60 days to find love

All my life I have lived in fear of my mother and the practically unbreakable curse. I must find true love and in 60 days or I would be punished to an eternity of pain and misery. How will I do this when I find the one? Who knows? But I do not plan on going down without a fight. A fight for my freedom, my life

Cover by: Infinite_Exho. She makes really good covers. Go check her out.


6. Chapter 5

I lay tossing and turning in my bed, unable to sleep die to all the thoughts and worried going through my mind. Yet again when the wind started howling, I crept downstairs with my old baseball bat and checked all the doors and windows. Something about the quiet, eerie ticking of the clock, spooked me even more.

CREAK. A loud notice sounded from upstairs and my heart leapt out of my chest. The abnormally loud sound freaked me to my core and my blood was rushing. Slowly, I crept forward, up the stairs whilst tightly clinging to my baseball bat. However I only got onto the third step when black spots started to appear and it swarmed my vision. I felt myself slowly slipping away. Finally my mind went blank.


'Wake up'

My eyes suddenly blinked open and the sunlight that streamed through the window blinded me. As I became aware of my surrounding, I felt a sharp jolt of pain in my ankle. Great I sprained it. I focused in on the voice and found myself staring with disbelieving eyes. Lucy and......him.

I felt myself slipping away again when I felt a sharp, abrupt slap on my cheek. Clutching my stinging cheek, I slowly got up and all I could see were worried bottle green eyes, staring back at me. Finally, I came to my senses. "Well, are you going to help me up?" I asked irritably. Lucy snorted and extended her hand. As I grasped her hand, she yanked my up and my head felt dizzy again. God. She has got to stop doing things like that.

I took a few tottering steps towards the stairs and then guess what. I fell. Well, I nearly fell. Just before I was about to hit the ground, two muscular arms caught and bought me up to a rock solid chest. I blushed furiously but seeing as my head was buried in his chest no one could see.

Just as we reached the top step, I heard Lucy shout " Get some girl." And I think I just died of embarrassment. I felt the hard chest I was being held to, vibrate and a deep chuckle sounded. Well you know. I groaned and started threatening her even though I was pretty sure she had left. "You bloody idiot Lucy. I'm going to murder you and throw you in a river!" As I was shouting I realised I had moved my head out of his chest so I could be heard. My entire face felt cold but how do you accidentally shove your face into someone's chest because your cold? The answer is you don't.

My eyes were slowly closer by their own accord, and I felt the arms slip from beneath me. My back came in contact with the mattress. Suddenly the wind howled and the tree right outside, clashed against my window. Unknowingly I let out a whimper. "Please stay." Was all I could say. What if the nightmares came back? As my eyes were still closed all I could feel was the bed dipping and something warm being wrapped around my waist. An arm. Just before I drifted away, I heard some last words.

"Goodnight, princess."

Hey. Again sorry for any mistakes. I know the chapters are quite short but I'd rather update sooner with shorter chapters than later with longer ones. Please do comment. It means a lot to me. Thanks for reading. Ta

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