The Siren

A sort of retell of The Little Mermaid.

(Cover made by Listless on Wattpad)


1. 01.

The castle had been decorated for the princess' twenty-first birthday; the day her life was to change. Every member of the merfolk society knew of the princess' fascination with the land folk, and hadn't been surprised at all by her request by her father, taking her to where no merfolk dared to go.

"Father, my request is to go to the rock bed. May I, may I go to the rock bed, father?" His only daughter had asked the very same question he knew she was going to ask. She had, of course, asked for the same thing on every birthday that had passed, and he feared she would not quit asking until he finally allowed her to. Besides, he knew she would go now she was of age, with or without his consent. At least, with his consent, it was within his control.

Desdemona had been hovering right next to his daughter, Talula, and knew that he was not alone in worrying, as it was clear she had been worrying for her friend just as much as he. His eyes remained on his daughter, who had hovered less than a foot in front of him as he sat on his thrown, trying to weigh himself down so he could feel the coral against his gills.

"Talula, my dear, I-I-I-ahh..." he struggled to find the words to use. Her eyes were staring at him, making it harder for him to possibly say no. How could he say no to his only daughter? He simply could not.

Talula was full of hope as she tried keeping the tail as close to the floor as possible. She watched patiently as his facial expression changed dramatically as her eyes got wider with anticipation. "Fine, as long as you promise you will participate in the concert in a days time." She had not waited for him to finish the sentence before diving at him, her arms wrapping around his neck and she squealed down his ear. Desdemona watched in envy of the princess. She had never gotten whatever she had wanted without a second thought. Unless it brought a reason or function to her life, or her family, then she was not given a yes.

"Thank you, father, thank you." Her tail moved frantically as she made her way across the ballroom, creating bubbles that ended up in Desdemona's already unhappy face. The king watched her, still in shock as to how she had responded.

"My dear, where are you going?" He had been tempted to chase her, but decided against it as he had injured his hip in an attack across the ocean the week before. The doctor advised him to not move unless necessary. Talula ceased and spun around quickly, her red hair had ended up covering her face, but could not hide the smile that she had been wearing.

"I'm going, father." Her left hand pointed whilst her right had continued fighting against her hair "To the rock bed." She had not wanted to wait a second longer to see her dream. The king could not believe she had been so willing to leave before the party he was hosting for her birthday had even started.

"But what of your guests? Should you not thank them all for turning up to celebrate their princess' birthday? Do you plan to leave them without the guest of honour?" Talula had forgotten all about the celebration. The only thing on her mind was that she could go to the rock bed on the surface.

"I shall return before the guests gather for the celebration, Father. You have my word." He smiled, allowing her to not see the worry that he had been feeling. He had not been happy she had wanted to go right that second. He had wanted to have time to talk her out of it and have her do it the day after instead. He just wanted time. She hovered and watched him before turning back around and heading straight through the reef and to the rock bed that had her name written on then.

"Desdemona. Go and watch her. And make sure she stays safe." His eyes had snapped to the mermaid who had been viciously bitten by the green eyed monster the second his daughter had left the castle.

"Of course, Sire." Desdemona all but mumbled before swimming away, following the trail of bubbles the princess had left behind her in her frantic escape. When Desdemona caught up with the little mermaid, she had found her lying across the biggest rock there, her tail splashing in the water. She peered behind another rock and kept an eye on her from behind. Her hair stuck to her skin as her head bobbed above the surface, just as Talula's had, but Desdemona's hair still pooled around her shoulders in the water whilst Talula's stuck to her arms as she sat in the sun. She hovered and watched the princess as she sung a happy tune whilst she dried herself out in the land folks' air.

Desdemona watched for a while, as nothing happened but Talula singing and splashing the water with her tail, until a ship came into view. it was not clear to Desdemona whether Talula had not noticed, but Desdemona had and she was not going to chance being seen because of the stupid princess. Land folk were quickly approaching the rock bed the two were in. Desdemona hid herself more into the water, only allowing her eyes and above to stay above the surface. Talula kept herself singing her happy tunes as she watched the ship boarding just as noisy land folk approached her.

This is it, she thought as she became even louder and waved her hand to them. This is where my dream comes completely true.

Desdemona fought the urge to grab her arm and pull her into the water. The spoilt brat deserves whatever happens. I will most definitely not be associated, nor at blame for it.

The ship had stopped quite a distance away from the two of them, the princess had not ceased her singing, but those on the boat had. Within seconds, the men on the ship started jumping off the boat. No, not jumping, walking. The boat had started going lower into the water, sinking as the men aboard disappeared from the deck and into the ocean.

Talula continued her singing, oblivious to what had just happened, as Desdemona watched as each one of the humans tried to stay above the surface, but sank as quickly as their ship had. As screams echoed through the air, Talula had finally stopped her singing, and watched as the land folk moved in the water, bobbing and sinking further into the water.

Oh, sea barnacles, did I cause this? She watched hopelessly as they all disappeared, one by one, into the water she called home. Her tail twitched as her face dampened. Tears ran straight down her face as she dived into the water, saving the first one she saw, seeing the reason they were falling deeply into the water; they held no possession of a tail. Her arms were tightly placed around his waist and pulled the heavy lump of flesh close to her chest and keeping him in such a position all the way to the shore, where she managed to lumber him to the shallowest part of the sea, allowing his airways to be out of the reach of the ocean. She lay there on the surface of the ocean, close to the man, checking if he was breathing and alive before disappearing.

Maybe, maybe the whole ordeal will be off my chest if I can save this one life, she thought as she placed her hand on his chest and started pushing down a little when she could not feel it moving. Are they not like us? Is their heart located in another area? Then she gasped. Do they even have hearts?

Her hands started to feel across his chest slowly, trying to locate where it was, pressing down every now and then to figure out where it was. After a few minutes of doing this, the man had started coughing. She took this as her cue to leave and dove back into the ocean, feeling a little relief to fill her chest as she swam back to her home, to the castle, to the celebration of her twenty-first, with Desdemona not so far behind her, wearing a smirk as she took in everything she had just witnessed.

The little princess was not so prefect after all.

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