, but found her room empty. She searched the castle for her but when she could not find her, she headed to the one place she knew she would be; the rock bed. She swam quickly to the rock she had hidden behind the day before, finding the princess in exactly the same spot. However, unlike the previous day, the princess sung a song that was not happy. The pair of them waited to see what would happen today. After a little whilst, Desdemona had grown frustrated that Talula had not caused another ship to go down, whilst Talula grew hopeful that it was not her fault those bodies in the cabin she had saw with Titus had been her fault.

However, they waited to see if she even attracted a ship with her singing. After what felt like forever, a ship appeared and she had a feeling in the pit of her insides. She was going to be sick. This told her that it was going to happen again, so she stopped singing and was about to dive into the water, until she felt a hand touch her arm.

"Do not even think about it, princess." Desdemona spat at her. Talula froze and stopped breathing. She had been caught, without even knowing it. "You are going to sing. And you are going to repeat yesterday. Do it else I will tell your father just what you have been up to whilst up here. You know the punishment for contact with the land folk is death."

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