The Siren

A sort of retell of The Little Mermaid.

(Cover made by Listless on Wattpad)


2. 02.

When the two had arrived to the castle, Talula was afraid she had chewed up all her lip. She had been wrong about saving one person; it had not saved the guilt inside her. The images of the land folk sinking to the bottom of the ocean and their screams haunted her all the way back.

It may not have been my fault. I shall return there tomorrow and see. She decided just before entering the castle she called home once again. The whole journey back, she had not been aware of her maid following her.

Desdemona had not been aware of the princess' plans to return, but she had been revelling from the event she had watched. I shall follow her every move and catch her doing so again. They killed my brother, it is only fair the princess kills them all for him.

The two mermaids had been in their own thoughts all the way back, placing their bodies on autopilot to get to the castle.

Once Tatula entered the castle, she had been swarmed by maids, who had been ordered to get her ready for the celebration by the king. She allowed them to pull her away from the ballroom and to her own chamber room and push her onto the stool that sat before a table. There were clams placed on the counter, ready to be opened and hold the paints of the ocean that could only be made above the surface. She sat as one maid held a comb and the others each held a clam. The princess closed her eyes and waited for one of them to say she can open them. However, her eyes being shut was painful for her. Her memory of the men sinking had replayed in her mind. It took all her strength to not freak out and reopen them. She knew she would be welcomed by powder going into her eye.

"Ahh. Desdemona, how was the journey?" The king discretely asked the maid as she stumbled into the ballroom when the guests had started arriving.

"It was fine, your highness. Nothing to worry about." She smiled on the outside, but smirked on the inside before leaving to go to face her other chores for the day. She could not be happier that the princess had made a mess of going on the rock bed and she got to witness it. The little mermaid may just be my way of revenge.

Once the maids were done pampering the princess, they went to the rack and pulled out a hanger with a new outfit for her to slip on. She changed the top, which had been long enough to cover her whole stomach, and slipped on the tail cover which tied nicely with the top at the sides and back. Both items were green.

"Princess, all the guests are here." Desdemona knocked on the door and waited outside, unable to stop the smirk and laughter built up inside her unless she bit her bottom lip to keep it down.

Talula raised herself from the chair and swam slowly to the door, not wanting to ruin the maids hard work on her hair. Desdemona moved and allowed her princess to exit her room.

"How do I look?" Talula had not had confidence in the green with her red hair, but the maids kept reassuring it matched her eyes.

"Magical, princess." Desdemona had to control the laughter and smirk that had been dying to come out at her own pun. Talula smiled at her and made her way to the stair case. Once she was gone, Desdemona allowed it all to come out of her, having her holding her stomach in pain as she released it all. Stupid little mermaid.

Her father looked up at her as Talula descended from the stairs, holding the banister as she was up straight and made her way down one step at a time. When she reached the bottom, she had been reached by every merfolk member that could reach her, wanting to give their celebrations and wishes to their princess. She wore a fake smile and made her way over to where the king sat, placing herself onto the throne next to his.

"How are you enjoying your birthday, my dear?" He asked as the music had started back up and everyone had resumed to their dancing.

"I am enjoying it immensely, thank you father." She did not like lying to her father, but she would never face her freedom again if she informed him of the events of the day.

"I am glad to hear so." They smiled before returning to watch the citizens dance the evening away, enjoying themselves whilst the two sat in silence.

"My princess." A blue haired merman had rested his tail against the ground behind him and bowed his head down. Talula knew it was out of respect for the royal title they both wore but she did not enjoy enduring it when being singled out.

"Rise." Her fathers voice could barely be heard, but made it to the mermans ears as he raised himself up from the flooring of the castle. "What business do you have up here?"

"Well, Sire, I wish to ask your daughter for a dance." He looked nervous and refused to meet the kings eyes, just as he liked it. Talula smiled and gathered it would keep her mind off the event of earlier that day.

"I would be delighted to." She held out her hand, waiting for him to take hold of it and guide her down the stairs. Once he did, he led her to the middle of the floor as a new song had started playing. The two circled one another, swaying their tails in time with the music the orchestra had provided for the evening.

"You dance extremely well, princess." He smiled as his hands rested on her waist and her arms around his neck loosely whilst their tails grazed against one another.

"As do you," She paused, realising she had no idea as to his name. His smile grew when he realised she wanted to know his name.

"Titus. The name is Titus, my princess."

"Titus. Call me Talula." The pair smiled at each other whilst they laughed and danced the evening away, embracing their newly found friendship.

Desdemona watched the two from affair, smirking from the balcony at the stupidity of the girl, yet wanting to rip her head off right that second for dancing with the individual Desdemona has always admired from a distance, since they were both young. Her hand held tightly onto the banister, her hand snapping the wood into splinters at the sight as the green eyed monster reappeared from within her. She gets admired by all, the crown and the one I have wanted for years, even when she's a monster.

It struck almost the middle of the night when Talula and Titus parted as the celebration was over, called by the king after he had enjoyed watching his daughter dancing with the blue haired boy, happy she was socialising. As they parted, Titus kissed the back of Talula's hand and made plans for the following day.

"Meet me at the closest reef west at dawn." He urged, wanting to show her something and spend more time with the sweet mermaid princess.

"At dawn, I shall be there." She smiled as he glanced at her, but when he had started retreating from her sight, she sighed wishing he had not had to go. She had been right, that dancing with him would keep her mind from the rock bed, but now it came rushing back in vicious waves.

"Good night, father." She placed her lips on the kings cheek before disappearing to her chambers, quickly changing her top, removing the tail cover and combing her hair before placing herself on the shell she called a bed and nested herself in, only to toss and turn all night because of the land folk not being able to leave her mind.

"Murderer." They screamed at her.

"Siren!" Others shouted as they all pointed at her.

"No. No. You have it wrong. I did not do anything." She pleaded, but they would not stop pointing and shouting at her. The princess could not leave either, the land folk had her tied up to the rock she had lay on.

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