Twentyone gays

Tyler has feelings for josh but josh dosnt get it and know he regrets it..


4. ~Hes back~

I wake up the the sound of knocking and open my door to see bright yellow hair and i couldnt believe it.Josh is standing in front of me and he's smiling i dont know if i should be mad or happy ''what took you 3 weeks'' i said and he sighed well ''it took me awhile to understand your feelings so i stalked u'' he said and laughed a little ''i saw you with a blue haired guy and i could tell you just needed someone who is like you'' i smiled and said ''yeah thats peter i hanged out with him cause like you said i needed someone gay to be around'' i look to the floor and it got quite for awhile untill he said ''i still want us to be Twentyonepilots and i still want to be your best bud,brothers'' he put his hand out and i knew he only wanted us to be like we used to be so i thought for awhile and did miss the old days so i put my hand out and we shock i was about to hug him but i stopped it might be wired if we hug like we used to but he still went for it and hugged me. "im sorry im not gay,but i dont want it to change us'' a tear came out from his eye and a smiled and agreed. ''hey look its Twentyoneplanes back in business" said chuck our digital helper of our band. i smiled and said ''yup,im not stopping and i think i got a good song in mind'' we high fived and bumped chest like we always do when i think of a good song and we got in to work.After a couple weeks we had a good song and a concert to go to.The state of Rhode Island,Providence January 17, Josh and i get prepared to sing and drum our asses off. he high fived then i go on stage to see millions of people screaming and crying ''Hello ocean state'' i said and everyone screamed to the top of their lungs ''i made a new song i dont know if you guys heard it or not ,but it's really important to me and want u guys to try to sing along'' josh came up from out of his drum set and chuck came on stage.People were so confused and looking at each other josh pulled up a microphone and everyone screamed chuck pulled out a microphone and some people screamed i laughed at chuck and he rolled his eyes. ''ok 12,123'' i said for the signal and we sang ''fast food greasy Toco i love'' i went to my piano and did the theme song and i sang ''Nacho mell grande cheesy cordea i like your Nachos like diarrhea'' i giggled and Josh,Chuck and I sang ''Man i really like TocoBell''. After that concert i said ''that was a hell a lot of fun'' Josh laughed and said ''it sure was'' Chuck stared at us and said ''you guys arent gonna kiss are u''? and even tho i wanted to i laughed and so did josh then even chuck laughed and i wouldnt trade this moment for anything.

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