You Don't Own Me

Four years after the incident, Elena comes back seeking nothing but revenge on the one person who turned her. This is a problem for Damon, Stefan, and their friends. The only person who can "fix" her is the one who turned her - Damon Salvatore.

*Disclaimer: A/U. This story doesn't take place within the show or book series.


10. The Proposal

A year had passed. It had taken Elena’s family some time to adjust to their daughter's way of life, but Elena had never been so relieved that her family finally accepted who she had become. Her friends were able to live normal lives, being the fact that most were of the supernatural except for Matt. Everything was right in the world, except for one thing. Elena and Damon were still broken up. Caroline and Stefan were finally getting married since today was the day of their wedding. The reception was being held in the backyard of the Lockwood mansion, only a few mediate family and friends were invited. Elena was the Maid of Honor, except Damon didn’t show up to his own brother’s wedding as the Best Man. Stefan was standing atop a small hill that overlooked the small lake near the Lockwood property.

While Caroline was busily thanking all of the guests, Elena approached Stefan. “Why isn’t he here Elena? After everything he has done for the both of us, he should’ve been here.” said Stefan. He glanced over at Elena, who was wearing a light peach colored dress. Stefan had complimented earlier on how beautiful she looked, which she returned to him a thank you and a small smile. Elena nodded, “I wish he was here too. He would’ve been so happy for you and Caroline.” She reached out and gave Stefan a hug. It was the least she could do with Damon’s absence. Both of them heard footsteps approach their direction. Much to their surprise, it was Damon. “I’m sorry I missed the ceremony brother.” said he to Stefan. The two brothers embraced each other with a hug while Damon congratulated his brother and Caroline on getting married. The two pulled away. Stefan had decided to leave Damon and Elena alone before walking away to find Caroline.

“You look beautiful, as always.” Damon and Elena were now finally alone by themselves. Elena blushed slightly at his comment, which she had thanked him for shortly afterwards. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“What is it Damon?”

“The very instant you turned into a vampire and turned off your humanity, I was so lost without you. You had changed, except a part of me still loved you when you did. You pushed me away, but you asked me to leave Mystic Falls with you and turn off my humanity. I know I declined your offer, but I wanted to go with you. Elena, I wish I did. Things would’ve been—“

“Different? I know Damon. I’m glad you decided against going with me. Then, otherwise the two of us wouldn’t be standing here talking about it." said Elena. Damon smiled softly knowing that she was right. Before the two could talk any further, they were called. The two approached the tent in time for Damon to make his Best Man toast. “Good luck.” Elena nudged him with a small smile. Damon could see the playfulness in her eyes before going to the front of the room. He took hold of a glass of champagne before starting his speech. Once finished with his Best Man speech about Stefan, he congratulated the happy couple in a toast. Stefan and Caroline proceeded with their first dance as a married couple. Damon approached Elena and asked her for a dance, which she graciously accepted. They were soon joined by the rest of their friends. After the wedding celebration, Stefan and Caroline were off to board a plane for their honeymoon. 

Damon and Elena retreated to the Salvatore boarding house. Now the two of them were finally alone, away from the peering eyes of their friends. “Great speech.” said Elena. “Wonder if Stefan will ever live up to that.”

“Stefan will win by a landslide, but he’s not funny.” Damon smiled. The two were stood in front of the boarding house, underneath the light of the silver moon. Damon had one hand casually placed in his pocket. For years he had been waiting for Elena to be her normal self again, so that he could ask her one question that had been on his mind since the day they announced they’d spend the rest of their lives together. At the time, Elena was still human. Damon would’ve accepted her in either form, for he will love her until the day they parted. “Damon, what’s wrong? Is there something you want to say?” asked Elena.

“Will you marry me?”

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