You Don't Own Me

Four years after the incident, Elena comes back seeking nothing but revenge on the one person who turned her. This is a problem for Damon, Stefan, and their friends. The only person who can "fix" her is the one who turned her - Damon Salvatore.

*Disclaimer: A/U. This story doesn't take place within the show or book series.


3. Tables Turned

Damon couldn't believe why a girl like her dated Stefan. As happy as he was for his brother, he was also jealous. Seeing the two of them together made him sick, but it only made him want her even more. Of course, he and Elena became friends during the months she was dating Stefan. Though he could see it in her eyes that she was falling for him, except she was denying it when she spoke. Damon had never forced her once to be with him. He allowed for her to fall in love with him on her own accord. It was when Stefan and Elena broke up that he started to see how much she was hurting. He could sense a part of her wished Stefan could've been the one.

Damon remembered going up to her house and was about to knock on the door when it swung open. Elena stood before him in tears. It was just moments after Stefan had left did Damon decide to see if she was okay. He knew she wasn't. Elena asked him to stay, and he did. He laid with her in bed while her head rested on his chest. He smoothed down the strands of her hair and listened to the sound of her gentle breathing. "Don't leave me." He heard her whisper. He didn't say a word, nor did he move. He stayed with her for as long as she needed him. He would leave when she asked him to. For the entire night, he rested on her bed only thinking about the future because he never imagined the future with anyone else before.

With that image in his mind, Damon stood outside of the basement door to see the girl he had been in love with on the floor. He knew she would wake up soon, angry of course. He heard the door open and close from upstairs. Stefan was home. "Did you find her?" Stefan approached his brother. Damon didn't say a word but was only looking down at Elena. He hated seeing her in the basement, locked away from the outside world. It was better for her to stay inside the room than be out on the streets. He wasn't sure about what she would do next.

Shortly after Stefan arrived, Elena started to wake up. She rubbed her neck and stood up, only to face the brothers before her. "Well, that wasn't very nice." Stefan hadn't seen Elena since her move to California. She had aged quite a bit since then, but he knew of what had happened to her recently. "Are one of you boys letting me out?"

"Not after what you did to your friends last night." said Stefan. Elena rolled her eyes and smirked, only to tell them they deserved it. She managed to add on the fact that Damon was the one who provoked her. Stefan's gaze shifted over to Damon, who didn't have anything to say to her. "Come on Stefan. You sent Damon after me, knowing full well he's only going to make things worse."

"Why are you doing this?" asked Damon.

"Let me out, and I'll show you why." Elena looked at both of them with a smile. The brothers weren't going to fall for her tricks that easily. They headed upstairs to the main room. Stefan proceeded to pour himself a drink. Damon followed suit and took a drink. "What happened to her Damon?" Stefan motioned towards the hallway they had emerged from. Damon had told his brother the short-version of the story. It was the same version that their friends knew as well. He let out a sigh and began to tell Stefan the full story. "I was in New York..."

. . .

2 Years Ago.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" Elena was heading to the building where her dorm was. It was 8pm, and there weren't many students out on campus. She heard a rustle in the bushes behind her that made her head turn. Though, she had sworn to herself that no one was following her. The sound had made her heart race. She started to walk down the sidewalk until she heard the same sound. Again, she turned her head to look behind her and saw that no one was there. She continued the rout to her room. She unlocked the door and almost screamed before a hand covered her mouth. "It's me."

The familiar voice of the man who had covered her mouth. Her back was pressed against the now closed door. The two of them were alone in the room together. Elena saw the light blue tint of his eyes in the moonlight glow. She wrapped her arms around his neck as soon as he pulled his hand away. She planted a kiss on his lips before pulling back. Damon reached up with one hand to caress her cheek. "What are you doing here?" He looked down into her brown orbs. He could say he was glad to see her or say he missed her.

The truth was that Mystic Falls wasn't the same without her. Though he knew her reason for not going back home. He knew that she needed time away from everything for a while "I came to see you." He smiled softly. Her skin had felt smooth against his touch, and she was warm as well. Though he could sense something was different about her. He could tell just by looking into her eyes that the light in them was gone. "Damon, what's wrong?" Elena had asked when he pulled his hand away. She was as confused as to why he had done so.

"What happened to you?" It was the very statement that had gotten her offended. The veins underneath her eyes began to show and were now bloodshot. She bared her fangs and lunged at him.

. . .

"Stefan, all I know is that after she and I broke up, she became a vampire. I didn't turn her, so someone else did and then she turned her humanity switch off. I don't think I'm the key to turning it back on." said Damon. He poured himself a glass of bourbon. In the back of his mind, he was denying all hope that he could bring out her humanity. He could only think of what had happened after he had gone into her dorm room. He remembered waking up on the floor of the room. Elena and her roommate were standing a small distance away. "Yeah, he was drinking. I brought him here to sleep but couldn't pull him onto the bed." Damon glowered at her as he got up and rubbed his neck.

It wasn’t that he was sore from sleeping on the ground. He was furious at Elena for snapping his neck. He heard her roommate say that he wasn’t allowed to be in the dorms. He said that he was just leaving. “Damon, I wouldn’t be of any help if I pulled her humanity back.” Stefan’s voice brought Damon’s mind to reality. He reminded his brother how he was the first man that she was in love with. Stefan wasn’t sure about Damon’s decision. He said he would try but knew Caroline wasn’t going to like him talking with his ex.

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