You Don't Own Me

Four years after the incident, Elena comes back seeking nothing but revenge on the one person who turned her. This is a problem for Damon, Stefan, and their friends. The only person who can "fix" her is the one who turned her - Damon Salvatore.

*Disclaimer: A/U. This story doesn't take place within the show or book series.


11. Epilogue

“I can’t believe it. The day is finally here!” said Caroline. Tomorrow was the day Elena and Damon were getting married. Elena had been waiting for this day for quite a long time. She couldn’t believe it that the day had come when she would marry the man of her dreams. She wouldn’t have expected to be a vampire when she got married. She had honestly thought that she would eventually end up with Matt and have children with him. Though she had met Stefan and everything for her had changed. Her relationship with Stefan was a one of a kind love story. She had fallen for him during a time where things weren’t easy for her. He was her savior. She was a young girl, falling for a guy who respected her and cared for her in ways she could imagine. It was when she had laid eyes on Damon that she never thought she’d fall for a person like him, even knowing what kind of person he was. He had given her a sense of adventure in her life and constantly made her laugh. The more she got to know him, the more she started to understand the kind of person he was. After hearing the story from both Salvatores about the story of Katherine, she felt that Damon had been hit the hardest.

Being in each others’ lives, the two of them fulfilled the missing parts. In Damon, Elena found that life could be fun if she didn’t think too hard about it. In Elena, Damon found a sense of hope, happiness, and security. He cared more, not just about himself, but his brother and his friends. With her, he couldn’t be selfish. Elena had changed him for the better. When Elena had become a vampire, Damon wasn’t going to give up on her. He was going to give up on helping her turn her humanity back on when she turned it off. He had always known that the Elena he had fallen in love with was still there. In the time he has lived on this Earth, Damon would’ve never imagined that he would get married. Though a part of him had always believed that he would end up with someone, eventually. He just didn’t think the person he married would be Elena. “I should’ve been standing with you at your wedding little bro.” Damon adjusted his tie.

The wedding was being held at the Gilbert Lake house. It was an intimate wedding with Elena and Damon’s family and close friends who were attending the wedding. It was set differently than Caroline’s wedding. Stefan leaned against the door frame with a hand in his pocket. “I don’t now how I’m going to top your Best Man speech.” said Stefan with a light chuckle. Damon smirked and turned around to face his brother. In all honest, Stefan couldn’t have imagined the two of them actually ever living this long and settling down with two women, whom they each found to be incredible in their own way. “You’ll think of something Stef.” Damon smiled. The two exited the room and were ready to get the wedding started. The two of them were waiting at the end of the aisle with Damon standing closest to the pastor. Everyone stood as soon as Elena had emerged from the Lake house with her dad. Elena walked down the aisle with her dad and immediately smiled when she saw Damon at the end of the aisle. 

Earlier Elena had never been more nervous in her life, and both Caroline and Bonnie were attempting to calm her down. “Damon’s so lucky that he’ll be marrying such an amazing person.” Bonnie smiled. Elena was glad her friends were with her. Though the nerves were still there. She had been pacing back and forth in her room anxiously until she heard a knock at the door. Miranda had come up to check on her daughter to see how she was doing. Elena told her mom that she was nervous. Miranda walked up to her daughter and pulled her into a hug, rubbing her back. “It’s okay to be nervous honey. I was when I married your father.” said she. Elena was a bit relieved. As soon as her mom had pulled away, Grayson popped his head in the room to ask Elena if she was ready. Elena nodded in reply. Everyone exited the room and positioned themselves near the entrance towards dock.

Elena wrapped an arm around her dad’s and exited the Lake house with him. Just a few feet away from nearing the end of the aisle, she immediately smiled when she saw Damon smiling back at her. Suddenly, all of the nerves that she had felt earlier went away. Grayson kissed his daughter’s cheek and proceeded to take his seat while Elena took her place in front of Damon. She handed the bouquet over to Caroline and the wedding started.

Inside the Lake house, the wedding reception was taking place. Elena congratulated Caroline for planning everything. The two were throwing Bonnie a few hints. “Oh no… Not this again.” said Bonnie.

Caroline rolled her eyes and said, “Bonnie. You’re the last of us to get married. Besides, you could either choose between Matt and Tyler or…”

“Tyler and Matt are our friends. Besides, I’m not into them that way. Don’t worry. I’ll find someone.” Bonnie reassured her friends before going over to talk with Matt. Before either Caroline or Elena could comment, Stefan clinked his champagne glass and cleared his throat. Damon quickly went to Elena’s side, wrapping a secure arm around her waist. He kissed her cheek. Elena smiled up at him just as Stefan was starting his speech. “Now that I have your attention, there’s a few things I’d like to say about my brother before diving right in…”

. . .

“Guess I can now cross-off waking up in Paris from my bucket list.” Elena smirked. It had been two years since their wedding. The two of them were now living in New York in a condo in Manhattan. Elena was working as a doctor while Damon ended up owning a bar and lounge, which became a popular nightclub. “Well, waking up in Paris with your husband.” said Damon. They were packing for a weekend vacation. The two of them got into Damon’s Camaro and started to make the drive. They had to leave early because it was a three-day drive. They arrived in Mystic Falls. Two years since the two of them had moved out to New York. It had been two years since they have seen their friends. Two years since they have heard from any of them. Elena wasn’t sure about what her friends have been up to these past years. When they arrived in Mystic Falls, the afternoon had just fallen on the small town. Damon parked the car in front of the Salvatore boarding house. “It’s strange to be back here after having been gone for so long.” said Elena. Damon entered the boarding house. No one came to greet them at the door. The house was quiet when they set their bags near the door.

Elena decided that she was going to shower and change before they headed out. She went upstairs with her bag and entered Damon’s room. It was left the way it had been since they moved to New York. Untouched. Elena took her shower and changed into a fresh set of clothing before heading to Stefan’s room. She opened the door and like Damon’s, it seemed like no one had been living in it. She headed downstairs, seeing that Damon had also changed into a new set of clothing as well. “Stefan’s room is still the same. It’s like no one’s lived here since we left.” said Elena.

“Well at least people understood the meaning of staying away from an empty house.” Damon found it odd too. His brother wasn’t around to greet him with a hug. They got into his car and drove to Mystic Grill, thinking that maybe they’d run into someone there. The entered the Grill. It was still the same, which was good. “Elena?” Elena turned around and saw Matt approach her with a smile. She returned the smile and hugged him. She was just relieved to finally see a familiar face in the town. “What are you doing here?” asked he.

“Surprise! Damon and I wanted to come see you guys. Where is everyone?” The two of them pulled away. Matt suggested for the three of them to sit down, which they did at a booth. He explained that Tyler and himself were the only ones who stayed in Mystic Falls. Elena furrowed her brows together. “Wait, even Bonnie?”

“Well, Jeremy and Bonnie…” Matt trailed off and looked away for a moment. “They’re living together in Denver. A lot has happened since you left Elena.” He explained to her about what had happened to the town after she and Damon had moved to New York. He said that Katherine was involved in a plot to destroy the town, as usual. He said that right before she did, Stefan… Before Matt could finished his story, Damon stood up and walked out of the Grill. He couldn’t hear the rest of Matt’s story. His brother wasn’t dead. Stefan couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible. Stefan… Dead?

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