60 days to find love

All my life I have lived in fear of my mother and the practically unbreakable curse. I must find true love and in 60 days or I would be punished to an eternity of pain and misery. How will I do this when I find the one? Who knows? But I do not plan on going down without a fight. A fight for my freedom, my life

Cover by: Infinite_Exho. She makes really good covers. Go check her out.


9. Chapter 8

My heart stopped hammering and seemed to stop all together. What if he.......didn't believe me? If he left? What would happen? Quite honestly I sounded crazy to myself. If I were in his position...well... I would be hella confused. His sparkling eyes now held no emotion and his poker face was starting to intimidate me.

"I.......don't.......I don't know what to believe. It sounds crazy but then again, when you were sleeping, you started to call out my name and muttering about 'the one' and a curse. Just don't get mad at me, ok? I need to to think and.......this is crazy what am I doing here. I don't even know you. I shou...."

"Then leave." The words came flying out my mouth and interrupted his rambling. His posture straitened and he visibly stiffened. Regret flooded through my body. Great now I lost my only chance of defeating the curse. I slowly and almost hesitantly gazed into his cold emerald eyes. Oh crap. There go my chances. Out the window.

"No" What? No? I let out a huge sigh of relief and mentally I cheered, my chances wouldn't be gone." Thank y....." I started to say but was stopped by another louder and calmer voice.

" I will leave when I want." My mouth nearly dropped and I thought I heard incorrectly. Nope I heard right. Hell to the no. I was not going to allow some random dude to tell me he won't leave MY house. How dare he? Little prick. Well actually big prick.

Suddenly a flash of boldness awakened in me and finally I began to speak my mind. " I suggest you get the hell out of my house before I whoop your sorry ass so hard, google won't be able to find you." Damn that felt good. Nice to finally speak my mind. But maybe I should have thought of the consequences. After all I was a skinny, little girl whilst he was a tall and an incredibly strong male. And I knew he was strong by the effortless way he carried me up the stairs earlier and I am not the lightest either.

My eyes suddenly widened when I realised he was getting up. Moving like a predator stalking it's prey, he advanced towards me. I started to take slow steps back. As he got closer there was a dark glint in his eyes and his elegant, smooth hand were clenched into threatening fists. Great.

All of a sudden something clicked in my head and all my worry disappeared. What did he think he was doing? Jerk. I stood up straighter and raised my head to glare into his narrowed eyes. He had challenged me and I had accepted.

Slowly, his perfectly sculpted eyebrows lifted in surprise. Right, this is my house, my room so have it be my rules. Hell to the no. I stepped forward and moved towards him. A slight hint of confusion was etched on his face and that awakened a spark of satisfaction inside of me. Good. I was now within a meter of him as he stood by my dressing table. Behind him was my beautiful mirror, brought by my father, where I could see my reflection and let me tell you, I was surprised.

A steely gaze locked with mine and I could see the determination and fire in my eyes. Ash didn't stand a chance.

I lifted my arm and started poking him in the chest. "How dare you tell me what to do in my own house? Listen now sweetcheeks and listen well. You will leave my house when I say so and for whatever reason I deem valid. You shall not question me and quite frankly if you don't like something- leave." I realised I had backed him against the wall while my hand now lay on his chest, still pushing slightly.

The first thing I noticed were his eyes. They still had a tint of anger to them but also something else and that something else darkened them dramatically.

What was he going to do? I knew ever since this curse was put upon me, that I would not be able to defeat it. Why me of all people? When I was little I went to church. I prayed and I helped others. I never swore. Never did anything bad, yet here I was getting punished. Could I not just be normal? Like Lucy. She had a loving family to go home to. A meal was put on the table for her. Whereas I return to my empty house and care for myself, like I had done since I was little.

Suddenly, Ash moved to the side and my hand dropped from his hard, defined chest.

A confident smirk appeared and he leant down so his mouth was near my ear. His warm minty breath fanned across my neck and when he opened his mouth, his soft lips grazed the tip of my skin.

"You're sexy when you're angry."

Before I had time to process his words he winked and disappeared out of my house......

Hello people. I would like to say sorry I took long to update, but I was away in Rome. Anyway you know the drill. If you do like please favourite and like or leave a comment. It would mean a lot. Also sorry for any mistakes. See ya next time. Ta.

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