60 days to find love

All my life I have lived in fear of my mother and the practically unbreakable curse. I must find true love and in 60 days or I would be punished to an eternity of pain and misery. How will I do this when I find the one? Who knows? But I do not plan on going down without a fight. A fight for my freedom, my life

Cover by: Infinite_Exho. She makes really good covers. Go check her out.


1. Introduction

Hello. My name is Raven. Raven Moore. I guess I will start by describing myself. When I look in the mirror I see stubborn cool grey eyes. Sometimes void of emotion. Surprisingly glossy red hair, cascading down my back to the tip of my waist. My build was not incredibly athletic. Nor was I overweight. 170cm tall and weighing at around 55kg.

Guess you are all wondering about my mother. That beast. My father died in a car accident before I was born and my mother, having got her new 'boyfriend', was slowly being turned insane. Well enough about depressing things.

Ah. School. I am not exactly a nerd but I have a wide knowledge of a lot of things. Every day someone forgets a pencil. Come on. A pencil. I guess the airheads only think about their next boyfriend or party and doing their hair and makeup. I'm not the hottest there but I can safely say I am relatively pretty. Some people try to ask me out but I don't have an interest to go out somewhere and then to be forgotten the next day. I do have one person who helps me get through school. Lucy, my best friend.

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