Twentyone gays

Tyler has feelings for josh but josh dosnt get it and know he regrets it..


1. ~what got into me~

''woah JOSH stop let me win'' i said and josh presses buttons on his controller fast it was hot.I got a boner and stood up fast "josh i got to take a piss quick ill be back" i say nervously "oh ok Tyler" he says. i run to the bathroom with a hard bump poking up my pants.i slowly pull it down as well as my boxers and start stroking my dick  with my hand i thought of josh and the times he sweats when he drums and stroked it faster." dude are u taking a dump'' says josh i stopped myself and said " nah i just had silent pee i guess'' he laughed it was adorable the laugh he does with his cute small eyes. i sat down on the couch and opened a red bull josh pulled up his phone and a smirk came up his face ''dude i hooked up with a girl shes a model and im taking her to toco bell today i want to show her im a silly guy and she said she loves it ,but i need my best bud with me to help me out'' he said and did puppy eyes. a flash of madness came at me i wanted to scream but i said ''sure man'' and my eyes water.It was 8:00 now so i put on my casual black skinny jeans and black shirt. i thought to myself why cant he just know how i feel and please me. i see him in a car with a blonde tall skinny girl with huge boobes. i walk at the back seat "hi tyler u look nice,im Amanda'' i was nice enough to say ''so do u and as u said yourself im tyler''. she bite her bottom lip and took two glances at me the josh and said can we screw around tonight i thought to myself maybe if us 3 do screw around i get and possibly touch josh's dick. Another boner pokes up my pants and i blush of the thought

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