Twentyone gays

Tyler has feelings for josh but josh dosnt get it and know he regrets it..


2. ~i saw it~

it was so warm it was so nice it was bootyful. Amanda pulled down Josh's pants and boxers and i gasp and the bootyful sight.She looked at me and i knew she could tell i had feelings for him and she smiled " here how about you go first with him, just so i can get more in to the mood" she said and winked at me and i smiled. Josh had a wired look in his face,but then he went calm as if he thought im only doing it to get Amanda in the mood.I took a deep breath and put my hand on his dick and i thought i was in heaven. "Amanda, were only doing this to get you in the mood we are not gay" said josh and i almost cried.I stopped touching and got up and left that room.I put my clothes on and went outside walking home in the cold miles away from my house."Tyler wait!'' i hear Josh yelling and running towards me. I stop with tears running down my face."Tyler i dont know whats wrong,but im sorry"he said and i turned around and he look surprised and confused seeing me cry "you cant say your sorry if you dont know whats wrong" i burst out saying. I know im emotional i always say it in my songs but this situation was important. "well whats wrong Tyler how am i suppose to know'' he said starting to sound mad " I LOVE YOU JOSH! and im surprise you havent figured it out" i yell out at him he sighed and said '' i know you do i love you to were brothers best buds for life'' i stomp my foot and yell " NO I LOVE YOU IN A WAY I WANT TO SUCK YOU or I WANT TO FUCK YOU'' he gasped and he looked dead. "UGH!'' i said and walked away. i could see him standing there dead in the corner of my eye,but i kept going until all i could see was fog and darkness''

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