You Don't Own Me

Four years after the incident, Elena comes back seeking nothing but revenge on the one person who turned her. This is a problem for Damon, Stefan, and their friends. The only person who can "fix" her is the one who turned her - Damon Salvatore.

*Disclaimer: A/U. This story doesn't take place within the show or book series.


6. The Return

Stefan had gone his separate way. It had been at least a month since he had talked with Elena. He knew that she must’ve gone back to Mystic Falls. He remembered lying awake in the bed the next morning. Elena's head was rested on his chest. She was still asleep. Stefan, on the other hand, did not sleep. He had a restless night. He felt her move slightly underneath his hold. He stroked her hair gently. He kissed the top of her head before getting out of the bed. He got dressed and saw that she was still asleep in bed. He wrote a note that he left on the bedside table and exited the motel room. He didn’t care about what she thought when she’d discover that he was gone. Though he had done what she had asked him to, he turned off his humanity. As the weeks turned into months, Stefan had enjoyed what he was doing. He did have to cover his tracks from being discovered by his friends.

When he had found himself back in Mystic Falls, things had changed. It had been two years since he had been home. He had led the life of The Ripper, a monster that he had been once before. Of course, this time was different than the last. He was across from Mystic Grill. He saw Caroline sitting outside talking with Tyler, Matt, and Bonnie. He started to approach them when Caroline caught his eye. “Stefan…” Caroline was almost speechless, seeing Stefan walk up to her. She couldn’t believe that it was actually him. Though she had sworn that at first sight, she thought he was a figment of her imagination or some mirage. “Stefan, you’re back.” She wasn’t sure whether to give him a hug or just stay in place.

Stefan smiled softly, but Caroline could see that something about him was different. It was the way he looked at her with those eyes of his that she sensed that Stefan wasn’t himself. “How’ve you been Caroline?” he asked her. Caroline looked at her friends. She was suddenly hesitant to answer him. She wasn’t as mad as she was when Stefan had left with Elena. Before Stefan could repeat his question, the door to Mystic Grill opened. Damon exited the building. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Stefan. He was also stunned like Caroline and their friends that Stefan was back. He wasn’t sure about the state his brother was in, whether he was brooding boring Stefan or Ripper Stefan. The fact that his old friends weren’t talking, Stefan knew he wasn’t going to expect a warm-homecoming after what happened. He knew where he wasn’t wanted and decided to leave them. “Stefan!” Caroline called out. Stefan turned his head towards her direction. “Are you the old you or…?”

“No, I haven’t gone back to my old habits of living. Yes, my humanity switch is on if you were wondering about that Caroline.” said Stefan. The reason for his humanity switch turning back on was during his encounter with Katherine about a year ago. Caroline nodded and smiled softly before reaching up to touch his face. Stefan closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying her touch. He had missed her, which was one of the reasons why he went back to Mystic Falls. It was because of Katherine’s help that kept him grounded. He opened his eyes and looked into hers. “I love you Caroline.” said he. Caroline couldn't have been more relieved to hear that the old, but new Stefan was back.

Though life for Elena was the opposite of what Stefan’s had been. She had been put through constant torture by Katherine, who didn’t mind seeing her doppelgänger suffer. While it was constant fun for Katherine, Damon felt oddly guilty. If he had only agreed to join Elena, then none of this would’ve happened. Stefan and Caroline would live a happy life together, as well as the rest of their friends. Would’ve Damon been happy with Elena without her humanity? Probably not, but it beats Katherine’s torture towards his ex.

As Damon had come home from Mystic Grill after his brother’s arrival, all he could think about were Elena's cries coming from the basement down below. Of course that all ended just one year ago up until the point where Damon decided to stop Katherine from harming Elena any further. He still loved her and cared about her well enough that torturing her to the point of death or the point in which her humanity would turn back on wasn’t going to be of any use. Damon felt that Katherine had helped Stefan with his humanity switch. He wasn’t going to question her about her methods for bringing Stefan back.

Damon could say that he was thrilled to have his brother home. This time, he wasn’t going to need his brother’s help. He headed upstairs to his room. A half-naked woman lay in his bed. She was still asleep. It was a woman Damon had been seeing for about a year, except he wanted nothing to do with her. He only used her to fill the hole that was created long ago by his ex. He fed on her when he needed to. To him, she was a living blood bag that he could reuse to some extent. Damon heard the bell to the door ring. He went downstairs to answer. When he did, he was met with a pair of brown eyes. “Hello Damon.”

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