You Don't Own Me

Four years after the incident, Elena comes back seeking nothing but revenge on the one person who turned her. This is a problem for Damon, Stefan, and their friends. The only person who can "fix" her is the one who turned her - Damon Salvatore.

*Disclaimer: A/U. This story doesn't take place within the show or book series.


8. The Offer

Elena waited in silence as everyone exchanged glances with each other. She could tell by the looks on their faces that they weren’t sure whether to be scared or surprised. “Matt, did you know?” asked Jeremy. Matt, too, didn’t know what to say. He had kept the secret about Elena’s transformation a secret as well. Of course, he had learned about it when Damon had come back from his New York visit to tell everyone about Elena being a vampire. “How could you keep something like this from us?” asked Miranda. Elena felt guilty and surprised that her family was taking this so calmly. She only told them that it was her decision to become a vampire. This was news to Matt since it was only Damon who had known the full story. It was one of the reasons why Elena and Damon had broken up. Elena was too stubborn to listen to Damon. She wanted nothing more than to spend an eternity of her life with him. Though it was Damon who failed to turn her himself, and so she had to find her own way.

Her family was aware of the Salvatore brothers. Yet, what they all didn’t know was that the brothers were vampires as well. “You can’t fight me on this anymore. I made this decision when I left for New York and stuck with it. There’s nothing you can do to change that.” said Elena. She stood from the table and exited the room. She had lost her appetite. Just as she entered her bedroom, Damon was sitting on her bed. He stood up when she entered. “What do you want Damon?” Damon knew he had come at a bad time, but he had to see her. She had been gone for so long. All he could think about was her, even when he had met other women during her departure. “Elena, I understand why you wanted me to turn my humanity off. I know that a part of you still wants to be with me. Also, I know a part of me has hurt you for the things I’ve done and said. You’ve made me a better man since then; and I realize that I can’t live without you. I love you Elena, and I’m willing to propose an idea to you.” said Damon.

Elena stayed silent to listen to what Damon had to say. Damon found this a bit surprising. He could sense that something was different about her, like her humanity was turned back on and he decided to test something. “I know how much you wanted a normal life, and you decided to be a vampire, which I know is a reason you and Stef broke up. You and I can live that life together, away from Mystic Falls. We can go anywhere in the world. Though if you want to stay here, then I’m okay with that too. Elena, I don’t want to lose you again, and I’m sorry for not doing anything to help when Katherine was torturing you. I know you haven’t exactly forgiven me. I promise this: I’ll make it up to you, even it takes eternity or for as long as you decide to forgive me. I don’t want to give up on us.” Elena heard what he had said. While though her humanity was turned back on, Elena couldn’t exactly accept the offer a hundred-percent. She did, however, tell him that she’ll think about his offer because she preferred to be with her family. Damon took this as a positive sign and allowed her some time to think about his offer before leaving. Damon entered the Salvatore Boarding house when he arrived. “Is she back to her old self?” asked Caroline.

“She didn’t decline the offer. All she said was that she’d think about it.” Damon poured himself a drink. All of Elena’s friends were gathered at the Salvatore Boarding house, except for Matt who was busily spending time with Elena and her family. Of course, he would be filled in with the information about Damon’s proposed idea from Elena. “Well, you’re going to have to do better than that Damon. It’s Elena we’re talking about.” said Bonnie. “You can’t just promise her chocolate hearts and flowers.” Damon took note of the sarcasm at the end of her last sentence. He rolled his eyes, knowing that Bonnie would say something like that. He said he had a plan in mind that he was not willing to share with anyone, except keep the thoughts to himself. In his mind, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Elena. He had thought about marrying her and possibly moving out of Mystic Falls. Though it was back when she was a human did he imagine the two of them being married. The thought of marrying her never changed, even when she decided to become a vampire.

Stefan could tell Damon was in deep thought, only because his brother was staring off into the open flames of the fireplace. The sound of the front door opened to the boarding house. Matt had entered first, followed by Elena. This was the first time in a long time did Elena see her old friends. She felt that they were still holding a grudge against her for what she had done to their friends from school. She had to accept the fact that they weren’t entirely going to forgive her for the incident. “Damon, can I speak with you alone?” Elena stood just near the entry way of the living room on the top step. Damon sensed her presence but didn’t turn to face her. He stayed silent. Elena sighed, “Fine, I’m going to say it in front of everyone else. Damon, I thought about what you said. I know you gave me some time to think, but I didn’t.” She descended the stairs and walked up to him. She placed a hand on his shoulder for him to turn and face her. Damon turned to look at her, still holding the glass in his hand. “I don’t think when it comes to you. I don’t weigh out the pros and the cons with you. When Katherine tortured me for a year, I refused to turn my humanity switch back on. I had to sit through all of that suffering because a part of me knew what was going to happen if I did.

“I would have to face every single person in this room after the things I did to our friends. I would feel the guilt, the suffering. Months before I came back to Mystic Falls, there… was this child, a little girl. She was trapped in a car that was driven into a ditch near the side of the road. There was blood everywhere, that’s how I found her. I was just going for a hunt. I approached the car and she was crying. She was screaming for her parents. They were dead. As hungry as I was, there was something about the loss of that child’s parents that clicked in me. What if that girl was me? What if I had somehow lost my parents, my aunt, my brother and I was alone? What if I had no family to watch over me? I felt remorse. I felt pain. I was starting to feel again. I called 911 and stayed with the girl. I explained to the paramedics about the accident that I didn’t see happen. I stayed with the girl in the hospital. I asked the nurse if she had any family to stay with. The nurse said that her parents were the only family she had.

“The girl was sent to a foster home where kids from all ages are taken in until they are 18. I visited that foster home just last week. I talked with the girl’s foster parents, who told me that the girl wasn’t fitting in with any of the other children. Damon, I know that we can’t live normal human lives, but that little girl has been the reason why I’m here. We can visit her, if you want. She needs a home where she could fit in and—“

“We’re vampires Elena. She’ll figure out that we don’t age.” Damon interrupted.

“Then we’ll tell her the truth. I love you Damon. The life of being a vampire was my choice to make, but that doesn’t mean I’m against living a normal life with you. Please reconsider about visiting her with me. You’ll like her, I promise.” Elena held Damon’s hand in hers, gazing into his blue eyes. Damon had only ever wanted to do what made Elena happy. He was only happy, if she was. Less than a minute had passed when Damon nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go meet her.”

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