The Goddess Chronicles: Seeds of Destruction (1)

High above the clouds in the Mystic Plane resided the Goddess Isis. Sitting on her throne, she could meditate and often see not only the small inhabited planet she was commissioned to protect, but on rare occasions she could peer into it's not-too-distant future events.

Alone in her chambers, she closed her eyes and immediately was drawn into a world with darkened clouds. Though rain poured seemingly endlessly, there was no vegetation in sight. Thunder struck a tree and engulfed it into flames. A woman stumbled drunkenly towards a hospital door, her belly large with child, and crimson trail behind her every step. No one answers, and she gives birth on the doorstep, and then expires. The storm subsides the next morning, and doctors find the child still alive. And then...the Earth decays and turns to dust.

"Aja, Sasha, to my Chambers."
Two females walk in, one adorned with onyx stone jewels and the other covered in a grey cloak and burning bangles on each wrist.

"Prepare for Hell."


2. Witch Hunt

​Outside the Goddess Chambers, Sasha turned to her friend, her face blank and expressionless. Even still, it was as if Aja could hear her thoughts. She just didn't understand why Isis would not intervene, just this once, and spare so many much misery. Would one family's pain really be so unjust?

​When the two first met, Aja had nearly become the victim of a foul and vicious plot to usurp the Goddess' throne. She was to oversee a peace treaty between what was left of a small North American settlement and the now massive Canadian Empire.  Although vastly outnumbered, the Americans had secured a very important battlefield in Ambrose with tactic and precision. Emperor Callus had been plotting this moment for almost 20 years, and young Aja was very careless and sloppy. He had secretly organized riots, had villages burned to the ground, even boiled alive ​some high ranking officials, all to shift blame unto the Goddess' daughter. During that time, he'd come across a young female warrior, well studied and a master of stealth and sabotage. But beneath her training was a rage no one could truly control. She would be the sword he used to slay the Goddess' daughter. If he could just direct ​her rage towards Aja, he knew she would not stop until the soon-to-be Goddess lay dead at her feet.

​During a riot he had caused in which Aja intervened, Callus had the brother of this young warrior kidnapped, and killed with a lethal poison. There were no bruises or scars to be found on his body, so they pitched his lifeless body into a pit of fire until nearly only bones remained.

​"When Her Majesty's bastard child arrived...he was directly beneath the flames upon which she rode. It must have been...hundreds of degrees. You saw the was scorched to nearly nothing. He...he must've suffered greatly before succumbing to them..." Callus lied. He then turned to the people. "This! This is the cruelty of ​Her Majesty and the Guardians whom protect her!​ Sitting in their lofty abode in the Mystic Plane...they care ​nothing ​for us on the surface of the Earth!"

​"She must be brought to justice!" Some yelled.

​"They must be held accountable!" Said others.

A hand gripped Callus' shoulder with a combination of anguish and hatred. It was, of course, the young girl. "She..must..die." She locked eyes with Callus and he in returned her gaze.

"I will guide you to her."

This quest for vengeance led Sasha, Callus' personal assassin on a 3 year hunt. During this time she had seen many examples of the brutality that came with the strength those who resided in the Mystic Plane. Unbeknown to her, each event was a well orchestrated plot strung together by the one she had come to call her own Lord. All of it led to this moment. And hidden in the shadows of the tall trees, she stalked the heiress Aja.

Once the faction leaders of the small American group entered into Canadian territory, the ambush began. Heiress Aja was with Callus at the time the first cry of agony rang out across the fields. She turned to him, but before she could confirm that this was all his doing, she was struck and sent flying through a stain glass window.

Aja recovered quickly, and searched frantically for her attacker. She saw no one, but could sense the presence of someone closing fast. Throwing up her guard was all she could do to protect her face, but the blade slashed just beneath her elbow and into her waist. Before she could even register what happened, there were three orbs at her feet. Two loud bangs that blinded her sense of both sight and hearing. The third spun and released a heavy thick cloud of gas. It was there that Sasha stood, eyeing her brother's murderer. In her hands were two large bladed tonfas, crescent shaped and stretching back to her shoulders.

"You...murderer!" Sasha screamed, and the fight began.

Unable to focus, it was all Aja could do just to defend herself as Sasha's blades ripped through flesh along her arms, legs and chest. Disoriented, she quickly found herself struggling to mount any form of defensive. The bladed weapons came down on both of her shoulders with blunt force. It was at that moment that Aja knew her attacker wanted her to suffer. Had she wanted to, she could've landed a finishing blow by now...but she was intent on making Aja feel pain. Around them chaos had broken out. The Americans were attempting to flee as the Empire was far too advanced in warfare for them.

"Mortal...what is your quarrel with me?" She said with closed eyes and clenched teeth. Her arms were too numb to hold up at this point, and against her forehead she felt the piercing tip of those wickedly shaped swords.

"Savage Deity, I shall remove your head!: Sasha replied, swinging wide with both blades. Had Aja not felt the wind of the blade when it left her face, she would surely have been decapitated. The blades swung within an inch from each other, intending to sever from both sides.

There was no time to think what her mother would do. Aja saw her chance. Through her blurry vision and hazy hearing, she grabbed the girl by the throat, and delivered six well placed, sinister punches to the abdomen that would surely have fallen even the most gigantic of men. Sasha's body slumped still after the 2nd. Aja held her lifeless body high, placed a hand to her chest, and began to burn a whole clean through the heart of this wretched girl.

Sasha began to scream with agony. ​Was this what her brother felt? Scorching? Burning? ​It was as if she had swallowed molten rock. And it was slow...​intentional. Just as she wanted the heiress to suffer, so now was she. I cannot die like this...I must avenge my brother! ​She thought to herself. Grasping her blades tightly in her hands, she screamed.

That's when Aja felt it...the long curved blade ran her fact, both of them did. Just as her hand had burned away all flesh and exposed the soft, tender tissue beneath, she had been stabbed by both swords. could she be so careless? Falling to one knee, she once again felt the blades of her attacker stretch out. This time...she was in far too much pain to evade them.




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