(This is the rough draft version) This will be a story of a girl named Rivka who lives in a village called Ginseng Fréamh, where all the inhabitants, aside from those born within it's walls, appear randomly at the gates with no memory of having been brought there, leading the citizens to dub their new home the Lost Village. Outside this village are beasts and creatures of unimaginable power and unknown purpose. Rivka is the youngest to have ever appeared in the city and has the power to influence organic and earthly matter with her emotions leaving her to be stoic and unfeeling in order to control herself. With her world constantly changing from attacks by sentient beasts, the deaths of those around her, and the loss of her only friend, she finds it harder to find peace with her environment as well as herself.


3. Insomnia

Sleeping was hard to do, sometimes it was also easy. Resting can be exhausting, I was tired of just trying to fall asleep. Restlessness was my enemy.

I laid in my bed thinking about nothing over and over. Sometimes it'd be a story I would be making up, sometimes it would be a song I heard tavern goers singing outside my window.

The sun had set only an hour ago but I could tell by the lifetime that it took for the moon to rise in the sky the night would be long and dreary. My parents were already sound asleep, their steady breathing calming me, and making me green with envy. One would think in the years of surviving and living in this village that they would be as restless as me, not that I am restless for the same reasons.

But now I had something to rest my thoughts on. The countless attacks against my home, the village and its people. Fomorians were ruthless killers, beasts with the cunning of a human being and the ruthlessness without the humanity. I have survived for this long, but only because I have not seen one attack, not yet anyways. Ginseng has been peaceful these past few years, but the seafaring beasts are always lurking. At this point in our lives, children of my age have been taught about it in our makeshift schools at the church and warned to be careful. 

The darkness in the room was a lot scarier now, akin to having been told a ghost story and dwelling on whether that could happened to you. I reassure that I am safe, that Mamma and Dah are just below my loft and that they would do anything to protect me. 

That wouldn't stop the creatures though.


Why do they attack us? Why is it that we must be slaughtered?


The creatures feed their gifts of destruction with emotion, the strongest being pain and fear. I liked to play with the idea that I could fight them off with my own little powers of emotion but how can you control what you feel when you are standing face to face with a blood thirsty beast.

After feeding off pain they go for the physical nourishment, sucking the vitality out of us, all our blood, our fluids, slaughtering us like pigs. 

I ducked my head under my blankets, terrified like any other young girl might be.

With a jolt, I heard a "tink" at my window. Cowering under the blanket, I peeped out the window to see what foul beast has come to suck out all my innards.


I suppose I can rest easier now.

He slipped into my room quietly, if my parents knew he was here he would be in extreme trouble. We silently watched each other.

"Why?" I questioned softly.

"I was lonely." 

I invited him under the covers and we just lay there. He turned over and looked me in the eyes, they glowed unnaturally in the darkness. Ivan pursed his lips.

After a few moments he spoke, "can I tell you something?" I nodded.

"I'm going to marry you."

Holding my mouth closed with my own hand, I sucked in a chuckle. I quickly stopped when I noticed him looking serious. 

"I'm serious, I love you..." He looked upset.

"You're gross!" I whisper-yelled.

Ivan huffed and chuckled at me. How could a seven-year old and a ten-year old fall in love. Kissing is gross, love is gross. I thought of all the times I had to stay with a servant friend of my Mamma's at the castle because my parents needed time alone. The only good thing that came out of it was that I got to spend a little extra time with Ivan. Love was terrible. 





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