You Don't Own Me

Four years after the incident, Elena comes back seeking nothing but revenge on the one person who turned her. This is a problem for Damon, Stefan, and their friends. The only person who can "fix" her is the one who turned her - Damon Salvatore.

*Disclaimer: A/U. This story doesn't take place within the show or book series.


4. The Ripper

Stefan went to the basement and stood before the door. Elena was sitting on the ground against the wall. "Here to mock me Stefan?" she asked. Stefan was hesitant to open the door, but he did anyway. He entered the room and closed the door behind him. He knew that if she wanted to, she'd find a chance to escape but Damon was still in the house. She wouldn't be getting far, even if she tried. "I came here to talk." said he. He saw her roll her eyes. Though she didn't move from her spot. He wasn't sure whether or not she was going to hear him out since it wasn't successful. with Damon. "Okay Stefan, talk." Elena watched him walk over to her and join her on the floor of the room. She could sense that he was cautious of his movements. She couldn't blame him. After what she had caused at Tyler's place, she knew Stefan had every right to maintain some distance between the two of them.

"Why are you really here in Mystic Falls?" Stefan turned his head towards her. He figured that was the question Damon might've asked her. He carefully watched how she reacted to his statement. He could see that her humanity was gone when their eyes met. "Apparently it seems to be against the rules for me to see my friends." Elena told him. "Mystic Falls is my home Stefan. Besides, I would like to spend my last year of college here." Stefan wondered at why her humanity was turned off and why she had become a vampire in the first place. He didn't like that she was this way. He had wished that Damon had decided to come down here instead.

Though he figured that Damon trusted him to be around Elena. Stefan remembered meeting Elena for the first time. It was during their Junior year of high school. He had just arrived on the school's campus. He didn't have very many friends, so mainly he kept to himself. He didn't really mind the quiet. Stefan entered through the front doors and saw a girl talking with a group of her friends. He had passed by her when their eyes briefly met. Her brown eyes were full of light. For the first time in a long time, he felt something ignite in him. It was a feeling he hadn't felt in years. He wanted to get to know her. He didn't know how to approach her. He entered his first class when the bell rang and sat in his seat. He saw that the girl was also in his class.

Maybe this was a chance for him to talk to her. He was sitting a row over and a few desks behind her. He casually saw her head turn to look at him. He smiled softly at her and noticed her blush immediately before turning her head back to the front of the room. As soon as class ended, he had to go up to her. He didn't want to go through another year without knowing a beautiful girl. He followed her until he caught up with her. He had taken long, quick strides in comparison to hers. "Hey. You're Elena, right?" Stefan had heard her name called out in class while their teacher had asked them questions about what they were learning. The girl turned to look at him. She had stopped walking to see him beside her. Elena was a bit started that he had caught up to her fast. "Yeah, and you're...?"

"I'm Stefan."

Now in the basement where the two of them sat, Stefan had no obvious feelings for her anymore since he started dating Caroline. Though, he remembered the old feelings he had felt for Elena. It felt like it was just yesterday that he had asked her out on a date. He obviously was a bit surprised she had said yes. It was also on that very date that he had revealed to her his secret about being a vampire. He remembered their entire relationship very clearly from the day they met to the day they broke up. Then there was the day she met Damon. Still, it was the day that ate him from the inside. He should be over all of those feelings, but it still bothered him. “You killed our classmates from high school.” Stefan was hoping that reminding her of what she had done would send her into a guilt trip to try and bring her humanity back. Of course, it didn’t work because she immediately started to talk about Damon. He could hear how angry she was at him for various reasons, even Stefan himself was unaware of.

Was the relationship between she and his brother not all perfect as they made it seem? Stefan really was curious about what had happened. Though, he didn’t want to talk about his brother’s relationship with his ex. “I don’t care about what happened to them. I’m guilt free, and I like it.” Elena with her humanity off was certainly a different person, much more proud than anything. She reminded Stefan of the way that Damon was before he met her. “Fine, the real reason why I’m here is: I want Ripper Stefan.”

Damon had heard everything from standing in the living room. He was joined by Caroline. They were waiting for Stefan. He saw Stefan emerge from the hallway. “What happened?” asked Caroline. Damon knew and kept his mouth shut to let his brother explain to his girlfriend about the conversation with Elena. “What did she say to you Stefan?” Caroline had made it evident from the very beginning that she didn’t care for Elena and her manipulative ways. She remembered  how close they used to be until Elena's departure. Her good and closest friend left Mystic Falls without a single word. She remembered how easy it had been for Stefan to fall in love with Elena. She couldn’t deny  the fact that she did show a bit of jealousy towards Elena. It was because Elena was well-known at Mystic Falls High. She dated Matt, who was one of the players on the football team. She dated Stefan, known as mysterious loner guy. Then there was Damon, the man that changed her. “She wants me to be the Ripper again.” said Stefan. “She said she offered Damon something similar. Obviously Damon didn’t accept her offer, and it caused her to lash out.”

“No, I won’t lose you again.” said Caroline. For reasons Stefan couldn’t explain why he was The Ripper. Sure there were other vampires who had dealt with his situation. The bloodlust was different for them, for him as opposed to Damon. It wasn’t easy for him to be The Ripper with his humanity intact because of the guilty aftermath. He had learned to cope with the pain and suffering because of his dear friend Lexi. “I won’t let her pressure you into becoming that.” Caroline reached out to touch Stefan’s face to express her concern. Stefan didn’t want it either. Every part in his body fought against it, and even in his mind did he find himself in constant conflict with his own thoughts. There was only one person that could be the key to turning his humanity back on. It wasn’t Damon, and it most definitely wasn’t Caroline. It was the one person who had asked for him to become a Ripper in the first place. Elena.

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