The Goddess Chronicles: Seeds of Destruction (1)

High above the clouds in the Mystic Plane resided the Goddess Isis. Sitting on her throne, she could meditate and often see not only the small inhabited planet she was commissioned to protect, but on rare occasions she could peer into it's not-too-distant future events.

Alone in her chambers, she closed her eyes and immediately was drawn into a world with darkened clouds. Though rain poured seemingly endlessly, there was no vegetation in sight. Thunder struck a tree and engulfed it into flames. A woman stumbled drunkenly towards a hospital door, her belly large with child, and crimson trail behind her every step. No one answers, and she gives birth on the doorstep, and then expires. The storm subsides the next morning, and doctors find the child still alive. And then...the Earth decays and turns to dust.

"Aja, Sasha, to my Chambers."
Two females walk in, one adorned with onyx stone jewels and the other covered in a grey cloak and burning bangles on each wrist.

"Prepare for Hell."

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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