The Goddess Chronicles: Seeds of Destruction (1)

High above the clouds in the Mystic Plane resided the Goddess Isis. Sitting on her throne, she could meditate and often see not only the small inhabited planet she was commissioned to protect, but on rare occasions she could peer into it's not-too-distant future events.

Alone in her chambers, she closed her eyes and immediately was drawn into a world with darkened clouds. Though rain poured seemingly endlessly, there was no vegetation in sight. Thunder struck a tree and engulfed it into flames. A woman stumbled drunkenly towards a hospital door, her belly large with child, and crimson trail behind her every step. No one answers, and she gives birth on the doorstep, and then expires. The storm subsides the next morning, and doctors find the child still alive. And then...the Earth decays and turns to dust.

"Aja, Sasha, to my Chambers."
Two females walk in, one adorned with onyx stone jewels and the other covered in a grey cloak and burning bangles on each wrist.

"Prepare for Hell."


1. Prophecy

The large marble doors slowly swung open and the Goddess Chamber was flooded with light. In the far rear of the room sat Isis, the reigning Goddess over the Earth. Adorned in a magnificent white cloak with gold trimmings, she sat on the throne, eyes fixed on her adopted daughter as she walked in. Beside her, her loyal servant Sasha. Other than the Goddess herself, Sasha was the only being allowed to enter the Goddess chambers with any sort of weapon; a protection for her Majesty. Not that she needed such protection against mere steel, of course.

"You summoned me, mother?" Aja said as she walked through the open doors. The Goddess' daughter, Aja, chose to wear a cloak similar to her mothers, but with onyx stone trimmings. Her headband, earrings, arm bands, bracelets, breastplate and thigh guard all made of the same stone. Because she was adopted, she was not, and would not be endowed with the same strengths as her mother until the title of Goddess was passed onto her, and so she opted to at least wear her armor under her cloak at all times. And beside her was Sasha. Taken in by the Goddess, she was given a special grey cloak that had no special jewels. But there was not to be found a more trusted servant and friend than she.

"The vision, I have seen it twice now, and with more clarity. The hell spawn has been born. We must prepare."

Sasha bowed her head before speaking. "Your Majesty, might I propose a stealthy search for the child? I have walked the earth in it's entirety times before. Once I locate the demon..."

"No, Sasha." Isis interjected. "You must not slay the child. Though we have more than probable reason for concern, I shall not act in such a manner as slaying a newborn child. The people of Earth would never understand such an action, and would mean their bitter hatred."

"Mother, what have the Chambers revealed to you?" Aja asked softly.

With just a stare, Isis looked at the guards at the marble doors, and at once they were sealed tight, and the guards stood outside. Her eyes closed for a moment, and then once brown eyes opened full white and illuminating. The dark room around the three women became as a mural all around.

Aja and Sasha looked on at the mother giving birth outside a tattered, storm-beaten hospital. They saw the child being taken into the custody of a strange man, glimpses of him being raised and then...rebellion. By the time he had reached manhood, his steps caused the Earth below his foot to decay, and when the world went to war with him, he removes the final seal from...

"No!" Aja screamed. Isis closed her eyes again and the vision ended at once.

Sasha turned to her friend, and then towards the Goddess. "And you are sure you do not want me to kill the child before this happens?"

Isis drew a long breath and shook her head. "What I want and what is right...two different paths. Such is the burden of being a Goddess, young one. For now, we can do nothing save prepare ourselves. We still have time. Once the boy reaches his teen years, others like him will begin to surface. Ones with...abilities. We must seek them out. We must...prepare."




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